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Clwydian League: Vardre Deganwy ‘A’ Team


Matches are played on Tuesday afternoons.

Match News – 26th April 2022: The Team had a tough match (4th match of the season) Away to Dyserth with 3-wins overall. The first 3-matches of the season had been much closer in points difference underlining the strength of the opposition in this ‘A’ Division.

Match News – 19th April 2022: The Team won its first game on 19th April and is sitting comfortably in the middle of the ‘A’ Division Table.

Vardre Deganwy Clwydian League ‘A’ Team 2022
Vardre Deganwy Green

2021 Clwydian League ‘A’ Team
Clwydian League: Vardre Deganwy ‘B’ Team
Captain and Vice Captain

Matches are played on Tuesday afternoons.

Match News 17th May 2022: Great team performance, 7 winners – Gwyn, John, Carol, Hazel, Tom, David P, Ray and ably backed up by Ann’s 20 points against their current top player, we took the aggregate by 33 points, leaving us now 3rd in the Division with a 6-point lead on the team in 4th.  Well done everyone. (Photographs below courtesy of Elaine Beech).

Match News – 19th April 2022: The Team had another win on 19th April and are now in 4th place in the ‘B’ Division, and they have the benefit of a game in hand over the three teams above them in the Table.

Clwydian 2021 ‘B’ Team
Vardre Deganwy ‘B’ Team – Final Game of the Season 2021
‘B’ Team playing at home 7th September versus Old Colwyn ‘A’ – a great result
Clwydian League: Vardre Deganwy ‘C’ Team
Captain John P & Vice Captain Gay H

The Team has a new Captain in 2022 – John Probyn – with Gaye Hiçdönmez as Vice Captain. Matches are played on Tuesday mornings.

Vardre Deganwy Clwydian ‘C’ Team 2022

Captain’s Team Report at Halfway Stage in the Season 2022: We have played 11 having won 4 and lost 7. I am really pleased with our results because we started with just 5-players who had played before in a league team. All the new players are developing really well with first wins for Bunty, Sue, Gay, Sean, Karen, Alan, Derek and Fiona. And last, but not least, last week was Kevin who was 1:15 points down in his match and finished by winning the game 21:20. What a win which drew a huge round of applause from the team. Plus Keith played his first match for the team, managing a very respectable 18-points, pushing his opponent all the way to the end.

We are looking forward to the 2nd-half of the season and hoping that we move up the table from our current 9th (out-of-12) position in the Division. It is a really happy group of people and I am proud to be the Captain this season. We are sorry that, through ill health and an accident, Islwyn and Mary are unable to play at the moment but hopefully that will change long before the end of the season. Thanks to everyone for all their hard work. Captain John P

Match News – 19th April 2022: The new Team had a loss at their Away match on 19th April but all the members of the team are gaining excellent experience playing competitive matches and gathering knowledge of other Greens.

‘C’ Team at their very first match: Islwyn; Chris; Rosina; Alan; Mary; Carole; Bunty; Derek; and, Gay (John P is taking the photo)
Members of the ‘C’ Team on practice day 28th March 2022
Members of the ‘C’ Team on practice day 28th March 2022
Colwyn and Llandudno League: Vardre Deganwy ‘A’ Team

Captain Tommy Roberts

Matches are played on Wednesday evenings.

Captain Tommy R (photo left) after receiving the 2022 Division ‘B’ Winners Trophy on the League’s President’s Day, 18th September 2022.

Vardre Deganwy Division Champions 2022 after the hard-fought final game of the season. Left to Right: David J; Alan B; John C; Paul; Diane; David L; Alun J; Rhona; Bill; Gwyn H; Shan; Captain Tommy R; Ian; &, Gary (below Right)

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Monthly Match News – September 2022: Hi Team, this is the last monthly report of the season. We have had a good season, worked as a team and it has been a great pleasure and honour to be Captain of such an excellent, talented and friendly group of people. I hope that whoever is Captain next season that you back him or her to the same extent as you have supported me. Thanks again.


With last Wednesday night’s home win of 10:2 against Mochdre ‘A’, we are Division ‘B’ Champions, having Played 16; Winning 13; Drawing 1; and, Losing 2; and so obtained 134-points. The Runners-Up were St. Asaph with 113-points and 3rd place went to Penrhyn New Hall ‘A’ with 109-points. So, we won by a clear 21-points – well done and thank you all.


A few thanks to people: To Ann and Doreen for supporting us by marking cards and, when at home, helping with the teas. And to Rhona for being Vice-Captain. And to Club Members who came to support us when they weren’t playing elsewhere. And very good luck to Diane for representing the ‘A’ team in the League Merits Competition on Sunday at Min y Don bowling green, and to Elaine for representing the ‘B’ team that day too. Start and scratch at 2:00pm. Please, please do your best to support our players in the Merits with good luck wishes from the Club. The Final will be held at the President’s Day at Mochdre Bowling Club on Sunday 18th September 2022. A great season and a big “thank you” to everyone. Captain Tommy

Monthly Match News – July 2022 (posted 24th July): Hi Team, in the last four-weeks we have played 4-matches. 3 were Away – the first was a Cup Semi-Final played at Old Colwyn’s green versus St. Asaph. We won the games 6:4 but lost the Aggregate by 12-points. Very hard luck. We returned to playing league games with 2-Away, that were versus Rhos Park ‘C’ and Eirias Park, and our 3rd game was against Craig-y-Don ‘B’. We won them all, each one with a score of 10:2. What great results, coupled with a great team spirit of togetherness, we have been unbeatable.

I would also like to thank everyone from our other teams who have come to support us, even at our Away games. A big thank you from all the ‘A’ Team. Congratulations to the ‘B’ Team on reaching their Cup Final from everyone in the ‘A’ Team and we will be there to support you on the day of the Final.

Back to the league: We are top with 97-Points, having Played-11; Won-9; Drawn-1; Lost-1. In 2nd place is Penrhyn New Hall ‘A’ having Played-12 with 77-Points. In 3rd place is Mochdre Park ‘A’ having Played-12 with 75-Points. So, we are 20-Points in front and have played one-game-less. We have yet to play both those teams at the Vardre. If we can carry on as we are, we have a good chance of promotion to the ‘A’ Division. It’s an honour and pleasure to be Captain of such a great group of people. Captain Tommy R.

Monthly Match News – June 2022 (posted 16th June): Hi Team, last night was our first defeat in 8-games. We did great with 4-winners on a fast and difficult green so a final result of 8:4 making it a win for the home side. That was the half-way game of the season, and we are top of the Division with 67-points. St. Asaph and Craig y Don ‘B’ are joint 2nd on 53-points so we have a 14-point lead on them both. We have a free week next week so our next game is the Semi-Final in the Cup Competition on 29th June against St. Asaph. Venue for that is to be advised. Our next league game is on Monday 4th July away to Rhos Park ‘C’. So, if we can keep going as we are, we have a good chance of going up to the ‘A’ Division next season. We have a great group of people who are together and supporting each other in the games. Great TEAM SPIRIT. Thanks a lot for being a great team of people. Captain Tommy Roberts

Match News 18th May 2022: What a great Team performance again, with a 9:3 win Away at Dwygyfylchi playing their ‘A’ Team, plus great team spirit and friendly atmosphere. With 5-games now played, we are top of Division ‘B’, having won 4 and drawn the 5th game. We have 45-points and the next team below us, Penrhyn New Hall ‘A’, has 38-points but they have played one more game than ourselves. We play that team on 1st June.

I should like to say that it is an honour to be Captain of such a helpful and friendly group of people. Thanks a lot – it’s easy being Captain of this great Team. Captain Tommy Roberts

P.S. Our next game is a Cup Competition match at Craig-y-Don green to be played versus Penrhyn New Hall ‘A’ on Wednesday 25th May starting at 6:30pm (no roll-up).

Match News – Competition 27th April 2022: The Team had an excellent win against Rhos Park ‘C’ in the Preliminary Round of the Competition:- 233:182 points. Our Team had a 21-point disadvantage at the start of the match due to the Handicap System, so to win by 51-points was very impressive. The next Round is to be played on 25th May.

Match News – 20th April 2022: The Team has won both of its matches this season. It is now in 4th place in the Division with the benefit of a game in hand over all three teams above them. In addition, the Team has the best Home Average score of all the teams in Division with 194 points. Next week the Team will be playing in the Division’s First Round Competition so the next league game will be in two-weeks time.

‘A’ Team 2022 at the first match of season
Colwyn and Llandudno League: Vardre Deganwy ‘B’ Team
Captain Marina Roberts

Matches are played on Wednesday evenings. The first match of the season was at home on 6th April versus Sunny Rhyl.

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Match News Vardre B v Min y Don 24th August: Well done once again and a very good effort against Min y Don on their green, which I understand was a very difficult green, being black in some places.

YOU are VARDRE B, the BRAVE WARRIORS, having faced Min y Don on two successive weeks! YOU ALL deserve a MEDAL. Min y Don won 12:0, but that does NOT reflect the standard of play.  Elaine was close to crossing the winning line having scored 19. ALL team members gave of “their all”.

I have selected  the same team to play at home v Mochdre Park B this Wednesday 31st August. Remember the following quote:

“Second chances are only for those who are not afraid to try again.“ Captain Marina

***Congratulations  Vardre A on your promotion to Division A. *** A job well done! All the best for 2023!!!  Thank you all for your support! From All team members of Vardre B 

Match News Vardre B v Min y Don Cup Final 17th August: Congratulations ALL for getting through to the Final.  You played extremely well in EVERY cup match throughout the Season. You have always put on a brave fight and showed exemplary team Spirit.  Min y Don were excellent players, who will be promoted next Season. We are all very proud of YOU.

Many  thanks to all the A team players and Vardre members who came to support you – it was very much appreciated. Indeed it was an excellent reflection on the brilliant Vardre Deganwy Bowling Club.

My gratitude also goes to Clarice, who was Captain in my absence – you did a great job Clarice! Thank you team members, for supporting her.  Well, we meet Min y Don again next Wednesday (Away). Keep bowling ……….. Captain Marina

Match News Vardre B v Abergele   10th August: A very good and enjoyable match was held on the difficult green at Abergele. Both teams won 5 games each, but we were unlucky to lose the aggregate by 5 points.  Well done on your achievement.

Match News Vardre ‘B’ v Old Colwyn (20th July): A good win again, the final score being 9:3 with some very convincing scores. Well done all! Special praises to Steve who held his nerve with great determination to win 21:20 on the last end.  Thank you all team members and supporters. Our next match, next week, is at home against Rhos-on-Sea A. 6.30pm start. Captain Marina

Match News 29th June Cup Competition Semi-Final Vardre B v Rhos on Sea A: Well done All on a fantastic win!

Vardre B won the match, the aggregate being 240: 236.  Yes, we won by 4!! Every point counted and were extremely valuable.

Elaine was down 0:13, but she soldiered on and never gave up – such determination! She scored 15 points  – a tremendous effort!

Carol B scored 20, her opponent winning the game by less than 1 cm. A brilliant game!

Clarice also scored 20, having been ahead for most of the game, scoring five sets of 2. Well done for keeping your nerve!  

With 6 games completed, we were 170 across – it became very tense indeed – John B was unlucky on the last end, scoring 19 – great job John.

Steve played against the best player in the Division who seemed to be repeating the same couple of marks ! Good effort Steve.

David and Gwyn were the final 2 on the green. We were 14 points behind and all team members were on tender hooks…… could we win????

YES! Gwyn won 21:10 and David won 21:14. Well done gentlemen for winning and remaining calm under such pressure.

We look forward to meeting Min y Don in the final!

Thank you all for your tremendous efforts.

Diolch yn fawr.   Captain Marina

Match News 22nd June Vardre B v Sunny Rhyl (Away): On a lovely sunny evening , a brilliant effort against the top team in the Division- well done ! The result was 4:8.

Thank you to all team members and supporters for all your hard work .

Next week we have a semi–final cup match v Rhos on Sea A – at the Oval, Llandudno .

It starts at 6.30pm – no role up. Supporters always welcome. Thank you / Diolch. Captain Marina

Match News 25th May Cup Competition Vardre B v Penrhyn New Hall B (at Rhos Park):

 Congratulations on a  successful, enjoyable, tense, though sometimes nail-biting  evening. Vardre B won the match, the aggregate being 246:243. Yes, we won by 3!! Every point counted and were extremely valuable.

We were bobbing in and out of the lead throughout the match, thanks to the determination of our bowlers. At the end of the ninth game, we were 5 points behind our opponents. Gwyn remained calm under pressure and won 21:13.

Thank you all for your tremendous efforts playing ,recording and supporting. Diolch yn fawr, Captain Marina Roberts

Match News Update and Report 12th May 2022: Having played 4 matches, we are 5th in the Division (Mid table). At our first match v Sunny Rhyl, who are currently top of the Division, it was nearly a draw. We lost the aggregate by 1 point. The final result being 3:8. At the second and third matches against Penrhyn New Hall C and Old Colwyn we had awesome wins. We won both matches 11:1. Our fourth match was “away” against Rhos on Sea A. All of our team members showed true grit on a very large and fast green. We lost the match 1:11.  Tremendous efforts by all members of Vardre B. Congratulations to David Rogers Jones on his 21:11 win. Thank you to all who helped with recording, measuring, supporting and entertaining!!! As usual, we kept up our team Spirit and despite the score , we kept positive.

Our next match is Wednesday 18th May  at home versus Abergele B .

On 25th  May we have a Cup Match versus Penrhyn New Hall B at Rhos Park bowling green. It’s onwards and upwards!!!!

Cup Match News 27th April 2022: Well done all on a very successful though cold evening. We won the match 8:2, the aggregate being  282: 201. The opposing team could only play 9 players which gave us a “walk over”. Many, many thanks to all players, reserves and supporters. You all played your part in the win. Our opponents in the next round will be Penrhyn New Hall B, which should prove to be a difficult match, but our team spirit will be a very valuable asset. The match will be held on Wednesday 25th May. It was impressive to see the team spirit shared by all Vardre members. You all stayed and supported one another, unlike our opponents. Diolch yn fawr iawn, Captain Marina

North Wales Coast League: Vardre Deganwy ‘A’ Team 2022
Captain Ian Wilson

Matches are played on Saturday afternoons. The first match of the Season was held on 23rd April 2022.

‘A’ Team 2022. Left to Right: Diane; Captain Ian, Paul; Rhona; Alan B; Shan; Doreen; David L; Tommy R; Gwyn H; Bill.

PRESIDENT’S DAY(S) QUALIFIERS – HOME AND AWAY: Last weekend was a busy time for the Club (despite the season ending for FOUR of our teams the previous week) and it was a case of spreading our resources in order to support OUR representatives over both days, at the same time hosting League officials, and bowlers from the other 17-18 clubs at the Vardre. On Saturday it was the NWCBL event with Bill and Steve competing on the Old Colwyn green, and Sunday saw Diane and Elaine half a mile or so nearer home at Min y Don in the Wednesday League equivalent. Despite none actually qualifying for next weekend’s final stages, the standard of competition and play on both days being exceptional, huge congratulations to all FOUR for their consistent form over the season. Steve did actually win his first match over Eric Price on Saturday, but was then narrowly beaten by one of our own, David Jones (representing Mochdre) in the next round. Huge thanks also to the members who were present to support our bowlers, although I suspect numbers would have been slightly greater had we not had to host HALF of both events on our home green.

As a result, we were rather short of help for hosting on both days, resulting in those members who did volunteer, facing a 3-hour stint in the kitchen or on the tapes with little rest. So, we need to thank the following members for their efforts also – Hazel, Bunty, Gwyn and Tommy in the bright sunshine on Saturday, and Carol, Mary, Clarice, John B and Tom C in the Sunday drizzle. As you may have guessed, Tommy was also present on Sunday (on this occasion as a League Committee officer) so he probably slept well on Sunday night.

To add to the compliments the Club now regularly receives for its hospitality/organisation on such occasions, through refreshments and a raffle (donated prizes) just over £110 was collected in total over both days – WELL DONE LADIES. Unfortunately, 2 issues resulting from hosting which we were probably aware of: with the awning not functioning, very limited cover from the rain or shade from the sun over the 2 days; AND, another parking problem raised by one of our residents, but which we managed to resolve.   Report by Ian W

Match News 3rd September 2022: THE SAINTS GO MARCHING ON … AND UP St. Asaph only confirmed the inevitable on Saturday, by emphasising the margin of their superiority in Division B, at the same time condemning ourselves to relegation and a return to C Division. They are certainly worthy champions, and only repeated the lesson they had given us in late June on their green, winning 10-2 yet again. We made a slight improvement this time, there was only 50 in the aggregate on Saturday, compared with 51 in June!!!

It is a pity that we finished the season so meekly, even yesterday quite a few of us did not display our true ability, and fell short of the form we have shown during the season. The searing pace of the green during this hot summer has not always given us the “home advantage” one would expect, being extremely difficult to master on occasions. However, we have proven that we are not too far adrift of the average B division team, and victories at both Bangor and Llanfairpg earlier in the year will last in our memory. To be relegated with a total of 80 points from 16 matches is rare, but we will accept our fate, and emerge for the 2023 season with renewed enthusiasm, confident that we are capable of returning to a higher division fairly quickly.

Congratulations to our 2 winners yesterday, Alan and Dave, and huge thanks from myself to the entire squad for their assistance, commitment and support throughout the season. When winning matches regularly to win the league as we did in 2019, team spirit and morale is high. It is full credit to the current team that this has not diminished in challenging times, and captaining is never a chore, but always a pleasurable experience. Special mention to my vice captain, Shan and her vice captain Tommy; Rhona and Doreen for their “extra” treats; our car drivers at away games; and our regular marker Ann, who appears to have recruited both Sylvia and Hazel for games at the Vardre (scorecards are almost being taken before the draw has been completed). ENJOY YOUR REST, EVERYONE. Many thanks again. (Photo below). CAPTAIN IAN

A’ Team early on in the Season: Diane; Ian; Paul; Rhona; Alan; Shan; Doreen; David L; Tommy; Dave W; Gwyn H; Bill (Left to Right)

Match News 27th August 2022: DISAPPOINTMENT AT DYSERTH For the second time this season we have lost 2 consecutive games, and only picking up 6-points in our most recent fixtures at this vital stage of the season, has probably condemned us to relegation back to Division C. Whilst we have only picked up 14-points in our last 3 games, only Abergele are similar with 15 from their last 3. Llanfairpg and Dyserth on the other hand, have stormed clear with 21 and 24 points respectively. Mind you, just gaining the ONE point at both Prestatyn and Abergele earlier this summer is another valid reason. Averaging 6.6 points per game at one stage, we are currently down to 5.2 points per game, but in most divisions this would be sufficient to stay up, it just highlights the fact that there is little between 3rd and 8th position in this division this particular year.

The Dyserth green was smooth but patchy, similar to most recently – quick on the bare areas but pulling up on the green. Three good wins (and 2 very close 19s which could have made a slight difference) but we now go in to our final match needing to out-score Abergele by at least 3-points. A tall order as we play runaway Champions St. Asaph at home, and Abergele entertain Bangor. With an outstanding match yet to be played away at Holyhead, with 2 good Away wins Bangor could get the 2nd promotion spot, so there is still hope. Whatever the outcome the Vardre team will continue to give of their best. Captain Ian

Match News 20th August 2022: DOWN AND OUT? We were defeated at home for the second time this season, out-played by an excellent mixture of youth and experience in the Llanfairpg squad. With both Abergele and Dyserth recording good wins, does this mean that our stay in B Division is short-lived? Well, we shall certainly do our utmost, but at least a draw away at Dyserth, and a home win over Champions St.Asaph in the remaining 2 games is now imperative, and even then we shall have to rely on Bangor gaining a good result at Abergele, on the last Saturday of the season.

After 2-days of strong sunshine and a blustery wind, the green was transformed from the watering and rain it had received in midweek. A fast green at the Vardre is usually a good advantage to the home side, but this season’s heatwaves have made the green probably just too quick to be comfortable for most of our players!!! Same for both sides I know, but the visitors play the green as they find it, and the home players are not used to the sudden changes of direction the woods appear to make, even if your woods are just a fraction short – testament to all the dips and ridges on the green, and the height of the crown which catches so many out. Despite having just 3 winners, there was only 9 points in the overall aggregate, courtesy mainly of Dave’s emphatic 21-5 win. We had 2 x 20s, an 18 and 17 amongst our losers, and three of these actually led at one point in the mid-teens – it just proves how vital each wood can become, or that little stroke of luck that you either get or lose during a game, can affect the result. Congratulations to Llanfairpg on an excellent result, and WELL DONE team on another gritty performance on a difficult surface. Captain Ian

No Match News 13th August 2022: NO MATCH REPORT this week as it was our turn for a bye, but unfortunately, we have slipped into the second relegation spot (above Holyhead) after yesterday’s round of League matches in B Division. We have to hope that the weather changes rapidly to improve the surface of our green in time for our next home game next Saturday. Despite watering in the late evening/early morning when possible, the recent heatwave has seen cracks appear in the harder, drier areas of the green. The green has not been cut for almost a fortnight, the areas of growth are getting thicker and lusher, and bowling consistently has become very difficult, with such changes in pace across the whole green. Perhaps mother nature will help rectify that which it has damaged…… Captain Ian

Match News 6th August 2022 – ABERGELE OVERCOME: On yet another sunny afternoon, and with the green gaining pace by the hour, we managed a good win over fellow “relegation-threatened” side, Abergele. Not quite the same margin of victory that we suffered on their green late May, but had our defeats of 17, 18 and 19 been reversed, it could have been an impressive 11-1 success. We won the aggregate by a massive 50 points, courtesy of some excellent bowling on a very difficult surface. Rhona and Diane were very impressive early on, followed by Alan and Bill – all four restricting their opponents to single figures. The overall 8-4 win put us one point above ABERGELE, but LLANFAIRPG recorded a similar win away at Holyhead, and DYSERTH went one better beating Rhos Park B 9-3 at Dyserth. Just 5 points now separates ourselves and the highlighted Clubs in the 2nd relegation spot, and guess who we play next.. LLANFAIRPG (H) on 20th, and DYSERTH (a) on 27th.

One thing for certain is that all team members will support one another and continue to do their utmost every week. Luck of the draw, good fortune in the game, and your opponent’s performance can all affect the final outcome, and we all have good and bad days if the truth be known. We are certainly not out of our depth in this division, as winning 7 matches out of 13 has proved. Let’s keep enjoying it.    Captain Ian      

Match News 23rd July 2022 – A PERFECT 10: Just when we needed a boost after last week’s disappointing ONE point at Prestatyn, basement side Holyhead were the visitors to the Vardre and we recorded our best win of the season with 8 winners and a massive +58 on the aggregate. The expected rain failed to arrive, and with the wind getting up and the sun getting out the green got quicker by the hour. Our 2 losers would both admit that they did not find their current form on the day, but credit also to their 2 opponents, who both bowled our difficult green very well. Dave L had a tough match also at no.10, but won to 17 at the death. The end score could well have been different had not Alan recovered from 13-19 down, and Doreen from 10-16 down. Alan scored 8 consecutive points, and Doreen 11, to completely change the match. Tommy won well against an experienced opponent , and Diane, Paul, Rhona and Ian had relatively easy passages, but managed the green and their opponents well, to record big wins.

This win put us well clear of Holyhead, who now look destined to relegation. Who joins them? – ourselves, Dyserth, Llanfairpg or Abergele would be my guess. We play the other 3 named Clubs in our next 3 scheduled fixtures – and currently only 7 points separates us all, with Dyserth having played one game less. A very interesting August awaits!!!

HUGE THANKS TO RHONA and DOREEN FOR THE CAKES (and belated birthday wishes Doreen). Captain Ian

Match News 16th July 2022 – SADLY ANOTHER LOW POINT AT HIGHBURY: We suffered our second 11-1 drubbing of the season with an uncharacteristic display away at Prestatyn on Saturday. So many of us failed to come to terms with a difficult green, that appeared quite heavily watered in places, but overall was rather quick off a high crown. Credit however to Shan who bowled particularly well to record an excellent 21-8 win, and commiserations to Diane and Rhona who both fell one short at 20, despite both leading at some point during their games. Tommy reached 18, Gwyn and Doreen had good starts, before being overtaken, but John, Alan, Bill and Ian never really got going. I am certain over 60% of the team would say that they delivered far too many ” loose” woods over the course of their game.

If it’s any consolation none of the Clubs around us had a profitable afternoon either – Llanfairpg only managed 2, Dyserth 3, Abergele 5, and Holyhead who are below us, and who we play at the Vardre next Saturday recorded 7. We have slipped 4 points behind in the struggle to avoid a relegation spot BUT there is still hope and expectation – AND 5 more interesting matches yet to play. I know the squad of players will always give me 100% (and more if possible?)  There is very likely to be a few more twists and turns before the season ends, as the sports pundits would say!!!      Captain Ian

Match News 9th July 2022 – Another Win Over City: No, not a remarkable football success over Eddie’s favourite Manchester team, but a rare “double” over the bowling fraternity of Bangor. On our green as quick as the artificial surface at Betws yn Rhos, but possessing far more hills, slopes and hollows to negotiate, we recorded a narrow 2nd win of the season over a very friendly Bangor side. It is true to say the pace of the green frightened even the more experienced bowler, and early woods proved the fact, but 2 excellent wins at the death from Bill and Dave just turned the match in our favour, as we recorded 5 winners apiece but just pipped the aggregate by +10. Certainly, the most popular pastime of a beautiful afternoon was retrieving jacks and woods from the gutter!!

Despite this being our 5th win from 10 matches, we slipped into one of the relegation spots in the league for the very first time. It only proves how strong and experienced the teams are in this B Division. We do have four of our remaining six games at home, (a couple may provide even stiffer opposition than yesterday’s visitors) so a challenging couple of months ahead, but we shall only learn from the experience, as proved the case yesterday. I do appreciate that not everyone was comfortable playing yesterday, so having home advantage when the green is this quick, becomes a debatable issue. We are learning week by week. WELL DONE team.    Captain Ian

Match News 2nd July 2022 – ROASTED AT RHOS: The Saturday A team probably got off to their best start in an away fixture when we recorded 3 wins in the opening 4 blocks, but after that it was virtually downhill all the way as the home side won 5 of the remaining 6 games, and took the aggregate quite comfortably. An excellent win by Shan set the scene, with impressive displays by Rhona and Bill giving us an initial 3 points. Sadly, Tommy drew an “A team reserve” in Mark Ball, but battled well for his 13. Four of the remaining 6 games ended 21-10, but only one in our favour when Gary (a late replacement for John) gave us our 4th winner of the afternoon. Gwyn, Dave L and Paul all bowled well for their 10s, and Diane was up against Welsh veteran Merfyn, who bowls consistently well on most greens. Our captain was beaten (NO hammered) for the 2nd time in 17 days by Welsh junior Haiden.

Just 7 matches remaining now (FIVE at home which should be of some advantage) as we strive to stay in B division for a further season. Not an easy task when you study recent results, as ALL clubs in this league are well capable of winning away from home.   Captain Ian

Match News 25th June 2022 – CITY SLICKERS: At the exact mid-point of the current season, we suffered a heavy defeat to a very impressive St. Asaph team, alongside the river that runs through this small Welsh city. Despite heavy showers since Thursday evening, the green was in immaculate condition and a very strong HOME team certainly knew how to play it. Based on our experiences so far in this B Division, I would imagine St. Asaph are favourites for the title. Excellent wins for both Bill and Alan however made sure we were not “whitewashed”, and Dave L couldn’t have been any closer from our 3rd winner when his yard wood in the corners was beaten with the very last wood of the match. Another away fixture next week when we travel the short distance over to Rhos Park, currently 2nd in the table and winners on our green in the very first match of the season.

Big shout for Diane and Tommy, who travelled to support the team despite being reserves on the day, and to the FIVE members of the B team who were also present, as their home game versus Bala was postponed to a later date. With “regular” Ann, and Hazel, and Vardre friend Ken Jones (father of Dave’s opponent, Chris Jones) and his wife appearing to be on the side of the “underdogs” also. Mentioning dogs, I ought not to forget Rolo, also offering support at the green with his trusted handler – John. Further proof of an excellent team and Club spirit that can be achieved and is often recognised. Many thanks for your support. Captain Ian

Match News 18th June 2022 – DYSERTH DISTRAUGHT!: The Saturday A team recovered to narrowly beat a strong Dyserth side by just 8 points for a 7-5 win. After a scorching few days since midweek, overnight drizzle had considerably reduced the pace of the green, whether that had been to our visitors’ advantage, we shall perhaps never know! Several of their team certainly bowled our green well, and they led 3-1 and +16 on the aggregate after the first 4 blocks. With 2 winners apiece in the middle order, a slight recovery was made, but our final pair got off to excellent starts, and turned the match in our favour at the death.

GOOD wins for Shan, Gwyn, Rhona, Bill and Ian. Doreen was unfortunately only beaten on some marks.  Diane, Tommy, Alan and John all came up against strong opponents, but they would admit disappointment, as they are all capable of greater consistency on another day – such is the game of bowls!! 

With Prestatyn Highbury losing and Abergele without a game, this latest win (our 4th from 7 matches) lifted us back into exact mid-table position in the League. Our match away at a strong St. Asaph side next Saturday signals the half-way point of the 2022 season, and WELL DONE TEAM, we are making good progress. It will certainly not be easy, but a similar return through July and August MAY guarantee us a place in B Division for another year. UP THE VARDRE.   Captain Ian

Match News 11th June 2022 – WEST IS BEST: West of the Conwy estuary for the 3rd time out of 4 away fixtures already, we crossed the Straits to the Llanfairpg (short version) green. On arrival, the “homesters” that were not practising were gathered around the sheriff’s office and saloon at the far side of the green, whilst our members appeared to be awaiting the next bus into Bangor, sheltering from the wind next to the road. Bear in mind that in our previous away fixture we scored just one point at Abergele, and our opponents had thrashed Holyhead 12-0 at this venue. We have little respect of form and reputation, and for the second time this season we produced an upset.

Great wins from Paul and Gwyn gave us an early lead, especially as Rhona and Shan had battled so hard to tip the aggregate our way. Three closer wins from Bill, Tommy and JC increased our lead slightly in the middle order. Diane was somewhat disadvantaged drawing the same opponent who turns out for Dwygyfylchi in midweek, but with honours shared in the final 2 games (Dave and Ian) we triumphed 8-4 (courtesy of our + 12 on overall aggregate after 6 winning cards)

YET another great TEAM effort, with individuals battling for every point, excellent support from the side and a thoroughly deserved win, which was sportingly recognised by the home captain, Geraint Booth, at the end. It only proves once again that on our day we are a match for anyone, I still believe that we shall be competing to stay in this B division in 2 months time, but we have now gained 2 unexpected results on our travels, which is a big bonus in our quest for survival. A rare home game next Saturday, before another couple of journeys – east to St.Asaph, and let’s say slightly north-east to Rhos on Sea!!!         IAN

Match News 28th May 2022: Not the best of afternoons at Abergele for the A team on Saturday, as the home side gained revenge for a 12-0 drubbing in the Wednesday League a fortnight ago, by thrashing us 11-1 in the Coast League fixture. To their credit they bowled their green very well, and we were caught out by the change of pace in the green depending on where the jack was sent. In most of the games the scores were level up to the half-way point, but the home players finished strongly and were deserved winners on the day. The defeat meant we dropped 3 places in the League table, but we always knew this was going to be a tough period as FIVE of our 6 matches through late May/early June are Away. Next match is on June 11th when we travel over to “Sir Fon” to play Llanfairpg (shortened version). Definitely a new venue possibly for all except 2 of our squad, but no problem, they only went and beat Holyhead 12-0 yesterday as we floundered at Abergele (and the Holyhead team must play quite regularly on that green!!)

Both A and B teams have byes next Saturday (June 4th) and so both squads will take part in an event commencing at 1-30pm at the Vardre green. Captain Ian Wilson

Match News 14th May 2022: The first expression was that of probably all our players as we approached the sadly-vandalised green of Holyhead, after almost an hour’s drive along the A55. What is a difficult green to read at the best of times with all its rises and dips over the entire green, suddenly became a “lottery” and a case of how many bumps you either avoided or caught. Perhaps also in its current condition, not as much an advantage to HOME bowlers either!!

We did get 4 good winners, and to their credit our losers battled throughout their games – sometimes it’s a case of “luck of the draw” that decides your fate. Holyhead certainly fielded a stronger side in their first home fixture, and as always, we were given excellent hospitality by a very friendly Club, on a gloriously sunny afternoon on the NW coast of the island.

I was happy with 4 points in the end as the home side certainly deserved their win, it will be interesting to see how other teams cope with the green during the season. Captain Ian Wilson

Match News – 7th May 2022: Another excellent team display saw our Saturday A team finish strongly to overcome a strong PRESTATYN HIGHBURY side on a glorious afternoon at the Vardre green. We had 3 defeats in the first half of the game, but triumphed 4-1 in the remaining 5 games, to run out eventual 8-4 winners, taking the aggregate score by a clear 26 points. With one 20 and two 17s among our losing cards, we amassed over 190 points for a 2nd successive week, and the margin of victory “could” have been even better. Three consecutive wins now for Rhona, and she currently has the best individual record in the entire B Division, Diane missed out on a similar 100% record – this week her comeback fell one short, losing 20-21 (from 3-13 down at one stage). First appearances of the season for both Alan and Gwyn, neither having played competitively since 2019, good to have you both back, and special thanks to Gary who volunteered to help out when it looked as if I was likely to be one player short late on Friday.

FIVE of our next 6 matches are surprisingly Away, and with 2 blank weeks in the calendar also, our next home game is on June 18th, and after that – Sat July 9th when we host Bangor City, as the fixture order becomes reversed. Without HOME green advantage, it will be very difficult to sustain our recent form, but the team is playing with renewed confidence, individuals are improving their game, and there is a splendid atmosphere throughout each match. Whatever the outcome, we aim to enjoy the experience in B Division. In Alan’s words “COME ON THE V..A..R..D..R..E” Ian

Match News – 30th April 2022: “A great team display and some outstanding individual performances in an unexpected 8-4 away success at Bangor (relegated at the end of the last season from the ‘A’ Division). Good wins from Rhona, John and Dave, aided by some battling games from Doreen, Shan and Tommy, kept us marginally in front. But it was the comebacks of Bill and Diane that probably changed the game. Bill recovered from 3-13 down to lose to 20 at the last end, and Diane (playing former Welsh Champion John Short) eventually won 21-19, having been 9-17 down at one stage. Ian and Paul ‘s opponents (playing at 9th & 10th) were too shocked to respond. The Bangor players were very complimentary of our team’s ethos and togetherness, and it is such a pity that their green requires so much attention – it certainly wasn’t an advantage to them on the day.” Report by an Wilson, Captain

Match News – 23rd April 2022: At the end of the 2019 Season, the ‘A’ Team won promotion to the ‘B’ Division in the League. Due to Covid, any matches played since then have been friendlies. Today the league resumed and the new team, made up of previous players and a few newbies, had its first match in the ‘B’ Division against one of the two teams that had been relegated at the end of 2019 from the ‘A’ Division. A tough start but the team had 4-wins and only missed out on the extra Aggregate points by 4-points.

The Team at Conwy Bowling Club in September 2021. Great view of the castle from the Green.

The last game of the 2021 season. Everyone still going strong (above).

2021 North Wales Coast ‘A’ Team

The new Captain for 2022 is Elaine Beech. Matches are played on Saturday afternoons.

2022 NWC ‘B’ Team

Click Here for a news report on the end of season Merits Qualifiers for the League.

Match News 24th July Versus Bala: What a contrast on our own green! – a great match against a team pushing for the top place in the league, winning 6 games and securing the aggregate by 29 points. Well done Linda, Clarice, John P, Ann, Carol B and John B and thanks to Colin for his 17 points. Again this consolidates our hold on 4th place in the Division – a terrific effort.

Also, thanks to fellow Club members who came to spectate (particularly those who ended up retrieving jacks from the gutter) and to our roving Club photographer (the results of which we are still to see!).

No match on 30th July so our next is an away trip to play Penmaenmawr B on 6th August. Captain Elaine Onward and Upward! (Photos below).

Match News 23rd July Versus Llanrwst B: Not a good day at the office!  Llanrwst were on fire on their own green but thanks to Steve and John B for their wins to 11 and 7 respectively and hard luck to Wendy and John P who lost to 18 and 16. Knowing we had another key match the following day, the team left in reasonably good spirits with positive intentions. Thank you team.   

Match News 16th July Versus Grove Park B: Another hot day for bowling; wearing hats and/or cool neck bandanas, sharing measuring and taking a few very short breaks to hydrate and recover, were among the ways employed to mitigate the weather.

Opponents Grove Park B sat at the bottom of the divisional table when we welcomed them to Vardre on 16th; easy therefore to think that a win for the home team was a given outcome. Well, this Vardre B side never assume anything and know that they have to fight for every point.

Good wins from John P, Clarice, John B, Carol B, yours truly, and Wendy, a first win in the league for Carole W and especially notable wins for Linda (to 5) and Steve (to 1).  So, another great effort – 9 wins plus an unassailable aggregate (206 – 147) thereby strengthening our hold on 4th place in the Division – a terrific effort, well done to everyone.

……….and so we move on to a busy week-end for the team on 23rd and 24th July with 2 consecutive matches (both at 2pm); Saturday away to Llanrwst B (who have been improving over the last few weeks and are only 3 points ahead us in 3rd place in the league) and Sunday is the postponed home match v Bala (who have consistently held 2nd place but who are also only 3 points ahead of us).  Consequently, next weekend will determine if we really can ‘hold our own’ in this Division. Captain Elaine. Onward and Upward!

Match News 9th July 2022 Versus Bryn Newydd B: With 5 regular squad members unable to play, a match v Bryn Newydd on their ground, could have been a difficult one but thankfully I’m proud to report that, once again, this Vardre B team fought for every point. 

Wins for Wendy (to 8) and Steve (to 11) got us off to a great start, followed by Tom, Gay and Marina contributing in the middle order along with Carole. Could we keep this up? Yes we could, with John (to 14), yours truly (to 17), Linda (to 10) and Colin (to 14) bringing home the match win.  

So, another great effort – 6 wins plus a winning aggregate by 8 points, resulting in our moving up to 4th in the Division – a terrific effort, well done to everyone.

To note: the weekend of 23rd and 24th July we have a match on both days.  Saturday’s game is at Llanrwst and Sunday’s match is the postponed home match v Bala. Captain Elaine Onward and Upward!

Match News 11th June 2022: Another terrific team effort and well deserved win against Grove Park A. 6 wins – thanks to Wendy, Colin, Steve, Carol B, Linda and yours truly, and to other team members who scored high double figures to help secure the aggregate by 31points (182-151).  We continue to sit a very respectable 4th in the table and within striking distance of the two teams above us which we play in our next two games. So well done to everyone and let’s push to go for every point in these two games.

My thanks to all who, in addition to game points, are contributing by measuring, marking, and carrying out the range of tasks needing to be done pre- and post matches.    Captain Elaine Onward and Upward!

Match News 28th May 2022: A great team effort and well deserved win against Penmaenmawr B. 6 wins – thanks to Clarice, Linda, John P, Colin S, Steve, and John B and to the rest of the team who all scored double figures to help secure the aggregate by 19pts (188-169). 

So, after a third of the season having won 3, drawn 1 and lost 1, we are sitting a very respectable 4th in the table. Well done everyone. We are a squad of 12 who are very supportive of each other and we thank 5 additional members (Gay, Marina, Tom, Claire and Colin B) who help us out by filling in when necessary. My thanks to everyone who, in addition to game points, has contributed by measuring, marking, and carrying out the range of tasks needing to be done pre- and post matches.    Captain Elaine Beech

Match News 30th April 2022: A great team effort and well deserved win against Bryn Newydd ‘B’. 6 wins – thanks to John P, Colin S, Clarice, Roger, John B and Ann, and to the rest of the team who all scored in double figures securing the aggregate by 1 (184-183).  Phew! Onward and Upward! Captain Elaine Beech

Ist Match of Season News: The ‘B’ Team had a challenging first game this Season in the ‘D’ Division and achieved 3-wins Away from Home but they too were playing one of the 2-teams relegated in 2019 from the Division above.

Ladies Team (non-League)
Captain Carol Barrington

Team is on the noticeboard. Matches are played on Monday afternoons. The first match of the season was held on 18th April 2022 Away to Llandudno at their ground at the Oval.

Match News 16th May 2022: versus Llandudno at the Vardre Deganwy green:

Match News 18th April 2022: The Ladies Team had a good win in the first match of the season against tough opposition. There was also a very good turnout of supporters so thank you all for the additional encouragement. But nobody brought the Pom-Poms, nor had the lads devised a Cheerleading dance routine that they could have performed on the sidelines to make the day complete. Maybe next time.

The Ladies Team 2022 (above) with many more players just waiting in the wings to play in next week’s match
Friendlies Organisers: David Rogers Jones; Rosina Wompra; Mary Hughes; Ian Wilson; Shan Eccles (Left to Right above)

Friendly doubles are held on Thursday afternoons. The Organisers will compile the doubles pairings to play against another club. This is a great way to play with a more experienced player and to gain experience playing a match against another club.

U3A and Club Member Coaching
Coaching Organisers: Dave Holland (Right) and John Cartwright (Left)

Coaching for the 2022 Season commences 25th April and ends on 19th September. Coaching takes place between 10:00 and 12 noon on Monday mornings.

Club Competitions Handicap List for 2022

Handicapping system as agreed by the Club Committee:-

All matches are played at Betws-yn-Rhos Club.

9th March 2022 Match: The Winter Team, led by Rhona, achieved three wins today ensuring the team has a second season in the “A” Division of the Winter League. It was an exciting day for the last match of the season with Rhona, the Captain, leading the way with the first win of the day. Everyone played their hearts out. Congratulations to the whole team (including those not in the photos below, i.e. Linda, Ian, Rob, Paul and Sheila). Additional Congratulations to Clarice for her first win of the season.

19th October 2021 Match
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