Express Yourself

Next time we have a competition, we could use that well-known Latin expression: proxime accessit. The classics scholars amongst us will also know that this is a phrase usually abbreviated to prox. acc. But what does it mean? It means: Runner-up to prize-winner. So in every competition we hold, we always have one of these.

Rain versus Bowlers

Clwydian League qualifying events were held around North Wales yesterday but rain turned all the events into a bigger challenge than expected. Halfway through the day at Mochdre, time was called on the event as puddles had formed all over the green. Remaining games to be played today. At Old Colwyn, the players continued onContinue reading “Rain versus Bowlers”

Colwyn & Llandudno League President’s Day

This event will be held today at 2:00pm at Mochdre BC with successful bowlers from all four divisions, from last week’s qualifying rounds at Vardre and Min y Don greens, competing in the final rounds. Both our ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams enjoyed the season of competition. Tommy R, as Captain of the Vardre Deganwy ‘A’Continue reading “Colwyn & Llandudno League President’s Day”