Parking Problem

This is a plea to all Club Members. Please avoid parking on the corner of Vardre Avenue where it meets Bron Vardre Avenue (the junction just below our entrance gate). When parking on the corner, it makes it impossible for people turning out of Bron Vardre Avenue to see cars coming down from the top of Vardre Avenue.

There is not much parking availability on the grass verge in Vardre Avenue, so you may have to park a bit further away if there are no more spaces on the grass verge. We might put out a couple of cones so that people remember not to park on the corner. We want to be respectful to all our local neighbours who live nearby or who need to use those local roads safely. Thank you to everyone for your consideration.

Perfect Parking. Please do not park any nearer to the corner than the dark blue car in the above photo. Thank you.
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