Greens Mtce 2020


There is no doubt that the investment in green maintenance over the past 12 months has been very worthwhile. Last October (2018) the green was possibly in its worst state for several years following a vert hot, dry summer, but a combination of new machinery and the expertise of our contracted consultant has made all the difference. The Dennis mower produces an excellent cut, and the cassettes have improved the aeration and verticutting processes so that both tasks can be carried out more frequently, more effectively and less strenuously. However the application of top dressing, seed and fertiliser, and the regular addition of chemical and organic mixtures have made a major significant impact. Consequently where most Clubs suffered last season, we had a surface that was the envy of many visiting players, and, more importantly, a bowling green for our members to enjoy. We are hopeful that next season it may continue to improve as growth and germination since last month’s maintenance work is already well-advanced, but one never knows what the severity of the winter weather will bring!!

My sincere thanks to Dave Leech who appears to cut the green more often than myself, and he has also become a dab hand at maintaining and adjusting our machines. In fact we feel there is no real need to service the machines this winter as all are currently functioning well. To Tommy, who is always here at the green and helping, and to the volunteers who are always willing to assist with the more demanding tasks, or substitute if we are short-staffed – namely John Barrington, Tom Chartrand and Gary Jones. The Green Maintenance team is always willing to recruit – regular summer hours, guaranteed sun-tan, reasonable level of fitness, ability to walk fairly straight, very low rates of pay but great job satisfaction when members and visitors are so complimentary. The work IS time-consuming, but equally so rewarding, when you see a well-prepared green ready for play, and there is a sense of ownership in what you have achieved.

Ian Wilson

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