Final Friendly of Season (FFS)

Thursday 14th October 2021 will be the last Friendly competition of the season. We will hold the regular 4-people per team game but there will be an additional challenge called the “Spider”. So please bring £1 with you, as you did last week, because there will be a Cash Prize for the winner of this competition.

As it is the last competition of the season, let’s try and out-do the large turnout in the rain on 30th September, with as many members as possible turning up to support the Club. See you there. Dave H.


Extra things to do whilst crown green bowling: Hazel perfects her Jazz Hands technique and Doreen sashays across the green as both prepare for all those Christmas dance parties.

Occasional Item #5 Laws of the Game

5.14A player, when at the end where the jack lies, must not stand directly behind the jack or obstruct the view of an opponent.
Photo courtesy of Sue Brookes
“That’s a yellow card for the seagull. Break the rule once more and you’re off”.

Bowls Bliss

Today’s Fun Friendly was another great day on the green. This is what bowls events are all about. Cheers Rosina and many thanks to Bob for all the refreshments.

Although Rosina looks like the winner on the day, the bowls comp winners were Shan and A.N.Other who, like a National Lottery winner, seeks “no publicity” nor international fame.

BTW the lines were so much straighter on the blackboard today. That Flexicurve does the trick.

Shan the Ladies Winner

Spectators Get Ready for Fun Friendly Today

Mark getting the best seat in the house early, in order to watch the Fun Friendly today, 7th October 2021, whilst Bill gets in some practice for the competition. Don’t worry, we’ll be making sure that Mark gets a cup of tea and a biscuit during the match. Thanks Mark, you’re a good sport.

I had a chat with Mark the above Openreach Contractor ,who was in the process of adding additional fibre link directly to each home from each distribution pole , in the Aberconwy Exchange area , hence more data and speed , the old copper’s disappearing fast “


All 2021 Fun and Friendly Events

23rd September 2021 Event

Remember Friendly on Thursday

Time to prepare for the competition on Thursday afternoon. Space-saving example:

Eddie and Wendy. Ooops, sorry, I mean Eddie, Wendy and Gaye’s there too!

Friendly Comp 7th October

A friendly competition for all club members has been organised for this coming Thursday 7th October 2021. We will be playing in teams of 4 again so please turn up by 1:30pm. To help offset the cost of the refreshments provided by Bob, there will be a football card thingy so bringing £1 with you might be nice. Thanks. Dave H.

Occasional Item #4 Laws of the Game

5.12If a player delivers any bowl out of turn it must be returned to be played in its proper turn.
5.13If a player, in turn, delivers a bowl of another player, it shall be returned to the proper owner to be played, the offender forfeiting a bowl.
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