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Issue 23

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  • Issue 21
  • At the last committee meeting it was unanimously agreed that when Liz stands down as President and Bob takes over, Mary will take over the position of Vice President. She was a great choice and rewarded for her work and commitment to the club during her years as Secretary. With Bob and Mary together with Katherine as Chairperson, Lynn as Secretary and Dave as Treasurer, we are in safe hands.
  • Now that we are in full swing let’s get the ball rolling and enter some competitions. The first one of the year, as usual, is the ‘Opening Fours’ on Sunday, 7th April. Please be at the green no later than 1.15pm for a 1.30 pm start. It’s a doubles competition and your partner will be chosen for you and handicaps will apply so we will hopefully have a exciting day. If you can, put your name on the sheet on the notice board. It has been suggested that some may want to bring some buffet. We will leave that to your discretion. You will also see that the Alpha and Hornby Cup Competition details are advertised. The Hornby is open to all members, the Alpha to members with a handicap of 4, 6 or 8. The handicap information is also on the notice board.
  • The annual Scramble arrangements have not quite been finalised but put the 30th May in your diary for the competition in the afternoon and the social in the evening.
  • Vardre Bowling Club

VBC News

  • A warm welcome to any new member receiving this newsletter for the first time. It’s usually produced each month to keep members informed about what is going on in the club and who’s who. If you intend to play for a league team this season please be aware that we have a club tee shirt colour of burgundy and this should be worn during the league games. See Ian Wilson if you want to purchase the official one.
  • Our ‘First Aid Team’ of Gary B, Marina, Lynn B and Katherine have just undergone a St John’s Ambulance training course and are now like coiled springs just waiting for any accident to happen. Lets hope they are not needed.
  • Two of our ‘juniors’, Dai and Oliver, will be playing in the Saturday League team. How good is that. Well done to them.
  • Thanks to all those who helped get the green ready for the new season. It looks great and will look even better when Tommy puts in the 1250+, yes, 1250+ plants he has. Maybe a little bit of help there might be useful.
  • The path repairs have been carried out and the two new cassettes for the lawnmower received. Thanks to all involved and to Conwy Town Council for the grant.
  • Our first ‘Fun Day’ will be on Sunday 28th April. Once again we will be asking for members to help throughout the year. Please put your name against one of them. The information is on the notice board.
  • The green is now being cut 3 times per week to 5mm.
  • Next Committee meeting will be in the clubhouse on Friday 26th April at 10am
  • Don’t forget that the other great source of information about our club and what’s happening is our web site organised, designed, edited and produced by our very own, Gwyn. Make his hard work worthwhile and visit:- for all sorts of club activities, news and photos etc.


Newslatter 20

Let’s get the ball rolling

Happy New Year Our new season is not far away and if all the maintenance work on the green has been completed it should open on Saturday, 23rd March at 2pm. Once again we ask that anyone who wants to bring along some food it will be welcomed, and eaten, as we will do as we did last season and have a buffet to celebrate the opening.

Please don’t forget that your membership fee is required by 31st March but the sooner the better as this will help the Captains know who is available for game selection.

Goodbye Bill and Elizabeth


Who could ever have imagined that Bill and Elizabeth would leave the Vardre Bowling Club, but they are. We found out at the committee meeting that they have decided to sell up and move to Worcester to be closer to their daughter. It will be sad to see them go but I’m sure that we all wish them the very best of luck in their new life. Bill and Liz have been two of the club’s most hardest working and committed members for many years and, of course, Liz is our current President. We will miss them both.

Vardre Bowling Club

VBC News


Although most of us have had a break from the Vardre, remember that the Maintenance team of Ian, Dave L and Tommy and not forgetting John Barrington, have put in hours and hours of work. They have high hopes for the green for this season and have also carried out work around the green with new benches, hanging baskets and painted fences etc. It’s very impressive. Clubs like ours cannot survive without the commitment of members like this, and let’s remember, as well, all the others who work behind the scenes. Thanks to you all.

Grant Application

We are hoping to put in a grant application to Conwy Town Council, who have helped us in the past, to fund the improvement of the pathway to the left of the clubhouse. It’s the last part that needs to be done and it currently in a poor condition and presents several potential trip hazards. You may be aware that we recently purchased a reconditioned ‘modern’ lawnmower that can do many different tasks by changing cassettes on the front. We would like to get two new cassettes to help with the care of the green so we will be applying for the purchase of these also. Keep your fingers crossed.

Just so you know, the older mowers that we no longer used have not been thrown away but sold on to new homes. The money we received went towards the new equipment.

Our thoughts go out to Ray Lea who is currently in hospital after suffering from a stroke. We wish him a speedy recovery.


When Bill and Liz move away, John C and Dave H have agreed to carry on the good work started by Bill and run U3A scheme on Monday mornings. This has helped us get some great members in the past and we want it to continue. Please don’t forget that Bill and Liz also ran the ‘friendlies’ on Thursday afternoon and we will be looking for someone to take over this relaxing side of the club’s activities. The work of sorting out the weekly games has already been done.

Are you aware that we have a new Secretary? After many years, Mary, gave up the position at the AGM in November and Lynn Brierley has taken on the role.

Lynn Brierley
Lynn Brierley

Because of her previous experiences Lynn will be a perfect replacement for Mary, who would have been a hard act to follow.

Bob, who was elected at the AGM to the position of Vice President, will see himself promoted to President sooner than he thought when Liz has to stand down. We have, however, told him that we would not support any suggestion to build a wall around the club

Dave H.

Newsletter 20 February 2019

The date must be emblazoned on your heart, I know, but for those who have not been awake for a while, the club opens at 2pm on Saturday, 23rd March. Although Bill and Liz are definitely leaving us, the good news is that Liz will still be President and will officiate on the day. We are asking that anyone who wants to bring along some buffet will be most welcome.
Subscriptions Please
Don’t forget that your subscription for this season is due and should be paid as soon as possible. You can drop it at either Lynn B’s or Dave L’s address or bring it on the opening day at the latest please. £50 if you intend to play in one of the league teams, £47 if you don’t.
Great News
You’ll be pleased to know that the application to Conwy Town Council was successful and we were awarded £3500. This will enable us to purchase the two cassettes for the lawn mower which will make life a lot easier for the Maintenance Team. We can also repair the last part of our path around the green making it much safer and nicer to look at. Big thanks to the Town Council.

VBC News
Talking about the Maintenance Team, you will see some major improvements when you come to the green. As well as the work that, Ian, Dave, and John B have been carrying out, Tommy has been the star. New Benches, more hanging baskets and everything that you can see has been painted so the clubhouse and it’s surroundings are looking great. Well done to him. A word of warning though, if you happen to call in and Tommy has a paintbrush in his hand, please do not stand still for too long, the consequences could be disastrous!

Gary Brown is organising a Basic First Aid/Refresher Course in early March. With the loss of Liz Curtis to the Club, we will be short of a first aider, so if any of you wish to take part in this short course and learn or refresh vital skills, please let Gary or Lynn.
You can all breathe a sigh of relief, Bob and David P have agreed to take over the ‘Friendlies’ for the coming season. Thanks guys.

On Saturday, 9th March anyone who can help with ‘Spring Work’ for a couple of hours between 9am and 4pm would be really appreciated
The Captains meeting on Monday, March 4th at 2pm in the clubhouse.
We will be looking to appoint a new Vice President so if you would like to nominate someone please do so and give it to Lynn B.

Next Committee meeting will be in the clubhouse on Friday March 29th, 10am
Once again our club is taking the lead in the U3A Bowling Tuition classes and it will start on Monday 29th April at 10 am. Dave H and John C will lead the group but will be happy for others to get involved in helping beginners in the basics of our sport.


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