The Boys Have It

After an exciting and very close point scoring competition, just 133 to 122 points, the boys won the Competition on the last day of September by just 4:3 in games (score updated 6/10/21. The previous score included 2-points for the Aggregate but this does not apply in Fun Days and Friendlies). The rain showers did not dampen resolve or competitive spirits, and the Girls vociferously encouraged their team mates throughout the event. Quite a few of the girls, who were new bowlers this year, had never played in the rain before.

The trophy, that was first presented in 2005, was given to Rog S, the Captain of the Boys Team. The competition was last played in 2016 but, with the huge success of the 2021 event, it looks like it will become a regular annual fixture. Well played everyone.

Rog S, Captain of the Winning Boys Team – Many Congratulations to you All.
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