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Green Closed This Morning

Vital work is to be undertaken on the green this morning. Our maintenance team of 3-hard-working-boys would really value additional voluntary help. If you can help, please be at the green by 9:00am today. Click Here to…


It’s Nuts

A squirrel tucks into its hoard of nuts that it had hidden in a hole that it had dug in the lawn earlier in the year.


Palet (Bowls in Sheep’s Clothing?)

The French have a game called Palet. Ann and Rog introduced a few members of the club to this game where a master (jack) – a small cast iron disk – is thrown from a 5-metre distance…



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Food Shopping on the Outskirts of Llandudno
Food Shopping in Llandudno


  • Urgent Voluntary Help Needed to Protect the Green on 7th June 2023 (Click Here) – All Hands to the Pumps.
  • News and Events May to July 2023 (Click Here)
  • Spring Pairs 16th April (Click Here)
  • Friendlies Fixed 2023, March update from Ian (Click Here)
  • Vital Statistics (A Season’s Advance Viewpoint) from Ian, February 2023 (Click Here)
  • Vardre Deganwy Bowling Green – Winter Recuperation 2022/2023 (Click Here)
  • Christmas Lunch 2022 (Click Here)

News & Events 2023

Urgent Voluntary Help Needed on 7th June 2023 to Protect the Green (plus green closure that morning)

We have been advised by Bobby that, in order to help protect the green during this dry, hot weather, we will need to lightly verticut before he applies a mix of organics/chemicals and wetting agent. It is therefore inevitable that we will have to close the green on Wednesday morning of this week, as the procedure is fairly lengthy, and the dead thatch created has to be removed. If anyone is available to assist the barrowing off the surface, then this will be of huge benefit to the maintenance team, but be advised it is fairly heavy, continuous work.

Apologies for any inconvenience if any handicap or Ladder games have been mutually arranged, but this vital work is necessary and we have to try and work around the scheduled League matches, and complete the task as soon as possible. It is already a struggle trying to sustain the playing surface in this current climate.                                                                       

If willing to help please be at the green for 9am – it is almost a 3 hour job for 3 men, but if one extra body present, almost an hour could be saved off the total time. If you are wondering how this mathematical problem is resolved, perhaps your curiosity will entice you down to the green, and you could be volunteer no.4 !! Weather forecast looks favourable…..

Thank you. Ian.

CUP DRAWS & DIARY DATES – Tuesday Senior Citizens League C team play East Parade B at Highbury  all on FRI JUNE 9 

VARDRE ART GALLERY – Upcoming, 11th June, there will be a display of Shan’s impressive artwork in the Clubhouse. Refreshments will be available, and the event is open to all so we are encouraging others within the community to attend. The green will be open for play as usual, but with obvious restrictions on access to the Clubhouse.

VINEYARD TRIP – Some members signed up for the visit & wine tasting event at the Mochdre-based vineyard. Further enquiries have revealed that guided tours are restricted to certain days, and the costs have increased. A notice to ascertain whether the trip is still viable will be displayed in due course.

CHARITY EVENT – A long way off but on SUNDAY JULY 30 the bowling Club will be hosting an afternoon of fund raising. This was a request of our Chairman David Rogers-Jones before he sadly passed away, who wanted us to raise money for a local cause, and his preference was the local Primary School. More details will be published closer to the date, but a good turn-out would be appreciated so make a note in your diary. INTERNAL COMPETITIONS – I knew that notice-board would be scrutinised at some point!!!  Details and draws for the Alpha & Hornby Cups, and Nigel’s impressive Ladder Competition are now up and running. If you entered, check the details and importantly the completion dates. Just to the right and below are external competitions run by the WCGBA. We had some entries last season, again check details and closing dates (and some are postal entries so allow time also). Ian

Spring Pairs 16th April

Spring Pairs Champions: Alan and Maureen

New members Alan & Maureen Thomas were deserved winners of today’s Spring Pairs competition, played in damp (but at least dry) weather, after morning rain. Eight pairings of their own choice were present for a prompt start. Each couple had a combined handicap, and games were all on a timed basis of 30 minutes. Winners of the first matches continued in the Cup competition until eliminated, and then they played in the Plate competition. Pairs who lost their opening 2 games qualified for the Spoon event.

Afternoon SCORES: CUP QFinal  Chris & Rosina 11 Dave & Hazel 18; Bunty & John F 14 Karen & Sean 21;  Carole & Sylvia 13 Diane & John 15; Alan & Maureen 21 Gaye & John P 8
Semi-finals   Dave & Hazel 14 Karen & Sean 10;  Diane & John 14 Alan & Maureen 15
SPRING PAIRS FINAL  Dave & Hazel 10  Alan & Maureen 16

PLATE Chris & Rosina 13 Bunty & John F 16;  Carole & Sylvia 9 Gaye & John P 18; Karen & Sean 14 Diane & John 10; Bunty & John F 11 Gaye & John P 16

SPOON Chris & Rosina 11  Carole & Sylvia 21

Had we required a winner in the Plate competition the Final would have been Karen & Sean v Gaye & John P BUT all seemed happy with just the 3 games each, and 90 minutes of pleasant social bowling.
Belated Easter-themed gifts were presented to winners Alan & Maureen, runners-up Dave & Hazel and consolation winners Chris & Rosina. Also not forgetting to thank Tommy and Clarice for marking, and the latter for helping in the kitchen also. I must mention the good spirit in which all games were played, and from the sidelines it was impressive to see so many employing green etiquette in walking around the edge of the green so as not to disturb other games. WELL DONE ALL and thank you for supporting the event. Ian Wilson

Friendlies Fixed 2023

Monday Ladies Friendlies: Just when you thought 170 League matches involving 9 teams was a big enough commitment for our thriving Bowls Club, another 21 games have been arranged for the less competitive members to play socially. Thanks to the efforts of Elaine, 8 friendly fixtures have been arranged for our ladies on Monday afternoons. Although we have entered the Clwydian Ladies League for the very first time, there was still sufficient interest to warrant the continuation of the Ladies Friendlies – a true indication of our increase in enthusiasm and numbers in recent years. Sadly only 2 other Clubs are involved but 4 matches versus both Rhos on Sea and the Oval, Llandudno should keep the ladies ticking over nicely.

Thursday Doubles Friendlies: The club were very keen to continue the Thursday Doubles Friendlies also, an ideal situation to introduce our new members to a lighter form of competition, playing in a doubles game with a more experienced partner, and having the opportunity to sample other greens in the process. In fact there was a call from some of our members to have every Thursday booked with some type of event, in order to cater for our social bowlers. Remembering that we have also entered a Thursday Evening League to meet the extra demand for competitive bowling, and not wishing to have friendlies on both Monday and Thursday afternoons each week, nevertheless 13 Doubles Friendlies have been provisionally arranged (the odd number as Eirias Park had an extra date they wanted filling) The first of these Doubles matches is set for early in the season, APRIL 6 at the picturesque Dwygyfylchi green, situated below Moel Lus (Bilberry Hill -mum’s lovely bilberry & apple pie as a youngster) and with views towards the Sychnant Pass to the east, and over the bay to the Great Orme to the north. Although this is the exact same date as our first Evening League game away at Grove Park in Rhyl, a 1-30pm start will allow time to get to both venues if required. There are other instances when both afternoon and evening clash (it could not  be avoided), the same is inevitable on a Wednesday once the Ladies League gets underway in May, but it is hoped we have sufficient members signing up to play. I also think that it is imperative we sign up in advance, so that we can make decisions on prospective numbers with our opponents beforehand. Check the notice-board regularly, and get involved. Craig y Don, Rhos on Sea, Abergele, Penrhyn New Hall, as well as the afore-mentioned Dwygyfylchi and Eirias Park have all agreed dates during the season. A VERY BUSY SCHEDULE….(Camping out under the gazebo may be a solution!!)

Vital Statistics by Ian Wilson (February 2023)

With the last of the leagues publishing their fixtures for 2023, although the Coast League matches have not been put on the League web-site as yet (but captains have seen them), in a mindless half-hour or so I did some calculations:

REMEMBER this is League Matches only (April 4 – Sept.9).  Just 23 weeks (22, if you include the Conwy festival when all LEAGUE matches are suspended).

  • Matches in total 170 and obviously 85 at home on our little green;
  • Money raised on match fees (home games only remember @ £1-50 per player) Total £1275-00 to Club (slightly less as only 8 players in Ladies team);
  • Let’s say you play fairly regularly for 3 teams  – around 50 matches in total (could be 62 if you played every game in a certain 3 leagues);
  • Let’s also say in those (above average perhaps) 50 matches, your particular game lasts, again on average, say 25 ends – that’s 1250 ends;
  • Let’s hope again you don’t play corner to corner, yes the poor jack, AND YOU (I hear a Proclaimers song coming) – even if you averaged a game at 30m/end -THAT’S 37,500 (sorry m denotes metres, NOT miles) but still a fair few laps of the Athletics track!! (And that’s not counting the occasions you or your opponent sends the jack off on the faster greens).  The game of bowls will certainly increase your fitness levels.

REMEMBER the first paragraph, this is in League Matches ONLY.  How many other times over the season do you enjoy a game, or practice. JUST 26 DAYS before we open.  Get training……

VARDRE DEGANWY BOWLING GREEN – WINTER RECUPERATION 2022/2023. All that lovely lush, green grass plus new cladding for the wall (courtesy of MKM).


Monday 5th June10:00am-12 Noon: U3A Coaching.
Tuesday 6th June> 2:15pm Clwydian League ‘C’ Team versus Ruthin AWAY.
> 2:15pm Clwydian League: ‘B’ Team versus Kinmel Bay AWAY.
> 2:15pm Clwydian League: ‘A’ Team versus St. Asaph HOME.
Wednesday 7th June> 2:00pm Clwydian Ladies – NO MATCH. Next match on 14th June.
> 6:30pm Colwyn & Llandudno League: ‘A’ Team versus Llanfairfechan ‘A’ AWAY.
> 6:30pm Colwyn & Llandudno League: ‘B’ Team versus Craig y Don ‘B’ HOME.
Thursday 8th June6:00pm Vale of Clwyd Team – NO MATCH. Next match on 22nd June.
Friday 9th JuneTuesday Senior Citizens League Cup Competition matches:
> ‘B’ team play Kinmel Bay @ Eirias Park No. 1.
> ‘C’ team play East Parade ‘B’ at Highbury.
Saturday 10th June> 2:00pm North Wales Coast League: ‘A’ Team versus Bethesda AWAY.
> 2:00pm North Wales Coast League: ‘B’ Team versus Mochdre Park ‘A’ HOME
Sunday 11th June10:00am to 4:00pm – Art Exhibition by Shan Eccles in the Clubhouse.
Monday 12th June10:00am-12 Noon: U3A Coaching.
(Any one-off events will be shown in the Additional Diary Dates 2023 List Below).
Table Last updated 4th June 2023


Now OnwardsThe Ladder Competition has now started. Remember to arrange and play your games each month against your opponents.
9th June 2023Clwydian Senior Citizens ‘B’ & ‘C’ Teams play in Division Cup Competition.
Various Dates 2023WCGBA lists, on their website, all Competitions to be held in Wales in 2023. (Go to our LINKS page to visit their website).
AnytimeIf you would like to offer your help with the green or general maintenance then please have a word with Ian, David L or Tommy.
Table Last Updated 26th May 2023


FOR SALE: Check back here as items may be for sale from time to time.


  • Welsh Senior Merits 20th May 2023 – CLICK HERE
  • Llandudno Transport Festival 2023 – CLICK HERE
  • Vardre Deganwy Opening Foursomes 2023 – CLICK HERE

Opening Foursomes

Llandudno Transport Festival 2023

Just a few of the entries:

Hosting Welsh Senior Merits Competition Qualifier 20th May 2023

Many thanks to our members who gave their valued time to assist with the hosting of our most recent events. In excess of 3-hours on Friday evening for the Colwyn League Cup match, and another 4-hour stint in glorious weather this afternoon to ensure that visitors gained the benefit of our excellent hospitality. There were several compliments to confirm what an excellent venue we have become. Sadly not quite the numbers expected in the actual competition today (in fact club volunteers outnumbered the competitors) and so pleasing to see new members providing assistance. There are countless ways you can volunteer and offer help to the Club, we are extremely grateful for playing members, but would welcome any kind of support you can give, so that all the tasks are evenly spread, and do not fall on the same people every time.

Another task on match days that one team member can take on board, as captains have enough to do, is “The Scrounger” (aka Tommy) who has acquired 2 rather heavy traffic cones to place on the road on the blind junction on match days. Unfortunately, they have to be returned after the game also. You cannot miss them!!  A small gesture, but it may help keep our neighbours supportive. Ian

2022 EVENTS:

Christmas Lunch 2022

Closing Fours September 2022

Some photographs from the event:

Ladies Rose Bowl Competition 19th August 2022

Ladies Rose Bowl

The first group of photos demo the dramatic story of the final end of the Final

The following photos include Semi-finalists and Spectators:

Cup Final Competition 17th August 2022

Congratulations to our ‘B’ Team in the Colwyn and Llandudno League ‘C’ Division Cup Competition Final. Everyone put up a strong fight against their opponents, Division leaders, but were eventually defeated. Well played everyone.

Vardre Deganwy’s Participation in the Conwy County Bowling Festival 2022

The Vardre’s interest in this festival ended yesterday evening when we hosted the final stages of the Alun Jones Memorial Trophy, the culmination of 3 consecutive days of competition on our green. All future finals are to be staged at the Craig y Don green, and they are well worth a watch if you have time on Friday 5th August.

It is so encouraging to report that the club received so many complimentary comments (from visiting and local bowlers) regarding the facilities and the floral displays, the hospitality, and the general organisation off the green. So huge thanks to our volunteers (some of whom were present on all 3-days) and to others who contributed to the success by baking/providing refreshments. To Bob and our ladies in the kitchen area – Bunty, Gay, Sylvia, Hazel, Mary, Shan, Doreen, Carol, Linda, Jenny – our measuring/furniture team of John B, John P, Alan, Tom C, Gary, Steve, Dave L – to Tommy on reception duties (and others) and to Diane for media coverage. Our treasurer, Dave, also ran a football card at yesterday’s finals evening, which raised a further £20 towards Club funds. Apologies if I have omitted anyone, we did have other members who supported the event.

In total over the 3 sessions, approximately £200 may have been taken, but perhaps the good reputation of VARDRE (DEGANWY) BC extending beyond the boundaries of North Wales and across the border, is equally rewarding. THANK YOU for your commitment over the past 3 days.          IAN

Friendly Mixed Doubles versus Rhos-on-Sea held on 28th July 2022

A very enjoyable afternoon on the green in lovely weather conditions.

Trooping the Colour Day and 70th Platinum Jubilee Friendly on 2nd June 2022

Criss-Cross Chaos on Sunday 22nd May 2022 – Chaos Curtailed (for now anyway)

Following 3 hours of panic and confusion involving 26 members, the final of the Fun afternoon fittingly went to a deciding end in front of the Clubhouse. The winning trio of Team Tommy (Tommy, John B and Bunty) finishing with a flourish scoring 4 at the last end to defeat Team Dave 14-10. EIGHT teams had contested the event, where 2 target jacks had to be negotiated over 8 ends in the first 2 rounds. Teams managed to discover the road/land to the jack in quick time, it was deciding which mat to deliver from was the problem, and when we moved to 3 target blocks in the play-offs (and 2 woods at each target rather than 3) that the trouble increased. At least I will know how to simplify matters in future, the concept of the game proved quite popular, and the seeding of the teams according to handicap made for some good even games.

Well back to the drawing board, THANKS to all who took part for your patience and understanding. The aim was to keep all involved, but with 24 on the green there was bound to be some delay, and perhaps the event did not run as quickly as expected. I did see some fun and laughter amongst the confusion, and hopefully it was beneficial to all in helping to understand and read the dips and slopes of the Vardre green.

It’s either TRIPLES WITH A TWIST next, or perhaps CROWN GREEN GOLF. Maybe a trial run will help me decide. Karen was winner of the Football card and, after deducting her winnings, £38 was raised towards Club funds. THANK YOU ALL, and especially to those members who voluntarily helped with refreshments and clearing up afterwards. Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson


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