Colwyn & Llandudno League President’s Day

Captain Tommy R (‘A’ Team)
Captain Marina (‘B’ Team)

This event will be held today at 2:00pm at Mochdre BC with successful bowlers from all four divisions, from last week’s qualifying rounds at Vardre and Min y Don greens, competing in the final rounds. Both our ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams enjoyed the season of competition. Tommy R, as Captain of the Vardre Deganwy ‘A’ Team, will collect the Division ‘B’ Winners award on behalf of the ‘A’ Team. Well done Tommy R and Team. Well done too to David J in the ‘A’ Team, and Linda in the ‘B’ Team, for topping their respective teams at the end of the season. Thanks to Captain Tommy R and Captain Marina (and Deputy Captain Clarice) from the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams for their guidance and support.

Captain Elaine (‘B’ Team)

In other news this weekend:-

Captain Ian (‘A’ Team)

Yesterday the North Wales Coast League President’s Day was held at Conwy. Congratulations to Ian and to Stephen B for topping their Team at the end of the season. Thanks too from both our ‘A’ & ‘B’ Teams to Captain Ian and Elaine for guiding, encouraging and supporting everyone throughout the season.

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