Early Season – “Heavy Green”

There have been comments that the green is currently running a little heavy compared to others. We have taken advice from people with much more experience in these matters than we currently possess and their comments and advice is as follows:

  • It is still only April! Greens still hold a lot of water from the very wet winter we have experienced this year.
  • The location of our green will affect its running compared to those situated in other parts of the North Wales.
  • At this stage of the season we should not mow lower than 8mm, which is our current mowing height.
  • Speed could be increased by mowing the grass much shorter however to do this so early in the season could result in damage to the grass and you could be bowling on dust come the summer.

As the season progresses the green will become easier and quicker, but right now we need your understanding and co-operation.

The green team are working extremely hard to ensure we have a decent surface on which to bowl, right through to the end of season. The programme we are following has been designed by a Master Greenkeeper with over 35 years’ experience and we do not intend to deviate from this path.

Thank you,

The Green Team

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