Occasional Item #10 Rules of the Game

9.9         If, during the course of a game, it becomes so dark that the jack cannot be seen distinctly from the footer, the player may request to have a light exhibited at the jack, or may appeal to the Referee, whose decision shall be final, for the game to be suspended.

“Can you see the jack Carol?” “Er, no, can you John?” “Er no.” “Do you want a light on the Jack or should we just ask the Referee to suspend the game?”

9.10       In the event of a suspension owing to the above cause or any other unforeseen circumstances, the points scored by each player shall stand and the position of the jack shall be marked. Ends should be completed if possible, games being restarted from an agreed point as near as possible to where the jack lay at the last end played.

Source: British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA)

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