Spotting the Space Ship

If you would like to get a glimpse of the International Space Station (ISS) as it flies over the Llandudno area, the following table shows the few minutes of the day when you may be able to spot it. Because it needs the sunshine to reflect off the ISS with a dark background so that you can see it, although it may be flying over during the day at other times, the only time it will be visible from the ground is within a few hours of sunrise or sunset:

The following ISS sightings are possible from tomorrow Saturday Nov 6, 2021 through Tuesday Nov 9, 2021

DateVisibleMax Height*AppearsDisappearsShare Event
Thu Nov 4,
4:30 AM
2 min25°25° above ESE10° above ESE   
Thu Nov 4,
6:03 AM
5 min32°19° above WSW10° above SE   
Fri Nov 5,
5:17 AM
3 min40°40° above SSW10° above SE   
Sat Nov 6,
4:32 AM
1 min21°21° above SE10° above ESE   
Sat Nov 6,
6:05 AM
4 min18°15° above WSW10° above S   
Sun Nov 7,
5:20 AM
2 min22°22° above S10° above SSE   
Mon Nov 8, 4:35 AM< 1 min12°12° above SE10° above SE   
Tue Nov 9,
5:22 AM
< 1 min10°10° above S10° above S   
Information courtesy of website
Visit their website to check for yourself and to find out what the above information means

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