Newsletter, issue 18

Newsletter 18

Issue 18 (without photos ).

Christmas is Coming

Still don’t like to talk about it really but it’s on its way and we are having Christmas lunch at the Conwy Golf Club on Friday 14th December, 12.30 for 1 pm. We’ve had some really nice meals there and the menu, which looks good, has been sent to you all on email by Mary. There is plenty of time but it might be helpful if you can let me know ( if you intend to come along but your choice from the menu can be given to me nearer the time. Two or three courses can be chosen. Closing date is 7th December.

Presidents Day

To celebrate Tudor’s two years as President, a competition was held on Sunday 29th September when over 30 members turned up. After a couple of hours of bowling and a play off for third place we ended up with Diane as winner, Clarice in second place and Esther in third. I think everyone enjoyed the buffet that was laid on for those who turned up and the day ended by Tudor presenting prizes to the three winners.

Closing Fours Competition Traditionally, the last competition of the year is the Closing Fours and this year was no exception. The pairs comp. was won by David Pritchard and Ray Lee. Somehow I got in on the act as you can see from the photo.
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Alpha Shield and Hornby Cup

After bad weather stopped the original final date, we were able to play the finals the day after Presidents Day and for the second day in a row, Diane was Queen of the Green. She fought a tough match against John Jones and came from behind to win the Alpha Shield, 21:20. Those who did not come along missed a treat. Another great match was the Hornby Cup final between Dave Leech And Liz Curtis. Dave won the match was presented with the cup.

Walled Towns Competition

In bitterly cold conditions, this year’s team were runners up in this annual competition. For seven hours, those who thought they were privileged to be playing in the games, thought again as the biting wind made the day a tough one. We still had a laugh and as you will see in the photo, Brian was looked after by his ‘carer’ Ann Bullock. Thanks to the team and to those who turned up to watch and saw hypothermia setting in.


Even though the season has ended, spare a thought for the members who are keeping the green and the grounds ticking over. Thanks to you all. Arrangements have been made to employ a contractor to help with the supply and distribution of fertilisers and chemicals. The contractor has proved to be helpful as well as knowledgeable and is also a bowler so we should see some great improvements next season.

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