2022 Membership

Gentle Reminder of the Relatively Recent News in from the Committee: From 2022 onwards, the membership of the Club will run annually from January to December. Membership Fees will be due for payment between 1st January and 1st March. See last month’s Newsletter 35 for more details.

Shan Eccles – Artist in Residence

Weekly Reminder: Our very own Shan Eccles, not only a bowler extraordinaire, is to be the Artist in Residence at this year’s Gŵyl Beaumaris Festival 2021 from 19th to 21st November. Here’s a link to the Festival’s website and to Shan’s page in particular. Art Exhibition Opening: Shan Eccles At 2:30 pm on Friday 19thContinue reading “Shan Eccles – Artist in Residence”

October Meeting

The Club’s Committee will meet next on Friday 29th October. The usual items will be on the Agenda but if you are a member who would like any other item to be raised, then just contact the Club Secretary. This applies all year round. All suggestions and ideas will be welcome.