Remember This Place?

Click Here to catch up with a few photos of how our green looks now. Remember how the dry summer caused some bare patches? Well, thanks to Bobby and our team of volunteers, and the worms, now it is all lush, green grass again. The new cladding (courtesy MKM) looks smart too.


This is what it looks like after a large number of conifers have been felled and removed for their softwood (Tan-y-Bwlch, Gwynedd). Non-native species still account for around one-half of the woodland area in Wales. However, Woodland (all types of trees) area has increased in the UK and is now 13.3%.

Source: Forestry Facts & Figures 2022 – A summary of statistics about woodland and forestry in the UK (Link opens in a New Tab)

The Missing Link

Perhaps the answer that scientists have been looking for is our David L. There isn’t anything he can’t do with a mower and a bowling green.

On Point or Off Point

Doreen does her Dalek impression for Gay whilst Maureen whistles in the hope that she doesn’t have to emulate a Doctor Who villain too.

Seedy, Yet Clean, News

If you want to find out what some of the Club Members have been up to during the past few weeks then just Click Here.

Linda, Mary, Carol B, Elaine
Tommy, Alan, Bill, Ian, Keith, David L

Club Update

Ian has provided updates for us all on the following topics. Just click on the links below to go to another page for more detail:-

League Bowling 2023 (Click Here):-

  • Vale of Clwyd League 2023 (Thursday evenings);
  • Ladies League (Wednesday afternoons);
  • Clwydian Senior Citizens League (Tuesday afternoons);
  • Colwyn & Llandudno League (Wednesday evenings);
  • North Wales Coast League (Saturday afternoons).

Upcoming Committee and Sub-Committee Meetings (Click Here)

It’s a Conundrum

Gary: “Eddie, can you believe that the police came round last night and told me that my dogs were chasing children on bikes? It was ludicrous. My dogs don’t even have bikes! And then, to cap it all, a huge stack of toilet rolls fell on me in the supermarket. Thankfully I only have a bit of soft tissue damage.”

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