Green Maintenance – Winter 2015

Hi everyone,

The season may be just a distant memory, but work on the green will continue right throughout the winter, probably on a scale unparalleled  in the clubs history.

We were fortunate with the weather in the final two weeks of October which allowed us to complete the first phase of our new maintenance program. On the 17th, the green team spent over 9 hours, scarifying, mowing, aerating, fertilising and watering the green. This was in preparation for re-seeding which took place 5 days later with Ian Wilson and Dave Leech doing an excellent job in applying 30Kgs of grass seed to the green.

A few weeks later, Ian W and myself, applied 100Kgs of Lime flour; this was part of the recommendations of the soil analysis done towards the end of the season, with the lime adding much needed calcium to the soil and correcting the Ph. levels.

Today, 21st November, the team have been in action again, chisel-tining the entire green which was followed by mowing the green to a height of approx. 10mm. I am sure you will all agree, from the pictures below taken this afternoon, that the green looks in fantastic condition at this stage, despite the appalling weather we have suffered in recent weeks.


My thanks to my fellow members of the green team (Ian Wilson, David Leech, Ian Savage and David Pritchard) for their continued support and hard work.

Martin James

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