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The Maerdref

In the 12th and 13th centuries the Welsh kingdoms were divided into administrative units called commotes. The base for the administration of the commote and for the collection of taxes was the maerdref (township of the king’s administrator) and its llys (a royal court). Each commote had a maerdref, and this land was held in demesne by the king and contained hamlets of his bond tenants. The llys was a complex of buildings, including a hall, and stood at the nucleus of the maerdref. This administrative framework was in decline by the 13th century (Longley 1997). The Welsh name for Degannwy Castle was Castell y Faerdre (castle of the maerdref) and this is reflected in the name in the 1846 tithe schedule for the field in which the castle stands (Vaerdref)

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all articles are from the North Wales Weekly News –

22nd May 1930

bowls history May 22 1930

19th June 1930

bowls history 19 June 1930

26th June 1930

bowls history 26 June 1930

3rd July 1930

bowls history 3 July 1930

17th July 1930

bowls history 17 July 1930

24th July 1930

bowls history 24 July 1930

21st May 1931 – all articles from the N.W.W.News

bowls open ceremony 1931

bowls history May 20th 1931

28th May 1931

bowls history 28th May 1931

also a copy of the club’s first season of fixtures

bowls history010

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