Keeping Each Other Safe

Now, the intrepid explorers amongst you will already have noticed a slight change to the website. The Menu at the top of the page includes a New Page entitled: “Safeguarding“.

You will have heard members of the committee mention Safeguarding and perhaps also the legal requirement this puts on everyone. Please visit the page to find out:

  • What does “Safeguarding” mean to every Club Member;
  • What did the Vardre Deganwy Bowling Club Committee decide as the appropriate Action to take;
  • Who is the Safeguarding Officer; and,
  • How to make contact with a concern, etc.

So please visit the page by clicking on the word “Safeguarding” in the menu at the top of each page or simply Click Here.

Topping the Lot

Cledwen tops the lot in front of the Clubhouse at the Thursday Friendly.

John watches the bowling, which is causing him some amusement, whilst Eddie and Brian have a little sing-song together. Cledwen is just behind and ready to give her score on their singing ability whilst Gay and Clarice, on the bench, add some sort of gravitas to the situation.

New Dress Code?

Rumours of a new dress code at the green, for ladies to wear smart dress outfits with fascinators, are just rumours. However, here Fiona models her new bowling outfit whilst Keith demonstrates the slightly less formal approach.

You can see how a rumour can get started. Aside: Please cancel that order for 100 fascinators.


Despite a 3:3 Draw in games won in the Friendly yesterday against Eirias Park, it could be argued that Eirias Park won hands down on the Synchronised Scoring competition. 10-out-of-10 for style boys.

Left to Right: Ian, Bunty, John and Chris (hidden).
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