1st Match on Saturday

Vardre Deganwy ‘A’ Team in the North Wales Coast League – 1st Match in 2022

At the end of the 2019 Season, the ‘A’ Team won promotion to the ‘B’ Division in the League. Due to Covid, any matches played since then have been friendlies. Today the league resumed and the new team, made up of previous players and a few newbies, had its first match in the ‘B’ Division against one of the two teams that had been relegated at the end of 2019 from the ‘A’ Division. A tough start but the team had 4-wins and only missed out on the extra Aggregate points by 4-points.

The ‘B’ Team also had a challenging game in the ‘D’ Division and achieved 3-wins Away from Home but they too were playing one of the 2-teams relegated in 2019 from the Division above.

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