Newsletter 06



Issue 6

Bron Vardre a New Beginning

Our new 3rd team recently playing Friendlies in the Gwynedd League has adopted the name ‘Bron Vardre’, a name used by our club several years ago. The team is a success story which is down to commitment by its members and organisers. BIG QUESTION, do team players want to join the Gwynedd League next year or would you feel be better in the Clwyd ‘C’ Team League. The committee discussed this and felt that the Clwyd League would be better but wanted to hear from the team players. Let Rosina or Carol have your views but make it asap so that details can be given to the Bowling Association before their AGM.

President’s Day 28th September

Tudor, our President has chosen Thursday, 28th September as his day starting at 2pm. It will be a singles or doubles competition, depending on the number of entrants, but it will have slightly different rules this time as the losers of the game will have the jack. This will change the game a little and give an advantage to the less experienced player. Come along, support your club and support your President.

Winter League

Last season we had 22 names put down for the Winter League at Betws Yn Rhos. This meant that we had lots of players who only got a game every other week at best. If we have 22 this year we will attempt to put in TWO teams. The list is on the board. Please sign up asap if you want to play. Don’t forget that Craig Y Don open their green for winter. £20 registration lets you play any time until April. Bargain!

The Committee discussed the issues of green maintenance and Competitions and felt that it was limited to just a few people doing these jobs. Try to get involved and help out. Why not take on a ‘fun day’ next season or a few days grass cutting. It would really help. Who knows, you might enjoy it! Speak to any of the committee members. They are waiting for your call.

The Alpha and Hornby Cup Competitions are drawing to a close. Watch out for the ‘finals day’.

We have an extra friendly match tagged on to the end of the season. A match has been arranged between us and Llysfaen on Thursday, 21st September. It will start at 2pm as normal. Llysfaen Bowling Club are having a tough time at present and trying to recruit new members. This match will help so please turn up if you can.

Julie sends her love and best wishes to you all.


Don’t forget the AGM in November. Any issues you think should be raised must be given to Mary, the Secretary, in good time. You will be informed in plenty of time,

The end of season lunch will be held on 20th October at the Colwyn Bay Cricket Club. The opening meal was a great success so a ‘carvery’ lunch will be arranged again. We hope you are all happy with that. Look out for details in the clubhouse in the next couple of weeks.

 Make sure you register your name for the teams you want to play in next season.


Did you find the Newsletters helpful and informative. Comments welcome.


We will have the last ‘Fun Day’ on Sunday 1st October. We will try out a triples competition so get to the Vardre around 1.15pm so that teams can be arranged. Don’t forget that the green will close at the end of the game.




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