Junior News Section 2019

Ian Wilson’s Junior Section Report for last season (2018) 
Despite new attempts to encourage more juniors to play bowls this season, only 9 youngsters in total turned up to our coaching sessions, despite over 20 from previous years being invited to return. It is difficult to sustain their concentration and interest at times, particularly when they have little incentive other than to practise, but we are hopeful that 2 of the older boys will register for the Wed/Sat teams next season. Internal competitions, links to other Clubs with junior players and entry into Junior events are fine in theory but difficult to organise when the youngsters have other interests and committments. We shall persevere again next season with other ideas of introducing youngsters into the game and hope that we have some who will continue to play.
Many thanks to Alan Bullock. Tommy Roberts and Gwyn Hughes for their patience and their valuable assistance with the coaching sessions throughout the summer.
Ian Wilson

Season 2018

from Newsletter 11 (small talk)

Ian has kindly taken over from Derek and will be running the ‘Junior Bowls Training Sessions. He has several new ideas which will include ‘Open Days’ and these will be aimed at not only attracting juniors but adults as well. They will be held on Sunday, 15th April and Thursday evening, 19th April. Details will be on the notice board and any help members can give would be appreciated.

Dave Holland


The past season was successful in that we had a total of 16 juniors participating but attendances each week varied. The standard was very good and one of the members (Alex Wilson) actually played several games for the Wednesday night B team in the Llandudno & Colwyn Bay League. Some members played a few games for the friendly team on a Thursday as well. Overall it was a pleasure to coach the juniors and I am sorry that I will not be there to see them progress, however I am sure that Ian and the other coaches will help them achieve improvement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Vardre Bowling Club chairperson and committee for their support regarding the Junior section. Thanks also to Ian Wilson, Gwyn Hughes, Martin James, Alan Bullock and Brenda Evans for their support during the coaching sessions. Thanks also to Lynn Brierley for her support of Alex Wilson as his team captain during his debut season in the League. Also to Dave Holland for his support of the juniors over the years and for allowing them to play in the friendly team.

Thank you to all Vardre members over the seasons for your friendship and company. Brenda and I will have a load of happy memories. I wish you all well as a Club and as individuals for the future.

Last but not least have a Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.

Derrick Evans

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