Green Health

“This week’s wet weather has delayed our Autumn work. The delivery of a ton of top dressing has been put back a week as the green has been too wet to vericut and scarify.’

“We are awaiting a drier couple of days to allow for the vericut to be less damaging to the surface – hopefully Friday – and then top dressing and fertiliser applied early next week. Our work is very weather dependent.” Ian

Irish or Morris Dancing?

In keeping with the others who practice their dance steps between ends on the bowling green, here Kevin and David RJ practice their synchronised jig for the Christmas Party.

Memory of the Day?

I don’t know about everyone else, but this is my fondest memory of the day from the Final Friendly of the Season on 14th October:-

What is Rog doing?

This looks a bit odd (above). Let’s move in closer.

Surely not? (above)

Yes he is! (above)

He is using the clipboard and the paper to measure which bowl is nearest to the jack. PRIZE FOR INNOVATION GOES TO ROGER.

Ann and Barbara go for the more conventional (and accurate!) method.

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