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Tom: Clare, why would a compliment from a chicken be an insult? Clare: All right Tom, I’ll buy it. Why would a compliment from a chicken be an insult? Tom: Because it would be fowl language! Source:…



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Food Shopping in Llandudno


VARDRE DEGANWY BOWLING GREEN – WINTER RECUPERATION 2022/2023. All that lovely lush, green grass plus new cladding for the wall (courtesy of MKM).

League Bowling 2023 – Update from Ian (January 2023)

Vale of Clwyd League (Thursday evenings): John P and Gay attended the VALE of CLWYD Evening League AGM back in December. We have been accepted to enter a team in the lower division on Thursday evenings next season. A pre-season meeting is to be set for March to finalise the constitution of the divisions.

Ladies Clwydian League (Wednesday afternoons): Our ladies have also been accepted in the CLWYDIAN LADIES League, so regular Wednesday afternoon matches next season. There may be up to 4 clubs applying in total, and the League are considering operating 2 divisions for the first time. I believe Carol and Linda are attending this AGM next Monday (16th January 2023).

Clwydian League for Senior Citizens Over-60’s (Tuesday afternoons): All three of our teams will continue in the CLWYD SENIOR CITZENS LEAGUE. The AGM for this league will be held on Friday 27th January; 

Colwyn & Llandudno League (Wednesday evening): Both our teams will continue in the COLWYN & LLANDUDNO LEAGUE. The AGM for this league will be held on Wednesday 15th February;

North Wales Coast League (Saturday afternoons): Both our teams will continue in the NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE. The AGM for this league will be held on Saturday 28th January.

Green Maintenance October 2022 update

There was a premature start to the October maintenance programme today (Friday 7th) when 2 tons of top-dressing was delivered to the green one working day ahead of schedule. Fortunately, in atrocious weather conditions it arrived in 80 x 25kg bags on 2 pallets, but unfortunately, due to ground maintenance team members attending the President’s Day qualifiers of the Senior Citizens League at Old Colwyn, Mochdre and Meliden, only Bobby (our green consultant) was present to accept delivery. “Don’t worry” he said, “I’ll move it”, and so having left him instructions to store the bags in the away sheltered area, and the location of the wheelbarrow, I felt enormous guilt as I entered the green at Old Colwyn to play my preliminary round game. Normally there are 4 or 5 of us present to move just 1 ton of soil, Bobby was on his own and our order was double the usual amount. Furthermore, it was hissing it down at our venue (no spelling mistake, just being polite) and weather conditions at the Vardre were likely to be no better. To my relief I received a text “all done and under cover,” and Bobby was fine. I bet he will sleep well tonight!!

With much improved weather forecast for next Monday, work will continue at 10am (as originally scheduled) but with one of the more strenuous tasks already done. The green will be scarified and verticut, the top-dressing bags distributed around the playing surface, and BEFORE the soil is applied, a similar amount of dead grass and thatch is barrowed off. If you are able to assist with these tasks, it would be greatly appreciated, but it is relatively heavy work. Final job is re-seeding and application of fertiliser which is mainly Bobby’s responsibility. Ian



THIS WEEKLY BOARD OF EVENTS AT VARDRE DEGANWY WILL RECOMMENCE IN THE 2023 SEASON. (Any one-off events out-of-season will be shown in the Additional Diary Dates 2023 List Below).
Table Last updated 24th January 2023


AnytimeIf you would like to offer your help with the green or general maintenance then please have a word with Ian, David L or Tommy.
Table Last Updated 24th January 2023

2023 EVENTS:

Wait for it …..

2022 EVENTS:

Christmas Lunch 2022

Closing Fours September 2022

Some photographs from the event:

Ladies Rose Bowl Competition 19th August 2022

Ladies Rose Bowl

The first group of photos demo the dramatic story of the final end of the Final

The following photos include Semi-finalists and Spectators:

Cup Final Competition 17th August 2022

Congratulations to our ‘B’ Team in the Colwyn and Llandudno League ‘C’ Division Cup Competition Final. Everyone put up a strong fight against their opponents, Division leaders, but were eventually defeated. Well played everyone.

Vardre Deganwy’s Participation in the Conwy County Bowling Festival 2022

The Vardre’s interest in this festival ended yesterday evening when we hosted the final stages of the Alun Jones Memorial Trophy, the culmination of 3 consecutive days of competition on our green. All future finals are to be staged at the Craig y Don green, and they are well worth a watch if you have time on Friday 5th August.

It is so encouraging to report that the club received so many complimentary comments (from visiting and local bowlers) regarding the facilities and the floral displays, the hospitality, and the general organisation off the green. So huge thanks to our volunteers (some of whom were present on all 3-days) and to others who contributed to the success by baking/providing refreshments. To Bob and our ladies in the kitchen area – Bunty, Gay, Sylvia, Hazel, Mary, Shan, Doreen, Carol, Linda, Jenny – our measuring/furniture team of John B, John P, Alan, Tom C, Gary, Steve, Dave L – to Tommy on reception duties (and others) and to Diane for media coverage. Our treasurer, Dave, also ran a football card at yesterday’s finals evening, which raised a further £20 towards Club funds. Apologies if I have omitted anyone, we did have other members who supported the event.

In total over the 3 sessions, approximately £200 may have been taken, but perhaps the good reputation of VARDRE (DEGANWY) BC extending beyond the boundaries of North Wales and across the border, is equally rewarding. THANK YOU for your commitment over the past 3 days.          IAN

Friendly Mixed Doubles versus Rhos-on-Sea held on 28th July 2022

A very enjoyable afternoon on the green in lovely weather conditions.

Bees (B’s) Buzzing on 5th June 2022

The warm-up of a round of “BOLF” (bowls-golf) seemed to go down well. With few adopting the scoring method, ends ended promptly and there was little waiting  around before trios moved on to the next hole/target. Perhaps this format may be used again – as one member suggested, sending 1 wood on finger, the other on thumb – more confusion!!!   However, the purpose of the exercise is to make our members more familiar with their own green, which of course is so beneficial in matches. It can be adapted, I know, to include difficult marks/changes of length/changes of direction and include progression (through scoring) to finals etc.

The main competition was 3 rounds of triples, but only 6 ends (with each player setting the mark once in each game) The major problem I honestly had not foreseen, in that the order of sending woods after that, caused such confusion. Anyhow Round 1 was A 19:B 22 but I had decided on a handicap of +1 for each B team player, so a great start for B’s 34-19 (with the +12 overall). Round 2 saw a change of opponents and the A’s certainly recovered A 31:B 14 (which became 26 with handicap included). The running total going in to the Final round was A 50:B 60 BUT…Round 3 had the “bonus bowl” ….drum roll…  No handicap in this round as a +3 of making the bonus bowl count, could be skilful, tactical or just luck. The bonus was gained just once in a total of 24 ends, by the A team – but they still lost the total score of the round 18-19. Therefore, CONGRATULATIONS B squad, overall winners by 79:68 on aggregate. (Was I too lenient on handicap?). No, well done “BEES” you all played well. The A team trios actually won more individual games, but the margins of victory were not big enough. The B team had a 9-1 and 8-1 win among their successes. Well done to the Shan/Gwyn/Rhona trio combination who won all 3 of their games.

SPECIAL THANKS to Claire and Cledwen for marking cards all afternoon, and to Bunty for washing-up and clearing away after refreshments. Going to bed now, I fear another head ache coming on… Cath, pour me a large whisky!!!     IAN

Trooping the Colour Day and 70th Platinum Jubilee Friendly on 2nd June 2022

Criss-Cross Chaos on Sunday 22nd May 2022 – Chaos Curtailed (for now anyway)

Following 3 hours of panic and confusion involving 26 members, the final of the Fun afternoon fittingly went to a deciding end in front of the Clubhouse. The winning trio of Team Tommy (Tommy, John B and Bunty) finishing with a flourish scoring 4 at the last end to defeat Team Dave 14-10. EIGHT teams had contested the event, where 2 target jacks had to be negotiated over 8 ends in the first 2 rounds. Teams managed to discover the road/land to the jack in quick time, it was deciding which mat to deliver from was the problem, and when we moved to 3 target blocks in the play-offs (and 2 woods at each target rather than 3) that the trouble increased. At least I will know how to simplify matters in future, the concept of the game proved quite popular, and the seeding of the teams according to handicap made for some good even games.

Well back to the drawing board, THANKS to all who took part for your patience and understanding. The aim was to keep all involved, but with 24 on the green there was bound to be some delay, and perhaps the event did not run as quickly as expected. I did see some fun and laughter amongst the confusion, and hopefully it was beneficial to all in helping to understand and read the dips and slopes of the Vardre green.

It’s either TRIPLES WITH A TWIST next, or perhaps CROWN GREEN GOLF. Maybe a trial run will help me decide. Karen was winner of the Football card and, after deducting her winnings, £38 was raised towards Club funds. THANK YOU ALL, and especially to those members who voluntarily helped with refreshments and clearing up afterwards. Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson

Opening Foursomes Competition 2022

Seven matches were played and that included one of the semi-finals. The second semi-final and the Final will be played later in the Season (date to be confirmed). It was very well organised by Dave H and Gay.

2021 EVENTS:


Just a few photos from the event. Hopefully, next time there will be more photos.


The bowls competition was held on Thursday 23rd September 2021.

All the teams, organisers and spectators


Click on the word Wanted above to reveal the poster. Just a bit of fun.

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