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Issue No 31
Our Friend Lynn

Lynn Brieley

By now I think everyone is aware that Lynn Brierley, our Secretary,
colleague and friend passed away on Saturday, 12th September. Our
thoughts go out to her family and friends. Who would have thought that
just a few months ago she was was in good spirits, at home with John and
probably smiling as she did that a lot. As one of our members said to me,
“A dark cloud has descended upon the Vardre Bowling Club” He is right
and she will be sadly missed. 

Other Less Important Stuff
Club News
On Friday 11th September the Committee met to discuss some outstanding issues.
Although we met in the clubhouse, social distancing rules were observed and both
external doors remained open.
Dave L, our Treasurer,


went through our income and expenditure in detail and the good news is that our finances are in reasonable shape. However,
in order to keep them that way he suggested a couple of changes would
need to be made so that we would not find ourselves in trouble if we had
some unexpected emergencies. Firstly we needed to consider reversing
our earlier decision at last years AGM not to charge team members at
away games. Secondly, he suggested that all those who paid £47 membership fees this year should pay £20 next season and those who paid £20 this season should pay £47 next year. The Committee discussed this and unanimously agreed that this should be implemented but the fee of £1.50 for away games would only be for next season and after that it would revert back to our earlier decision of no charge.


Annual General Meeting (I don’t think so!)
At this time of the year we would normally be asking you to
consider whether you want to get more involved with the club or
asking you to nominate someone for the various roles within it in
readiness for the AGM. But, as you can guess, we won’t be holding
one this year. It was agreed that we would suspend it for this year and elected officers, captains and vice captains would remain in post for another year.
If you are one of those and that causes you a problem or alternatively, if you want to get more involved and feel that now you can’t, please let one of the committee members know so that we can try and help.
When are we closing?
Because we have had a very restricted season we are pleased to tell
you that this year the we not be closing the green until Saturday, 31st
October but we ask that any bowling that takes place in October is
confined to the afternoons only.

When is our next Meeting?
Guess what, we haven’t a clue. The latest restrictions would stop us even if we had to meet next week, so we’re not. We decided that we would get together again when we needed to and were allowed to. Hopefully as things develop I will keep the Newsletter going and try to keep you as up to date as I am, which isn’t really saying much. In the meantime, keep safe and watch out for Spike, he’s still lurking.  

Dave Holland

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