Today of All Days

Now, a few of the more well known people who were born on this day.

  • Bernadette of Lourdes – a French Saint who had a vision of the Holy Mother and accomplished miraculous cures at Lourdes spring;
  • Charles Addams – macabre cartoonist and creator of the ‘Addams Family’;
  • William Peter Blatty – author of ‘The Exorcist’;
  • Nicholas Cage – film actor;
  • Gerald Durell – naturalist and writer.
Charles Addams (7/1/1912 – 29/9/1988)

Tudor Owen

The Committee is sad to inform you that Tudor Owen, a former President of the Club, recently passed away. He, and his late wife Beryl, had been very active members and great supporters of the Club. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Tudor Owen

At It Again

John: “So tell me then Eddie and Brian, what belongs to each of you but is used by your friends more than by you?”

Brian: “What do you think Eddie?”

Eddie: “Go on John, what’s the answer?”

John: “Your name!”

Just Another View

Conwy Marina (not our own Marina), the Mulberry, Ysgol Aberconwy, a corner of Conwy Golf Club course and the A55 snaking into the distance in the shade of Conwy mountain.

Making a Bee Line For It

With the whole year ahead of us, now is the perfect time to start planning your garden planting. Do keep in mind the types of flowers that will attract and support bees. Don’t forget the solitary bees too. Enjoy your planning and to reaping the rewards later in the year.

Happy New Year

It has been quite a year for the Club. There were superb numbers of new members. Numerous events were held. The Committee surveyed Club Members to gauge views and consider suggestions. Sadly we lost some lovely people who will be forever in our thoughts. The Teams all played their very best which augers well for the year ahead, and members who were not involved in teams developed their skills on the green.

Stay safe and have a Very Happy New Year. See you again in 2023.

This Might Sting a Bit

A wasp gives away the entrance to the colony’s nest (Left photo above) hidden in the rockery, and it’s very necessary to protect yourself when getting rid of the nest. Wasps don’t just build their nests in your house but they can still cause problems to people when nesting close to your property.

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