Help Is At Hand (Hopefully)

We have been asked to host three matches as part of the week-long Conwy Bowls Festival. Top players will be at the green on: Monday, 1st August from 12.30pm ‘til 5pm Tuesday; 2nd August from 9.30pm ‘til 1pm; and, Wednesday, 3rd August from 4.30pm ‘til 9pm (approx. times).

We are looking for some help to make these events a success and if you could give us a few hours of your time to help either serving tea/coffee and biscuits or to ‘do tapes’ that would be really helpful.

You can let me know and/or there will be notice in the clubhouse so that you can put your name on any of the dates that you are available.

Your help is appreciated. Dave H, Club Secretary

Dave H and John
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