Rose Bowl Comp 2017

This year the event took place at Vardre BC , here are a set of photographs of those competing .

winner – Pat Bird

trophies presented by last years winner Liz Curtis .

Runner up – Margaret Dickinson

semi finalists – Shan Eccles and Margaret Rapson

scores round by round

other competitors

Chris Jones and Sandra Hughes


Margaret Rapson and Chris Jones with Pat Bird looking on …


Gwyneth Jones


Gwyneth Jones and Shan Eccles with Marina Roberts looking on…..


Pat Bird and Gill Thompson


Marina Roberts , Ann Yeats with Joan Wright and Gwyneth Jones bowling


Mariner Roberts with Ann Yeats , Doris Harding and Shan Eccles .


Shan Eccles and Doris Harding


Janet McEneanmy and Margaret Dickinson


Judith Williams looking on …..


Finalists Pat Bird and Margaret Dickinson

Finalists …

Spectators look on

photographs from Gwyn Hughes

photographs from Roger Dickinson….

winner Pat Bird with Liz and Mary …

runner up Margaret Dickinson with Liz and Mary …..

club members Marina and Margaret


club members Gwyneth and Shan


Shan and Gwyneth


Marina and Margaret


Final on – Pat Bird and Margaret Dickinson


Vardre members – Tommy and Eddie measures – Shan and Margaret competing for a place in the final ….