Flora Moves In, Then Up & Down

Flora is very keen to show off her skills which she maintains will help all members (no matter what their level of house cleaning skills) keep the Clubhouse clean on a regular basis.  However, she can only do this if members sign up to the cleaning rota on the noticeboard.  Flora is looking forward to working with each member on no more than 2 occasions throughout the season. She’d like to make it clear that she isn’t a traditional mop but is a much simpler, easier and cleaner way to put a shine on the clubhouse floor.  

Flora and all her tools are located in a plastic storage box in the ladies loo and the basic instructions of how to operate her are there also.  However, anyone who’d welcome a 10-minute user lesson only has to contact Elaine on 07979 802465 and that can be easily arranged.

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