Update from the Club Secretary – June 2022

Sponsorship Discussions

MKM – the former Richard Williams Building Supplies, Llandudno Junction – not only supplied the roofing materials for our mower shed, but also joined our banner sponsorship scheme, and is now seriously looking into sponsoring our club kit. A meeting recently took place with Konrad Roberts, MKM’s Company Manager, and he is drawing up proposals for us to consider.

Konrad called into the green and had this photograph (below) taken with Tommy in front of the MKM banner. All this is great news for the Club and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them.

Konrad Roberts, Company Manager MKM (right) with Tommy Roberts (left) from Vardre Bowling Club

Over the next few months I will be asking you to give me your date of birth. The registration forms we fill in at the start of each season ask for birth dates and we don’t normally fill that part in. However we have been asked to comply. So unless you have any objection to it, can you let me have your birthdate. You can email me or put it on a note and leave it in the clubhouse box. I have some of the newer members dates who have just filled in their application forms so they are not required from you. It will not be used for any other reason such as sending you a card!

Dave Holland

Team Shirts – 26th March 2022

Information from Ian:-

Club Polo Shirts can be purchased from: Clothes For Work Ltd., 3 Trinity Square, Llandudno. Telephone 01492 873100.

  • Burgundy Polo printed with Vardre BC logo: £9.95 excl VAT.
  • NEW THIS SEASON – Cotton T-Shirt with logo: £7.50 excl VAT.
  • There is also a Sweatshirt but it is slightly more expensive.

Procedure to purchase any of the above:

  1. Phone in with your order (individual or group orders accepted).
  2. They contact you when your order is ready.
  3. Card payment is made by telephone.
  4. Organise collection.

The whole process will take approximately a week. I hope to have one of each item as samples on display in the Clubhouse at the end of this month.

Ian Wilson

The Committee

Good News – Safeguarding Officer

At the recent AGM, Elaine kindly took on the important role of Safeguarding Officer. See the Safeguarding Page (Click Here)

Pre-arranged Coaching

Each year between April and September, on Monday mornings between 10am and 12 noon, members of the Llandudno U3A are invited to attend a crown green bowls training and practice session.


“AGM and After!” A poem by Ian Wilson

When another Covid season drew to a close, with fewer games played versus old friends and foes
It was time to reflect on the 2 years gone by, analysing what the Club does and why.
There was call for a meeting, usually held late November, an AGM with all present I can barely remember
For Vardre's kept thriving with safe practice in place, rewarded as such with many a new face 
And a Committee involved in pure voluntary deeds, has kept the Club going and met all its needs.
Many thanks to Elaine keeping us all safe and sound, with regular updates and statistics she'd found
God knows where she got them, I hazard to guess, is she covertly employed by the Welsh NHS?

But perhaps time for change and involve some new blood, well it was hardly a trickle - definitely no flood
And there were plenty present, best attendance by far, in pleasant surroundings in the Social Club bar.
But with everyone watching, perhaps to be fair, that's why we were lacking any hands in the air.
But once pleas for helpers goes up on the board, volunteers may come forward and then we'll have scored!
Already there are some offering help and assistance, one as a captain the other joining maintenance.
John Probyn has joined after years at Sunny Rhyl, in charge of the C team, he'll certainly fit the bill
And Gwyn Evans has opted to help with the mowing, we all know at Mochdre, that he kept the Club going.
The ladies have also been keen to partake, but where are our gentlemen (for goodness sake)
Cleaning the Clubhouse is an important weekly task, so just once during the season is not too much to ask.
Perhaps chance to recall some of the duties to date, remembering (if interested) "it's never too late"

Our web-site editor was the charming Gwyn Hughes, who conveyed to members all the Club's news.
But since his departure Diane's taken on this post, creeping round all venues using her camera the most.
Tommy's the main man in charge round the green, every single morning he can generally be seen
Mending all equipment or checking his plants flower, it's a bloody good job he's not paid by the hour!
Wednesday team captain one more asset he displays, all Clubs seem to know him from his past-Conwy days
Even in "The Killer" which we frequent following a game, there's some bloke from Hotpoint who recalls him the same!
When the U3A started Bill Curtis led the team, attracting new members, or so it would seem
Moving to Shrewsbury perhaps the last of his wishes, now Dave & John do the coaching, while Kate does the dishes.
Thursday socials and friendlies, David & Bob ran the show, but sadly it's time for them both to say "No"
We thought nothing of it as Dave Holland's their mate, but he needs some help as he's enough on his plate.
When Rhona brought milk fresh from the shop, Bob fetched the ice-cream and Mary the pop
I think roles have changed, or it may just be me, and we still need some biscuits to go with the tea.

There are others who contribute in so many ways, some in the present and others in past days.
A conveyor belt of members doing big jobs and small, and willing to help whenever the call.
So with the season just starting and the odd vacant slot, put yourself forward it's not asking a lot
And you can be one of these great volunteers, that keeps the Club going for several more years
So please enjoy your bowling in season twenty twenty-two, I'll be back with a survey possibly part the way through.
Immerse yourself fully, be prepared to have your say, our membership's over 70, we must be doing some things OK!!


Newsletter 46 – August 2022 2nd

Newsletter 45 – August 2022

Newsletter 44 – July 2022

Newsletter 43 – June 2022

Newsletter 42 – May 2022

Newsletter 41 – Also April 2022

U3A Coaching – the Class of 2022

The end of the season arrived a week early, on 12th September 2022, as the funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth II had been arranged for the 19th September. Most of the new trainees joined the Club during the season, and some of them immediately stuck in by helping with events or even maintenance around the green. Welcome to everyone and thank you for choosing to join the Club.

U3A Members make excellent progress
Some of the U3A members at Vardre Deganwy bowling green for coaching in 2022

2022 Dates: Every Monday, from 25th April to 12th September.

If you are a member of the Llandudno U3A and would like to take part in the coaching sessions in 2022, we look forward to welcoming you to our Club.

U3A Members in 2021


The green reopens at 13:00 on 19th March 2022 with Mary Hughes, the President, bowling the first wood of the season. The following file shows the green open times for members and visitors.

However, if the club hosts any competitions during the year, or special maintenance is needed, the green might not be available on occasions. Please check the noticeboard or website for any updates on green availability during the season.

In addition, the Club will accept any block bookings for use of the green from Members although these must be sanctioned by the Committee which meets on the last Friday of every month.

“Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowling” produced by the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA)

This Club abides by the Laws as prescribed by the BCGBA:-

A very enjoyable day

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