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 I/C Maintenance   

4th October 2018

latest GREENS news – our green closes on Sunday 7th October 2018 for maintenance purposes . …..a detailed report from our Greens sub-committee will be / is on the notice board at the club . 

Yes, at last, we are open for business. At 2pm on Saturday 24th March 2018 our Vice President, Liz Curtis, officially opened the green in front of the many members who turned up for the occasion. Thanks to everyone who did and an extra thanks to all those who brought food. As usual, there was plenty and it was lovely.

Not for the first time has the request been sent out. You may be aware that Martin is no longer a member and we all know how much he did for the club.  If you can help in any way please contact, Dave L or Ian. Tommy and Marc have helped and we thank them for all they have done.

 Visually, our green has changed. It now has 10 advertising banners which, thanks to David Rogers-Jones, will bring in £1200 over the next 2 years. Business Cards will also be available soon in the clubhouse and any encouragement to visitors and members to use these services will help our club in the future.

Dave Holland

The green will open on Saturday, 24th March at 2pm

The maintenance team of Martin, Ian and Dave L with help from Marc and Tommy have been doing the best they can under some very wet conditions. Fences have been stripped and repainted and the benches are not going to get away with it either. Well done guys. Your work is appreciated by everyone.

Dave Holland

Advertising on the Green

David Rogers-Jones, as you will recall, has been striving to help the club’s finances by arranging advertising banners to be placed around the green. We are pleased to say that he has been given  Council approval and already has eight local businesses involved and another two in the pipeline. This will raise significant money for the club and has been organised solely by him. This is a great project and also has the support of the local community. Once again, thanks Dave for your idea and arrangements.

Dave Holland

Hedges around our Edges

We are attempting to considerably reduce the height of the hedges around the green. They are the Councils responsibility and Kathy has agreed to progress the idea of a petition to be hopefully signed by local residents, who we know want this also. A letter will then be sent to the local councillor and Council Department to seek their help.

Dave Holland

A new steel handrail is to be erected onto the green to improve safety.



2017 – from the last committee meeting –

New Patio

Since the green closed, you will be pleased to know that the new patio area has been completed on the ‘away’ side of the clubhouse and is looking good and much safer. Martin, Dave and Ian are stripping and repainting all the fences so things will look great by the time the season opens in March.

Advertising on the Green

David Rogers-Jones is looking into the possibility of raising cash for the club by having advertising hoardings on one side of the green. Well done Dave, that would be great if you are successful.

Dave Holland Newsletter 8

On Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd October, the Green team, ably assisted by Marc Morris, Tommy Roberts & Gary Jones, started the winter maintenance program on the green.

On Monday the green was firstly scarified & then hollow tined. After a well earned brew, the cores produced by hollow tinning were then broken up & brushed back into the green, after which the green was given a cut.

On Tuesday the Autumn/Winter fertiliser was applied, followed by re-seeding of the green. While this was going on, the rest of the team were busy removing all of the rails around the top of the green ready for renovation.

On behalf of the Green team, I would like to thank Marc, Tommy & Gary for all their help & hardwork, it was greatly appreciated.

Martin James

photographs  below …

Greens men with helpers , rear Ian , Marc, Gary , front Martin and Tommy.



David , Tommy and Marc ….



maintenance on the go


David Leech



last cut today 30 Sept …

our green will be closed on Sunday 01 Oct @ 6pm for the winter period until all maintenance duties have been completed

video – Head Greens man Martin James ” happy at work

16th Sept. 2017

Hi All,

Please see message below from Martin regarding the Green….

As you know we have a very severe worm infestation on the green at present which is getting worse daily.
We have purchased a product to deter the worms from surfacing, however for to its chemical composition, once applied it had to be allowed to dry completely before any play can continue. 
Looking at the weather forecast our best chance of application is tomorrow therefore we intend to close the green all day Sunday.

I will put up notices to that effect today unless you have any objections or foresee any problems in this course of action..


The Committee discussed the issues of green maintenance and Competitions and felt that it was limited to just a few people doing these jobs. Try to get involved and help out. Why not take on a ‘fun day’ next season or a few days grass cutting. It would really help. Who knows, you might enjoy it! Speak to any of the committee members. They are waiting for your call.

We received an anonymous donation of £1000 towards the purchase of the new mower. A big thanks from all of us……Dave Holland Newsletter



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