Newsletter 30

from Dave

Issue No 30

Try to keep your chin up
Hope this ‘Post Lockdown Special’ finds you well. I’m know its
been a tough time for all of us but for some members it has been
dreadful, not necessarily with the virus but other problems with
illnesses and worse. As though times have not been difficult
enough, some have had to endure extra hardship. We are thinking
of you and hope to see you soon.
Wales in Bloom ‘It’s your Neighbourhood’
As you can imagine, like everything else this year, this competition has
been cancelled. As you can also imagine it didn’t stop Tommy from
putting in over 900 plants. You never know, we might be able to enjoy
them if the Senedd deems us fit.
I do believe that certificates will be given to those who carried out planting work
so at least Tommy will get some recognition. You can always count on Tommy!

Walled Towns Competition
I mentioned in the last Newsletter that we would be hosting
it this year. Well guess what? We won’t. After speaking to
Katherine, our Chairman, we agreed that there was no way
that we could safely hold this event due to social distancing,
even if the weather was good. Around 40+ people would be
there and with only one set of toilets and a small clubhouse
we could do nothing more than withdraw our participation.
The Bowls Governing Bodies earlier decisions to cancel league games also made the
decision a forgone conclusion.

The even sadder news is that our local Town Council
contact for this event, Cllr. Bill Chapman, died a few weeks ago from Covid 19. I
have sent our sincere condolences to his wif
e and family

It’s Been an Uphill Climb
It seems a lifetime since lockdown began in March. However, slowly but surely we
are seeing things improve so that we are moving increasingly
nearer to, not normal but, a ‘new ‘normal. You will be aware
that the committee met recently to discuss and approve the
majority of the guidelines given to by the Welsh Crown Green
Bowling Association. The only guideline we decided to reject was
opening the toilets. We did not take the decision lightly but as
the overriding factor is the members safety we felt it was the
only option. As we do not have someone on site all the time it would have been
very difficult to carry out the WAG guidance on toilet hygiene. So, for the time
being have a wee in the bowl before you come to bowl. It won’t be like this
forever, we hope!

New Words, Old Words
The last few months have probably been the strangest times
we have ever known, irrespective of how old you are. Many of
us have craved for the return of ‘Brexit’ just so we wouldn’t
have to hear the word ‘Coronavirus’. But how many other words
do we tire of hearing or keep hearing and we don’t really know
what they mean, in a COVID-19 sense. Here are a few that
I’ve picked up. You may have more and if you do let me know so that in time when
an alien attack or a meteor strike overshadows the virus we can reprint them and
look back and remind ourselves of the good ol’ days.
I must start off with, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Pandemic, and how we love,
Unprecedented, Self Isolation, Ventilators, Social Distancing, Clapping for the
NHS, Antibody Testing, Wuhan, Stay at Home, Lockdown, PPE, Exit Strategy,
Furlough, Key Workers (not locksmiths) Bubbles, Hubs, ‘R’ Number, New Normal,
Headroom, Asymtomatic and Air Bridge.
There must be others and I’m sorry for making you re-live those last few

You will have probably noticed that I have temporarily taken over the Secretary
position as Lynn is currently in hospital. I know that many of you have sent her
Lynn and John
your best wishes and I know that many others share our thoughts of her and wish
her a speedy recovery.

If you read this Lynn be aware that we are thinking about you and your family and look forward to seeing you at the green as soon as possible.

Who’s been looking after our interests at the green
whilst we have been in lockdown and since we have
reopened. Yes, you’ve got it! Tommy, Ian and Dave L.
There may be others I don’t know about. Maybe we
should give them a clap each Thursday night or light
a candle for them, but that would get on their wick!.
No, let’s once again just say thanks a lot for your
time and commitment to our club.

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