Lap it Up

Last night’s thirsty visitor in Llandudno. Remember to look out for hedgehogs in your garden and make sure they have something to drink. They are very useful for gobbling up those pesky slugs!

Llandudno Hedgehog

Did you know that Hedgehogs do have some degree of legal protection in the UK?

  • they are listed on schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) which makes it illegal to kill or capture wild hedgehogs, with certain methods listed;
  • they are also listed under the Wild Mammals Protection Act (1996), which prohibits cruel treatment of hedgehogs;
  • a species of ‘principal importance’ under the NERC Act, which is meant to confer a ‘duty of responsibilty’ to public bodies.

Further Information on Hedgehog Street.

Walking or Sitting Group?

We have some close ties with Llandudno U3A. Elaine is one of the walking group leaders, and some of our Members have also joined up to participate. However, they seem to think it’s a sitting-group rather than a walking-group. Who’s going to tell them?

Rog, Ann & Carol B

Insider Trading?

Our Social Group organised a trip for about a dozen people to the Ffrith indoor bowling centre on Friday. It was a very enjoyable event so hopefully we won’t be losing any of our crown green bowlers to this inside game. Many thanks to the Organisers.

Shan, Sylvia, Fiona, Bunty & Keith

Parking Problem

This is a plea to all Club Members. Please avoid parking on the corner of Vardre Avenue where it meets Bron Vardre Avenue (the junction just below our entrance gate). When parking on the corner, it makes it impossible for people turning out of Bron Vardre Avenue to see cars coming down from the top of Vardre Avenue.

There is not much parking availability on the grass verge in Vardre Avenue, so you may have to park a bit further away if there are no more spaces on the grass verge. We might put out a couple of cones so that people remember not to park on the corner. We want to be respectful to all our local neighbours who live nearby or who need to use those local roads safely. Thank you to everyone for your consideration.

Perfect Parking. Please do not park any nearer to the corner than the dark blue car in the above photo. Thank you.

Our “Big Help Out Days”, Just a Week Away

Calling all Club Members to take part in our “Big Help Out Days” on 19th and 20th May. Please support your Club by playing Host to other Clubs from around North Wales. The first event will be on Friday 19th May when there will be a Wednesday Evening League Cup match, approx 3-hours from 6pm-9pm. On the following afternoon of Saturday 20th May, we will host a qualifying round of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association Senior Merits.

Simply add your name to the list on the noticeboard, and then remember to turn up, to be one of the Hosts or Hostesses of the Day – a bit like being Soup of the Day in a Restaurant, but with the chance of having far more fun. Thank you.


This week is Mental Health Week, focused around the theme of “Anxiety”. Visit the website to learn more about mental health and how you could participate in Mental Health Week CLICK HERE.

Big Help Out Days at Our Green

The Club is hosting two competitions, within 24-hours of each other, in less than 2-weeks time. We will need volunteers to assist with preparing the green and arranging seating, providing refreshments, running a raffle, and measuring.

The first event will be on Friday 19th May when we host a Wednesday Evening League Cup match (approx 3-hours from 6pm-9pm). On the following afternoon of Saturday 20th May, we will host a qualifying round of the Welsh Senior Merits. Times and entrants for this event are yet to be confirmed but the Competition could last up to 5 hours. If twice the number of volunteers can be available, then the responsibilities can be shared with a reduction in the time volunteers need to spend at the event.

We have already hosted 2-Cup Games this season requiring 4-volunteers on each occasion. If you are free to help with these tasks, please sign up on the list on the notice-board. It would be really helpful if these tasks could be shared amongst members, a great opportunity for you to become involved in the Club other than playing. We have an excellent record of hospitality that needs sustaining. Without enough volunteers, the event may have to be cancelled and re-arranged elsewhere.

Yesterday was national Big Help Out Day – let’s hold our own Big Help Out Days on 19th & 20th May. We look forward to seeing you there. Please sign-up in advance so that our organisers do not have to worry on the day of the events that we may not have enough volunteers.

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