Vardre B v. Llandudno B – April 9th

Vardre B v. Llandudno B – April 9th

Hi Everyone,

After last weeks defeat, the team put in a really good performance against a side who had previously recorded a 9-1 victory  over Penrhyn New Hall.

Excellent wins for Eleanor Taylor, Roger Dickinson, Lynn Ferriday, Ian Savage and Marc Morris were backed up with good performances from Norman Brown, Tudor and Beryl Owen, which, on the day gave us a 7-5 win on the Aggs.

Sadly I had , unknowingly, played an unregistered player in the team which is against League rules and therefore the result has been overturned to a 7-5 win, on the Aggs, for Llandudno. I fully support this decision and have apologised to both the League Secretary and the Llandudno Captain for my honest, but preventable mistake.

I would also like to apologise to all my players for making such a basic error. Despite this being a disappointing outcome for the team, I hope all the players will take heart from their performance last week, they played exceptionally well against a strong side, and I hope that they will continue in the same vein throughout the season.


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