More Power to Your Elbow!

Qatar 2022 will be the first time that female referees will officiate men’s World Cup matches. Of 36 Referees, three are female, plus there are also three females amongst the 69 Assistant Referees.

Making a Break for It?

Is that Poirot escaping from the Hotel on Burgh Island? If so, is it likely that he is playing out his final “reveal” scene with the other passengers on board?

Give a Flying F***

Woohoo, it’s a Flying Fish! Not a real one, obviously, but if you did encounter one in the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian Ocean, it could propel itself out of the water and glide for almost 4-times longer than the first flight of the Wright Brothers.


The Lactori Cornuta (Cowfish) has a bovine appearance with growths reminiscent of horns. Dig those lips! The species occurs throughout much of the Indo-Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea although these fish were in the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

Well Met

Although we are a couple of months into Autumn, you might be interested to know the difference between the Astronomical Autumn and the Meteorological Autumn. If so, then Click Here to visit the Met Office Website (opens in a new tab). Also find out about solstices and equinoxes.

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