So what does it mean?

Legislation defines SAFEGUARDING as protecting the rights of adults and young people to live safely, regardless of age, ability, disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or gender status. Every member of Vardre Deganwy Bowling Club has the right, therefore, to participate in their sport in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment, including being free from any form of abuse and neglect and EVERY MEMBER is responsible for ensuring this safe environment.

At its meeting held on 27th May 2022 your Committee, in recognising its responsibilities for safeguarding, considered what should be put in place for the Club and how they would inform and involve all members.  The following recommendations were agreed:

  1. Allocate a section of a noticeboard and on the website to informing members about ‘Safeguarding’ including notice of Elaine’s appointment as Safeguarding Officer.
  2. Adopt the following and place a copy of each on the noticeboard and the website:
    1. Safeguarding Adults in Bowls Policy (Policy Adopted by Committee 27/05/22). (See Policy Download below).
    2. Anti-Bullying Policy (Policy Adopted by Committee 27/05/22). (See Policy Download below).
  3. Notify all members of these actions via the newsletter and the website.

Safeguarding Officer:

The Club’s very first lead on Safeguarding is Elaine Beech who will be the person to go to for advice and who, on behalf of the Committee, will be a resource and reminder to us all of our individual responsibilities relating to safeguarding. Contact Details: Mobile Phone 07979 802465.

Message from Elaine: “If you have a concern about a safeguarding issue or would welcome information about safeguarding, please speak to me in person or ring me on 07979 802465”

Policies Adopted by Vardre Deganwy Committee:

1. Safeguarding Adults in Bowls Policy:

2. Anti-Bullying Policy 2022:
3. General Code of Conduct in Bowls:

Click Here to read or download the Policy developed by the Bowls Development Alliance and adopted by Vardre Deganwy Bowling Club on 24th June 2022.

Remember that copies of each policy will always be available on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse.

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