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A Voluntary Group of individuals, of all ages, who come together for the shared enjoyment of playing bowls.

Membership of the club increased in 2021 as more people realised the fun involved and the health benefits of playing a recreational sport. The camaraderie of involvement with other people, who either want to develop their skills or who want to simply spend a competitive and challenging hour or two in the great outdoors, can be seen every day at the green.

The members lease the green from the local council and the members themselves maintain the green, the pavilion and the grounds. We are grateful to the many members who voluntarily give their time and skills to undertake all this, and other vital work, to keep the place well maintained and also make it an attractive, fun and safe place to be.

Birth of the Bowling Green

In 1930 The Deganwy Public Tennis Courts and Bowling Green Company secured land in Vardre Avenue to construct 3 tennis courts, a bowling green and a putting green. One tennis court was constructed first that was opened on 2nd July 1930.

Construction of the bowling green started in September 1930 and was paid for by 40 Life Members each subscribing £5 5s 0d each. The bowling green was opened in May 1931 and the following week the inaugural match was held between Deganwy and Llandudno.

Club Changes

The Vardre voluntary group of individuals came together in 1978. Two different clubs shared the use of the bowling green in the latter part of the 20th Century – Vardre and Deganwy. The Deganwy group eventually faded away so nowadays only the Vardre Voluntary Group remains. In 2019, Vardre members chose to change the club’s name to the Vardre (Deganwy) Bowling Club. It was hoped that it would help people identify more easily the wider area of the green’s location.

Green Dimensions


  1. Mary Hughes (Current President)
  2. Bob Mason
  3. Tudor Owen
  4. Liz and Bill Curtis
  5. Margaret and Roger Dickinson

We Remember Them

Our bowling friends – all were current Members of the Club – that we very sadly lost over the past 3-years:-

Ray Lea

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