Lap it Up

Last night’s thirsty visitor in Llandudno. Remember to look out for hedgehogs in your garden and make sure they have something to drink. They are very useful for gobbling up those pesky slugs!

Llandudno Hedgehog

Did you know that Hedgehogs do have some degree of legal protection in the UK?

  • they are listed on schedule 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) which makes it illegal to kill or capture wild hedgehogs, with certain methods listed;
  • they are also listed under the Wild Mammals Protection Act (1996), which prohibits cruel treatment of hedgehogs;
  • a species of ‘principal importance’ under the NERC Act, which is meant to confer a ‘duty of responsibilty’ to public bodies.

Further Information on Hedgehog Street.

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