The Cambrian Rally

This year the Cambrian Rally is to be held on Saturday 30th October 2021 with spectators welcome at 4 race locations (book car park in advance). In addition, there will be Scrutineering on Friday 29th October from 14:00 to 20:00 where the public can get close to the cars and meet the drivers in the multi-storey car park in the Victoria Centre, Llandudno. The Start/Finish points of the day are on the Prom at Llandudno with the first drivers due off at 08:01 on Saturday morning and the first car is then due back at the end of the day at 16:11.

Photo from the World Rally Championship based in Llandudno 2018

Choose Day

It was great bowling weather yesterday and so it was a busy day on the green at Craig y Don.

Karen insists on everyone talking to her hand ‘cos the face ain’t listening
Plenty of colourful action too in the Car Park

Someone Has To Do It

Our Dream Green Maintenance Team has been at it again, with the help of some volunteers. The 40-bags of top dressing were delivered yesterday and, in-two-shakes-of-a-lamb’s-tail, it was distributed across the green this morning followed by spraying with iron and wetting agent. Granular fertilizer will be added in about 10-days. Thanks to Ian for the update and to everyone who applied the top dressing.

Oi, please mind my tail

2022 Membership

Shan Eccles – Artist in Residence

October Meeting

The Club’s Committee will meet next on Friday 29th October. The usual items will be on the Agenda but if you are a member who would like any other item to be raised, then just contact the Club Secretary. This applies all year round. All suggestions and ideas will be welcome.

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