“Match Days (a Different Perspective)” – A Poem by Ian Wilson

If you are selected for a Vardre team, it may not rank as the perfect dream
For there is so much more to do, before you can signal for 1 or for 2
Your captain has the unenviable job, to select a team and appease the mob
Try and assist them wherever you can, the very first step to a good Clubman
As soon as team lists are displayed in the club, tick off your name even if you're sub
And to make matters even more sweet, sign in advance on the availability sheet.
Matches away can be quite a pleasure, only being asked to play, mark or measure
And assist your colleagues during their game, hoping when you play, they'll do the same.
BUT it's hosting when the pressure is on, and all the extra tasks to be done.
To prepare the green for every home fixture, starts in advance with a cut of good texture,
Then on the day of the actual match, tasks abound and just appear to hatch.
Swish the green and check the gutters, quietly try to open the shutters
Cushions on seats (they're light as a feather), then out with the awning to combat the weather
Boiler on to make a quick brew, and out with the mugs (about 22)
Tea, coffee, biscuits, occasional cakes, we'll host with pride whatever it takes,
Jacks, mats and tapes out ready to use, all set up ready for our guests to enthuse
Football card or raffle has to be snappy, if only to keep our Treasurer happy
Draw to be made and scoreboard in place, as visitors try to gauge the green's pace.
Once the match starts it can all escalate, 4 players with markers can take up to 8
We still have to measure and make the odd tea, to sustain our renowned hospitality.
So it's a great TEAM effort that we require, to ensure that we get down to the wire,
With precious little time to stand still or sit, a home match definitely a means to keep fit
Clearing and washing up become extra chores, there's barely time to total the scores
So home games are not quite all that they seem, they require the help of the ENTIRE team
And PLEASE don't leave it to the select few, before or even after you signal that 1 or that 2.

... just to remind all there's more to match days than a competitive game.

Poem by Ian Wilson
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