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latest news on the green see Members Notes post 16 March 2021

20 Oct 2020

Hi all

As you are probably aware, our beloved leader has put Wales into lockdown from Friday, 23rd October at 6pm. The green will therefore close at that time and will not reopen until springtime(we hope). Once again this will be a testing time for us and I hope that if anyone has any problems during this time you will contact another friend or club member. I will keep you informed of anything else you need to know and, as it seems highly unlikely that we will be able to meet socially at Christmas, on behalf of the committee can I wish you a happy, but probably different, Christmas and New Year, hoping that 2021 will be less challenging.

Regards Dave



The booking system is new to everyone and the response so far has been limited, resulting in many vacant slots next week. Therefore we intend to allow members the opportunity to book a slot DURING the week also, and up to the day before the booking is required. The current system to book a slot (preferably by e-mail or text) a week in advance will continue, but members will also have the opportunity to book a vacant slot up to 6pm on the day before they intend to play – hopefully confirmation of this booking will be given later that evening. We are also happy for the restriction of just 2 x one hour slots per member/week to be extended to 3 slots. Whilst we have some members who cannot wait to get back on the green, others are reluctant for whatever reason and we must respect every individual’s needs. However the facility is open (apart from the Clubhouse) and it is a shame to see it unoccupied for large periods of each day (although the weather often dictates) BUT for now the booking system MUST continue as we are obliged to keep a record of who attends the green and when.

Regards Dave 

from Committee ……..important notice as regards green usage following consultation with Conwy Council ….

please read all notices , at numerous locations on the bowling perimeter

23 June 2020

GREAT NEWS Conwy Council have given consent to open our green. So we are trialling a half-week commencing at 10am on THURSDAY 25th JUNE -THIS WEEK!

As there is is only a half-week, only ONE 1 hour slot may be booked, and bookings will be taken from 10am Wednesday till midday on Sunday  for both the remainder of this week (Thurs. 25th – Sun. 28th) and all of the following week (Mon. 29th June – Sun. 5th July)  Remember you may book 2 slots in a full week. If you want to book a session please contact Ian by email ( or by text (07936 375951) if you do not have a mobile phone or email you can contact him on (01492 582592).

For those wishing to pay 2020 subs in order to become a member and be able to book, contact Dave Leech on 07849 747628 or you may send a cheque payable to Vardre Bowling Club to Dave at… RHOSINA,  GLYNYMARL ROAD,  LLANDUDNO JUNCTION,  CONWY  LL31 9NS

Please remember that we are all responsible for our own, and other users, safety and well being. We have adopted the safety details below and we ask that you carry out the advice given, rigorously. For a short while one of our members will act as green supervisor to help oversee the safety of everyone on the green so please give them your support.


Fine Tuning Notes below

The green will be open under current WCGBA legislation as soon as consent is granted from our landlords, Conwy Council.

1  2 groups/games allowed on the green at a time strictly monitored by our booking system. There will be a supervisor present initially.

2  Bowlers should play individually/ or with members of your household/ or with people from one other household while practising social distancing of 2m. TWO groups/games are allowed at a time with no more than 8 people in total on the green, and a maximum of 4 people per game. The people in any individual game must come from no more than 2 households.

3  Only Club members are allowed on the green. If you have not yet paid your 2020 subscriptions, you will not be allowed to book or play until your membership is paid

4  Club buildings and toilets are to remain closed.

5  Only use your own equipment brought from home (jacks,mats,bowls) Where 2 households are playing in a game, 2 jacks/mats will be required. Members without their own jack/mat will be loaned suitable equipment for the duration of the restrictions. See Ian Wilson. Sterilise all equipment before and after use.

6  Follow strong hygiene practices at every opportunity, and bring your own sanitising materials from home if possible. Other washing and sanitising equipment will be placed near our outside tap. Gloves and face-masks are optional.

7  Posters and guidance will also be displayed at the green.


The green will be open as follows each week;

Mondays                    10.00  –  20.00

Tuesdays                     12.00  –  20.00

Wednesdays              10.00  –  20.00        Last bookings   Weekdays 19.00

Thursdays                   10.00  –  20.00

Fridays                         12.00  –  20.00

Saturdays                    10.00  –   17.00      Last bookings    Weekends 16.00

Sundays                       10.00  –   17.00

NOTE   TUES & FRI  10.00 – 12.00  Green Maintenance

              SAT & SUN  After 17.00   Green watering

Booking procedure as follows;

1  Each day will be divided into 1 hour slots. Initially members will be able to book two x 1 hour slots per week. ie 2 hours maximum per week per member. This will be  reviewed as demand is gauged, as will opening hours. Please avoid booking a regular time slot, as there are sure to be peak times.

2  Members should text their requirements to IAN WILSON on 07936 375951 or e-mail stating the day, the hour slot and the members who will be playing in the group. Only 1 person in the group needs to make the booking but the names of all participants are vital if we need to use contact tracing. It is permissable to play on your own if that is your preference. Booking by phone is the last alternative if you are unable to text or e-mail. You will receive a response either confirming your booking, or if already booked advising alternatives.

3  The bookings will run from 10am Monday to 4pm Sunday each week, you may only book one week in advance and bookings close at midday on Sunday. Members should not attend or use the green without a prior booking.

4  In the event you need to cancel your booking please ensure you do so promptly to allow other members to use the slot, and also to ensure the Club can retain an accurate record of members attending.

5  In the event of bad weather affecting your booking so that you are unable to play, we cannot guarantee another vacant slot in that particular week, so it can only therefore be classed as unfortunate. The maintenance team may have to decide also on occasions if play is permissable.

6  To respect other members please vacate the green promptly, so that the following group may commence their slot on the hour mark.


Regards Dave 


17th March 2020 ….

Green closed until further notice ….see “Members Notes” tag

January 31st 2020

There is no doubt that the maintenance team are pleased with the progress of the green regarding growth and condition at this time of the year. We still have time for severe frosts and possibly snow, and closer inspection will reveal some moss and weeds (by-products of the very wet winter so far) but treatment of the latter is on-going. Over the winter months the green has been regularly swished (or switched to give the correct term) to prevent wormcasts, heavy dew and debris. It has also been deep slit on 3 occasions, and cut to 10mm, the latest being this week which was followed by a sarrel rolling to aerate the green further. Bobby continues to spray organic and chemical mixtures (I swear he also sprays green paint!!) and a granular slow-release fertiliser was applied in December. Before the proposed opening it is hoped that the weather will be favourable for us to lower the cut to 8mm next month (and then 6mm in March) and also to verticut and aerate as required and when conditions allow. Our contractor is continuing to combat the moss and weed problem with further sprayings, and another granular feed application is scheduled for early March. We are in agreement with Bobby that no extra Spring maintenance work is required this year. As he put it -“Last year we needed to add grass, this year you’ll be taking it off more.”  You may remember that last March we had to completely scarify the entire green before applying top-dressing and seed – all at a cost of about £400, so a big saving there, and this winter we have not had to service the mowers (so another big saving) – all 3 mowers are functioning well as we have started them up quite regularly over the winter months and 2 have been in action already. Almost all the tasks now leading up to the start of the 2020 season can be carried out by the team using the new cassettes, with extra verticutting and aerating high on the agenda.

Jan 31st 2020

If members are passing, green well worth a viewing. Not seen many greens in such good condition at this stage. So far we have tended to work on Wednesday mornings (weather permitting) but probably be there when it’s dry and relatively warm during next 2 months. That’s apart from Tommy, he’s there in all weathers and you can try and spot what he’s altered, improved or added to the facilities since you last went to the green. We should all hopefully be bowling at the Vardre, Deganwy in approx. 8 weeks time.

” Bob’s Corner “

BREAKING NEWS  Confirmed at the Committee meeting this morning that green will open on SATURDAY MARCH 21st at 2-00pm (weather permitting) 

  Regards Ian


There is no doubt that the investment in green maintenance over the past 12 months has been very worthwhile. Last October (2018) the green was possibly in its worst state for several years following a vert hot, dry summer, but a combination of new machinery and the expertise of our contracted consultant has made all the difference. The Dennis mower produces an excellent cut, and the cassettes have improved the aeration and verticutting processes so that both tasks can be carried out more frequently, more effectively and less strenuously. However the application of top dressing, seed and fertiliser, and the regular addition of chemical and organic mixtures have made a major significant impact. Consequently where most Clubs suffered last season, we had a surface that was the envy of many visiting players, and, more importantly, a bowling green for our members to enjoy. We are hopeful that next season it may continue to improve as growth and germination since last month’s maintenance work is already well-advanced, but one never knows what the severity of the winter weather will bring!!

My sincere thanks to Dave Leech who appears to cut the green more often than myself, and he has also become a dab hand at maintaining and adjusting our machines. In fact we feel there is no real need to service the machines this winter as all are currently functioning well. To Tommy, who is always here at the green and helping, and to the volunteers who are always willing to assist with the more demanding tasks, or substitute if we are short-staffed – namely John Barrington, Tom Chartrand and Gary Jones. The Green Maintenance team is always willing to recruit – regular summer hours, guaranteed sun-tan, reasonable level of fitness, ability to walk fairly straight, very low rates of pay but great job satisfaction when members and visitors are so complimentary. The work IS time-consuming, but equally so rewarding, when you see a well-prepared green ready for play, and there is a sense of ownership in what you have achieved.

to all members

after consultation and a viewing from Bobby (our contractor) in the best interests of the recovery of the green, the Autumn maintenance ought to be as early as possible. There are a number of dry and stressed areas on the far side of the green, and the sooner that this area can be opened up, top-dressing and seed applied, the better for germination and new growth, particularly if we get some warm weather in October – we may well have to water as well. A dry September/October will only hinder any recovery of the green, and we have made tremendous improvement since the very hot summer of 2018 and the state of the green 12 months ago. Bobby could have delayed the work (but only till the Thurs/Fri of that same week) so we have kept this as reserve dates, as we are somewhat weather dependant for the work anyhow. Bobby has stated that it may be possible to remain open a couple of weeks into October in future years if the green continues to show improved texture towards the end of subsequent seasons.

Ian Wilson


“Wales in Bloom” Report.

July 22nd 2019 – “a blooming marvellous display”


June 2019 , our plants are taking hold in readiness for the first inspection , thank you Tommy and the Team , we’ll watch them grow displaying so much colour around the green , (with a new set of updated photographs each month ……click on each photo to view

31 May 2019 –

video “Our Dennis”

30 May 2019

Two months into the season and the green is playing well and still receiving praise from visiting players. The green was verticut mid-May and despite problems with the grass-box the new cassette functioned well. A couple of recent dry spells have worried us a little as the green dries up very quickly despite sarrel rolling and watering. However our consultant has assured us that this is possibly due to the soil texture, the actual heat of the sun and the green in almost constant use. To appease us he will continue to apply mixes of wetting agent and organics, and he has advised us to continue aerating and watering but perhaps reduce the frequency of cuts per week. We are still cutting to 6mm with the reconditioned Dennis machine and aiming to keep a surface suitable for the full range of membership. Some selective weedkiller has been applied to the edges of the green, and other weeds hand-treated, as well as extra seed and top-dressing applied to areas affected by weeds or bird damage.

With the green rarely getting a rest and probable periods of hot, sunny weather likely through the summer months, it will be difficult to sustain the necessary maintenance required, but we are hopeful that we will still have a favourable surface in four months time. Thanks to Dave and Tommy for their assistance throughout, and to Gary Jones who has recently responded to a plea for help in times of need. There is no doubt in my mind that our investment in the services of our consultant, and the purchase of the Dennis mower with the range and ease of maintenance that the cassettes allow, have been invaluable in the improvement in the state of the green, especially when we see so many other greens suffering from basically a lack of care, forethought or finance.


May 2019 , our plants are in , thank you Tommy and the Team , we’ll watch them grow displaying so much colour around the green , (with a new set of updated photographs each month ……click on the slideshow


with President Liz Curtis

23rd March 2019


Greens Update – 13th March 2019.

With just a fortnight remaining before the opening for the 2019 season, the green and surrounds received its last major maintenance on the weekend of March 9/10th Shortly after 9am on the Saturday our consultant Bobby began aerating with a heavy spiked roller. The team completed the aeration whilst Bobby verticut the green in 2 directions. Seed and top-dressing were then applied to the sparser areas of growth before raking in, and then the remainder of seed and dressing to the whole green- in total 25kg of seed and 1000 kg of dressing (40 bags) Shortly after 2pm Bobby drag-matted the entire green to finish off the Spring work, although he intends to return mid-week to spray with chemicals to enhance germination and growth. We were very fortunate on 2 counts; firstly the weather was kind to us in a week of rain and heavy, blustery showers and secondly and perhaps more importantly, we missed just the opening 10 minutes of the rugby.

Whilst the final preparations were completed on the green, a team of volunteer members (under Tommy’s guidance) were busy cleaning the kitchen area, toilets and hut; weeding the entire block-paved areas leading to the green, putting out the refurbished benches and erecting the advertising banners, and cleaning the gutters that were accessible. If that wasn’t enough Tommy had opened up at 7-30am for our team of 3 builders to continue working on the levelling of the path on the east side of the green. The men returned on Sunday to complete the work, and an excellent job they have done.

Many thanks from the Maintenance team to the members who volunteered their assistance last Saturday, and we now have just a few smaller tasks remaining before our official opening at 2pm on Saturday March 23rd (weather permitting) Hope to see as many as possible there, and hope you will notice some improvements.

Ian Wilson


from Lynn –
“the maintenance team are looking for volunteers to give an hour or two of their time, on Saturday 9th March, to help prepare the green and surrounds for the new season. Weeding, cleaning the gutters, help with putting up the banners etc. are some of the tasks required. Your help would be most welcome and appreciated by our hard working team.”

Greens update – 26th January 2019 

Just over 2 months away from the start of the 2019 season and the team and our consultant are extremely pleased with the progress and current condition of the green. In the past 3 months the green has been deep slit, and various chemical and organic mixtures applied, all of which have benefitted the germination, growth and strength of the turf. An iron-based granular fertiliser was applied this week and the aeration and cutting to 10mm will continue when weather conditions allow.
It was also agreed that the Club accept a Spring programme of work, consisting of a verticut and shallow aeration, another ton of top-dressing, and extra seed applied to the barer areas before brushing all in. Hopefully this will create an even truer playing surface come the start of the season.
The Club currently have 3 fully serviced mowers, and a possible grant bid in for 2 new cassettes. Two of the 3 heavy Sisis machines have been sold and so the actual maintenance of the green should be less burdensome in the future. (The team are no longer as fit as they were when they accepted this job!!) The team are fully aware that after saving the Club a large amount of money in previous years, there has been significant investment in machinery and maintenance since October 2018, BUT hopefully the Club and its members will benefit in the long run, as we could have a green that is the envy of most for years to come.
Dates for your diary;  SAT MAR 9  Spring work on green.       SAT MAR 23  Opening of green 2pm  
Both dates are subject to weather conditions in March and reserve dates have been set for a week later in both instances. It has not been confirmed as yet but League fixtures normally commence the first week in April. We will endeavour to allow members to practise prior to the opening fixtures, but you will appreciate that for the good of the green we are weather dependant.
The Green’s Team – Ian Wilson .

8 Jan 2019

 Happy New Year / Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

from us the “Greens” Team.

After the Xmas break – although I don’t think Tommy took one – work has re-commenced on the green this week. Green had its third winter slit and cut during this prolonged dry spell, and considering how it looked last October there has been immense progress made. There are still bare areas and outcrops of moss that may need further work,  but the team are satisfied that with the help of our consultant greensman, these will be rectified prior to the 2019 season.

Tommy’s new seating area is complete and he is now targeting the repair of certain benches, before applying a lick of paint to some areas of the Clubhouse.

The team have had a preliminary meeting with Dave Holland with regard a grant bid, and have prioritised a couple of cassettes for the new re-conditioned mower as well as repairing the pathway from the NE corner of the green up to the old steps that lead on to the green. The latter is a H&S issue that may assist our application.

We are aiming for an opening around the end of March, Easter is late this year and we believe that fixtures will commence during the first week of April. We will keep members informed but endeavour to give all the opportunity to practise prior to the opening fixtures of 2019. The weather and condition of the green are other important factors when considering our opening date.

The Maintenance Team (with valued assistance from John Barrington/Bob Mason) 


Ian Wilson

7 Dec 2018.


The Club gave the maintenance team permission to approach an outside contractor to help with this year’s winter maintenance programme. On Oct. 11th/12th the green was scarified, seeded, a ton of top dressing applied and raked in, and then a granular fertiliser added. Because of the numerous dry areas on the green some wetting agent was then applied by our contractor. Since this important annual Autumn maintenance work, the green has been aerated and spiked and our contractor, who is now also responsible for all chemical applications to the green as well as advising us on cutting, has returned on 3 occasions to spray the green with various chemical mixtures that will enhance growth, germination and provide strength to the turf to see us through the winter. If any of you have passed the green recently there has been a tremendous improvement in the appearance and condition of the green since the end of the season. The green had its first winter cut at 10mm last week.
Our 2 mowers have been sharpened and serviced and we have taken delivery of a “new” 3rd mower in the form of a re-conditioned Dennis FT510 (in case any of you wish to google it) The advantage of the Dennis mower is that it has inter-changeable cassettes so that cutting, verticutting, scarifying, aerating, brushing and rolling can all be done with the same power unit. Previously the green’s team were using dated, heavy, unpowered machinery to carry out these tasks and hopefully life will be a little easier with one powered unit capable of all these vital tasks to improve the condition of the green.


With the help of Bob Mason and John Barrington, Tommy has rarely stopped since the season ended in carrying out further improvements to the surrounds of the green. Visitors shelter and all fence-work has been re-painted, the east wall and northern edge of the green repaired and re-pointed, further pots and signage have been provided and the north-west corner of the green re-designed to provide an extra seating area. In the new year he has designated the remainder of our benches to be repaired and re-painted, but I feel sure that he will come up with other ideas and tasks to keep us busy up until Easter 2019.
At the AGM it was agreed that the Green/General maintenance post was now a shared post with Ian (Green) and Tommy (General) taking responsibility. Previously Martin James had made a substantial contribution to the Club with overall responsibility for both.
Ian Wilson

 I/C Maintenance   

4th October 2018

latest GREENS news – our green closes on Sunday 7th October 2018 for maintenance purposes . …..a detailed report from our Greens sub-committee will be / is on the notice board at the club . 

Yes, at last, we are open for business. At 2pm on Saturday 24th March 2018 our Vice President, Liz Curtis, officially opened the green in front of the many members who turned up for the occasion. Thanks to everyone who did and an extra thanks to all those who brought food. As usual, there was plenty and it was lovely.

Not for the first time has the request been sent out. You may be aware that Martin is no longer a member and we all know how much he did for the club.  If you can help in any way please contact, Dave L or Ian. Tommy and Marc have helped and we thank them for all they have done.

 Visually, our green has changed. It now has 10 advertising banners which, thanks to David Rogers-Jones, will bring in £1200 over the next 2 years. Business Cards will also be available soon in the clubhouse and any encouragement to visitors and members to use these services will help our club in the future.

Dave Holland

The green will open on Saturday, 24th March at 2pm

The maintenance team of Martin, Ian and Dave L with help from Marc and Tommy have been doing the best they can under some very wet conditions. Fences have been stripped and repainted and the benches are not going to get away with it either. Well done guys. Your work is appreciated by everyone.

Dave Holland

Advertising on the Green

David Rogers-Jones, as you will recall, has been striving to help the club’s finances by arranging advertising banners to be placed around the green. We are pleased to say that he has been given  Council approval and already has eight local businesses involved and another two in the pipeline. This will raise significant money for the club and has been organised solely by him. This is a great project and also has the support of the local community. Once again, thanks Dave for your idea and arrangements.

Dave Holland

Hedges around our Edges

We are attempting to considerably reduce the height of the hedges around the green. They are the Councils responsibility and Kathy has agreed to progress the idea of a petition to be hopefully signed by local residents, who we know want this also. A letter will then be sent to the local councillor and Council Department to seek their help.

Dave Holland

A new steel handrail is to be erected onto the green to improve safety.

2017 – from the last committee meeting –

New Patio

Since the green closed, you will be pleased to know that the new patio area has been completed on the ‘away’ side of the clubhouse and is looking good and much safer. Martin, Dave and Ian are stripping and repainting all the fences so things will look great by the time the season opens in March.

Advertising on the Green

David Rogers-Jones is looking into the possibility of raising cash for the club by having advertising hoardings on one side of the green. Well done Dave, that would be great if you are successful.

Dave Holland Newsletter 8

On Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd October, the Green team, ably assisted by Marc Morris, Tommy Roberts & Gary Jones, started the winter maintenance program on the green.

On Monday the green was firstly scarified & then hollow tined. After a well earned brew, the cores produced by hollow tinning were then broken up & brushed back into the green, after which the green was given a cut.

On Tuesday the Autumn/Winter fertiliser was applied, followed by re-seeding of the green. While this was going on, the rest of the team were busy removing all of the rails around the top of the green ready for renovation.

On behalf of the Green team, I would like to thank Marc, Tommy & Gary for all their help & hardwork, it was greatly appreciated.

Martin James

photographs  below …

Greens men with helpers , rear Ian , Marc, Gary , front Martin and Tommy.
David , Tommy and Marc ….
maintenance on the go
David Leech

last cut today 30 Sept …

our green will be closed on Sunday 01 Oct @ 6pm for the winter period until all maintenance duties have been completed

video – Head Greens man Martin James ” happy at work

16th Sept. 2017

Hi All,

Please see message below from Martin regarding the Green….

As you know we have a very severe worm infestation on the green at present which is getting worse daily.

We have purchased a product to deter the worms from surfacing, however for to its chemical composition, once applied it had to be allowed to dry completely before any play can continue. 

Looking at the weather forecast our best chance of application is tomorrow therefore we intend to close the green all day Sunday.

I will put up notices to that effect today unless you have any objections or foresee any problems in this course of action..


The Committee discussed the issues of green maintenance and Competitions and felt that it was limited to just a few people doing these jobs. Try to get involved and help out. Why not take on a ‘fun day’ next season or a few days grass cutting. It would really help. Who knows, you might enjoy it! Speak to any of the committee members. They are waiting for your call.

We received an anonymous donation of £1000 towards the purchase of the new mower. A big thanks from all of us……Dave Holland Newsletter

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