Opening Foursomes Tomorrow

There is still time to sign up for tomorrow’s opening competition of the season. Just add your name to the list on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse and arrive at the green on 2nd April by 10:30am for an 11:00am start. The organisers will team people up to play in the competition.

Sean, Gay, Hazel and Dave L in last year’s foursomes

3rd not 8th

Ian has rearranged the ‘A’ Team Practice (North Wales Coast League) from Saturday 8th April to next Monday, 3rd April 2023 at 3:30pm to 5:00pm-ish. Hopefully team members will be able to attend. Now team members have a free Easter weekend.

Remember to check out the Weekly Board inside and outside the Clubhouse and on this website (Click Here).


  • Sunday 2nd April is the Opening Foursomes (doubles). Remember to sign up for this and although it starts at 11:00am, please arrive no later than 10:30am.
  • Thursday 1st Friendly of season is on 6th April starting at 1:30pm so arrive no later than 1:00pm. Let’s make it a good turnout please.
  • Sunday 16th April is the Spring Pairs Competition starting at 1:30pm so arrive no later than 1:00pm. This replaces the Easter Pairs. We will make sure it finishes at a reasonable time. Add your name to the list on the noticeboard when it goes up.
  • Closing date for the current club competitions: the Ladder; the Alpha Trophy; and, the Hornby Cup, has been set for Sunday 16th April. No entries can be accepted after this date.
  • Thursday 20th April we will hold or annual grudge match – Ladies v Gents. This may be slightly different this year as we may hold this competition on several occasions throughout the season with some singles matches thrown in.
Update from Dave H

The Newsletter will give these details again and they will be on our website. I hope you can make some, if not all, of them.

Tea’s Up

Bunty goes into overdrive when anyone shouts “Tea Up”. This call can also work on the golf course. John F can only stand and admire her speed of reaction.

John F & Bunty

Double Up

Sunday 2nd April will be one of our Club’s biggest events of the year – the Opening Foursomes. Sign up on the noticeboard to play. You will be matched up with a doubles partner at the event that starts at 11:00am.

Remember last year? Above is one of the 2022 Opening Foursomes matches. See what fun they’re all having. Rosina practices ballet positions; Sue prepares to stand & balance on one-leg on her bowl; John P hums the Dambusters March as he skips up the green; and, David L joins in by preparing to demo the damage that can be done by a bouncing bowl.

Whine All the Way There and Back?

Our new social committee is looking to see who is interested in a visit to the local vineyard – Gwinllan Conwy Vineyard in Mochdre. No date has yet been arranged. Although the abstemious nature of everyone at the Club is renowned in bowling circles, you might enjoy this day out (perhaps a little too much!). If you’re interested just add your name to the list in the clubhouse. Who’s driving and have you got a trailer too for the souvenirs?

To find out more about the vineyard Click Here.

It looks like John P and Gay are on their marks and ready to go

Not a Snake in Sight

Just a reminder about the new Ladder Competition introduced and run by Nigel. There is a list on the noticeboard in the clubhouse so, if you would like to participate, just add your name and contact number with a one-off fee of £1.

What is it? It is open to all Members and will ensure that people of a similar standard play against each other with a guaranteed 3-games per month. You will go up or down the ladder, depending on each of your scores.

Nigel. Thankfully he knows what it’s all about

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember that there will be team practice events over this weekend so the green will be reserved from 2:00-4:00pm on both Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March.

The Tuesday Clwydian ‘A’ & ‘B’ teams will have their practice on Saturday and the Thursday Vale of Clwyd team will have theirs on Sunday. If you haven’t yet done so, make sure you check the Team lists in the clubhouse so you know whether or not these events apply to you.

Here’s the newest recruit to the bench brigade, with thanks to Keith and Fiona for the imagination and skills to create this bench with hand-crafted, fitted cushions (not shown as it was pouring down with rain)

Timing is Everything

Gwyn: Now, David and Ian, do you know what is always behind time?

David: No idea Gwyn.

Ian: I’ll buy it Gwyn. What’s the answer?

Gwyn: The back of a watch, of course!

Source: “A Thousand and One Riddles – With a Few Thrown In”. Victorian book of riddles published by George Routledge & Sons, London

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