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Concluding the virtual season for the Club’s A teams   COAST LEAGUE  –  Saturdays
The remaining 2 matches in September were vital for more than half of the Clubs in B Division. Bangor and Rhos Park B were “guaranteed” promotion but had a battle on for the No.1 spot. Relegation was a possibility for no fewer than 5 Clubs, with Abergele, Beaumaris B, Bethesda, Dyserth and ourselves aiming to get as many points as possible to avoid the drop (remember just 5 points separate all 5 clubs) Caernarfon and Holyhead were relatively safe at 111 and 113 respectively with only 2 games to play. Beaumaris B were the visitors to the Vardre, and Dyserth entertained Bethesda in 2 crucial matches involving Clubs eager to get clear at the bottom. Abergele had a tough encounter away at Highbury, so there would be much interest in the final score from all venues any time after 5-30pm this evening. After its customary Friday cut the green was in good condition late in the season,  a couple of weeks of late summer rain had improved the colour and texture when needed. With isolated showers forecast, and a stiff north-westerly blowing in from the Irish Sea, all were hoping that the afternoon would remain dry, if we were to gain any advantage from the green against our old rivals. Last season’s shock 11-1 home win over our fellow-promoted rivals was least expected, but with their B team strengthened this year, and with both Clubs locked together on 107 points, there was much more at stake in this penultimate game of the 2020 season. An amazing afternoon’s bowling ended just before 6pm with Beaumaris taking the honours with a 7-5 away victory, courtesy of an aggregate margin of +3. Five of the individual games ended 21-20, with two in our favour, and the visitors claiming three (quite surprisingly we led in all 3) but the Islanders fought for every point, and some “unusual” nerves on our behalf under pressure, turned the game around. In the end it was that and young Daniel’s win to 12 (the best card of the day) that decided the match. With Dyserth recording an excellent 10-2 home success over Bethesda, and Abergele gaining 5 points away at Highbury, it only increased the permutations for the final Saturday of the season. A pleasant, sunny, September afternoon on the foothills of the Carneddau high above Bethesda and close to the village of Rachub, but there was likely to be much tension in the air as the relegation battle was to be decided here, but matches at the Oval, Abergele, Caernarfon and Beaumaris were of similar significance.

Prior to this closing Saturday the situation was;

7.   Beaumaris B     114       HOME v. Highbury

8.   Caernarfon       113       HOME v. Holyhead

9.   Abergele           112       HOME v. Rhos Park B

10. Dyserth             112       Away at  Llandudno

11. VARDRE            112       Away at  Bethesda

12. Bethesda          107       HOME v. Vardre

Similar to our trip to Bangor earlier in the season, not many of our current squad of players had set eyes (let alone feet) on the Bethesda green in the past, and although giving the impression of having pace, it was quite sluggish by comparison. Our opponents required a minimum 9-3 home win to climb above us on the final day, but then much depended on both Abergele and Dyserth who both had difficult fixtures. Caernarfon and Beaumaris should use home advantage to record sufficient points to escape the “drop”. Back to Bethesda and an encouraging start for the visitors, as putting his in-form players in the opening 4 blocks, our captain was rewarded with an early 3-1 advantage. Hoping this may lead to apprehension and nervousness in the home ranks, it actually proved the opposite as they recovered to take the next 4 games to lead 5-3 with the last 2 matches on the green. With the home team well up on the aggregate and almost guaranteed the bonus 2 points, it was a case of who would come out on top in each individual game. There was plenty of encouragement for all 4 players from the sidelines (a few odd groans of disappointment also) as the inevitable tension grew… Tommy was on his mobile trying to get hold of his mate Richie at the Oval to get an update there, Alan was pressing Ann to contact Glyn Pyd of Rhos Park if she could get his number… whilst Paul and Marc were aiming to keep their concentration and deal with their formidable opponents…..

Division B   COAST LEAGUE        Final Tables      SEASON 2020

1  Bangor City                  169

2  Rhos Park B                  166

3  St.Asaph                       145

4  Llandudno                    143

5  Highbury                       130

6  Beaumaris B                 123

7  Holyhead                       122

8  Caernarfon                    121

9  Abergele                        117

10 Dyserth                         117

11 VARDRE (Deganwy)    116

12 Bethesda                      115

WELL just our luck, Rhos Park B (with promotion guaranteed) loaned three of their squad to a depleted A team in their final match at home to Penmaenmawr, and consequently were themselves 2 players short at Abergele giving the home side TWO 21-0 wins, Abergele only got the one winner but the +42 tipped the aggregate in their favour to give them the 5 points. With the Baxter Cup scheduled for the Sunday, Mally (the Oval greenkeeper) had shaved the green in preparation, and Dyserth coped far better with a green totally alien to how the Llandudno team had known it all season, AND Dyserth gained the required 5 points also. AND AT BETHESDA it could not have been any closer with the last 2 games both ending 21-20 and one winner apiece…  so an 8-4 home win that was not quite enough for either side, with both being relegated by the narrowest of margins after almost 6 months of competitive bowling. A great experience for our Saturday A team squad, some new venues visited and new friendships made. Perhaps we shall have the opportunity to repeat this adventure before not too long…….
I hope you may have enjoyed some of the content of this 6 month-long blog. It is something that has kept me relatively sane, and it has triggered memories of past matches/opponents/venues etc….(and also to help me remember what day of the week it is!!) On no occasion was the intention to offend any person or Club, it was meant to be a light-hearted version of a season that never materialised.  We will have all missed our competitive bowling, our meetings with old friends (and new) but our health and well-being is vital, and I hope some of you (like ourselves at the Vardre) have managed some social bowling at least. Stay safe everyone, and let’s hope we will have the opportunity to be real (not virtual) in 2021.

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Concluding the virtual season for our A teams   MIDWEEK LEAGUE – Wednesdays

Heavy rain during the day had given way to a brighter but windy evening which had helped dry out the surface of the green. A good home win this evening over Eirias Park B would probably ensure a return to A Division as champions (with still one match remaining) but also unfortunately condemn our visitors to C Division bowling in 2021. Such were the margins prior to our 17th fixture, with ourselves leading the B league by 11 points, and Eirias Park 7 points adrift at the bottom, but St.Asaph (2nd) were away at Dwygyfylchi (3rd) the same evening. After suffering 2 consecutive away defeats, we were keen to make amends this evening, and following the advice of our captain “to keep concentration and make every wood count” there was a steely determination among the whole squad as we took to the green shortly after 6pm. The green had slowed considerably, but the incentive of a title win was in everyone’s mind as we made an impressive opening with 3 wins in the opening 4 blocks. The momentum was continued as the middle order recorded a similar outcome, and leading 6-2 in games with the Jones brothers at their customary 9 & 10 position, the match was all but over. A final 10-2 result condemned our visitors to relegation and confirmed our return to A Division bowling for 2021 as Champions. Despite Dwygyfylchi’s impressive 9-3 win over St.Asaph, we could not be caught at the top even if we were to suffer a whitewash away at Craig y Don next Wednesday. On the final day also, both Abergele and St.Asaph had to virtually gain maximum points at home and hope Dwygyfylchi slip up away at Eirias Park. Very nearly the entire squad marched into the Killer post-match to celebrate a successful season, but we would not allow Tommy to foot the bill, try as he did to buy everyone a drink. Far from enjoying the occasion and some jovial banter, our captain was informing us of the problems and difficulties ahead in a very competitive A Division.  Fine sunny weather through the day led to a pleasant evening for the culmination of the 2020 season. Our captain made a congratulatory speech prior to the match on the pristine Craig y Don green and we were under way. His final words to “enjoy the occasion and relax” had not been heard by the home players, as 3 of our opening 4 blocks were struggling to match the accuracy of our opponents. Relaxation gave way to fearful panic as no matter how well and accurately our players bowled, Craig y Don’s opening 4 more than matched them. Trailing 3-1 at 6-45pm, there was a mini-revival shortly before dusk as we had clawed our way back to 4 across in games as the final 2 matches were reaching conclusion in the evening gloom. It was difficult to judge distance and line in the fading light and perhaps it was only fair that the games were shared. We however just edged the aggregate to record our 14th win (out of 18) for the season. Abergele gained an impressive 10 points, with St.Asaph managing 8 in their respective home matches, but neither was enough to overhaul Dwygyfylchi, who won 8-4 themselves away at Eirias Park.

So the final table reads;

1   VARDRE (Deganwy)                     137

2   Dwygyfylchi                                  124

3   Abergele                                        122

4   St.Asaph                                        120

5   Penrhyn New Hall                        105

6   Craig y Don B                                103

7   Llysfaen                                          100

8   Mochdre                                          97

9   Rhos Park C                                     91

10 Eirias Park B                                    81

Congratulations to captain Tommy and his squad on bouncing back up to A Division at the first attempt. We now know what’s in store in that tough division, and we will have a struggle to remain there, bearing in mind the quality of the opposition, but it’s an excellent learning curve and we can only improve our own games from that experience….

Concluding the virtual season for the Club’s A teams – SENIOR CITIZENS LEAGUE – Tuesdays

A clear bright sunny morning welcomed in the 1st day of September, a month which would see the culmination of a long season of 26 matches for the Vets. with 5 more games scheduled, and the hope that we experience an “Indian Summer”, with fine weather prevailing into what some regard as the first month of Autumn. The regular pastime on previous trips to Meliden is to remember where the narrow lane leading to the green is situated. Just before (or is it just after) the bus stop on the lane leading out of the village? Tucked away between the houses, it is never an easy green to play, with dips and hollows and a definite slope on the edge furthest away from the Clubhouse, perched high on the far side of a compact green. We had a brilliant run-in to the 2019 season winning all 4 of our September fixtures, but that sequence never looked anywhere near being repeated as our first 4 blocks at Meliden all went down. Our hosts had fielded a very strong opening 5 players, and we were relieved that we improved our position towards the end of the match. We managed 4 winners ourselves in the back 6 but went down on the aggregate for an 8-4 defeat. Kinmel Bay were the visitors to the Vardre green a week later and our green was showing signs of constant use, looking quite bare in patches but nevertheless fairly quick in the dry and windy conditions. Our visitors found the pace fairly difficult but they battled hard throughout and were rather unlucky to return home with just the 2 winners. In all but one game they reached the high teens and actually had two 21-20 cards against them, and our margin of victory on the aggregate was just 11 points after having 8 individual winners to our opponents’ 2. Sometimes all the luck favours the one team! Mid-September but we have reasonable weather yet again for our journey to Rhuddlan, who lie mid-table but are difficult to beat on their own patch – at least we may call the 38m ruling into play for those of our players unable to reach the very long corner marks. Although hard to see, there is a definite slope on this green and the change of pace can catch you out, as well as some tricky marks over the crown. A much improved start than the one at Meliden a fortnight ago, and after the opening 4 blocks honours were shared. Acting captain Shan and Rhona continued the progress in the middle order and after 8 games, it was 4-4 and close on the aggregate. With the home side having ex-goalkeeper Les and ex-Wigan man Colin at 9 and 10 respectively, they had a very strong tail but Alan and Gary J matched them wood for wood right up until the final few ends, and 2 excellent games finished just like the rest of the match with one winner each, but the home side taking the overall aggregate. In view of previous fairly heavy defeats at Rhuddlan, our captain was pleased with a 5 point return, and the long tape was called into action just the once throughout the entire match. Our penultimate fixture of the season pitched 4th versus 3rd as we entertained Trefnant, who led us by 12 points, but who themselves were just 3 points behind 2nd placed St.Asaph who they were due to play in their final game. Trefnant at home was one of our September fixtures last season, and on a dry fast green we triumphed 9-3, our opponents would be hopeful of a better result today in the hope of keeping in touch with St.Asaph before their match with them on the final Tuesday of the season. For the first time in several weeks Shan had 12 players at her disposal, and a slight selection problem, but this was resolved when both Katherine and Bill became unavailable on the eve of the match reducing the squad to the bare 10 once more. She need not have worried as wins from Gwyn, Tommy and Gary J gave us a comfortable lead after the first 4 blocks. Rhona was rather unlucky to drop on their in-form captain Mr. Newell (no, not Bobby) but managed a creditable 15. Three more winners followed in the middle order and it was hoped we may even improve on last year’s result, but Mrs. Hadwin bowled really well at no.9 to match her husband’s result earlier and we restricted a strong Trefnant team to just 3 points for a 2nd successive season, and closed the gap on them to just 6 points. The weather could not have been better for the final game of the 2020 season, and we found ourselves (as in 2019) making the relatively long trip to Ffynnongroew and the home of the Copperfields club. There was a bit of cloud cover after a bright and sunny morning and as usual John Owen and his team had the green in excellent condition, especially for so late in the year. Sadly our hosts were rooted at the bottom of the league, and needed almost a maximum return from this game to survive the drop, and that was dependant on both Mochdre and Kinmel Bay slipping up drastically at home in their final game of the season also. We have usually done well on this green in the past and it looked like we were heading for another good showing here as we led 4-0 shortly before 3pm. Credit to our opponents though as, despite a lost cause in terms of remaining in A Division, they rallied in the next hour and reduced the deficit to 5-3 in games with 3 winners of their own. Dave L came off at no.9 winning 21-14 to further secure the aggregate in our favour, and it was left to the 2 Wilsons to end the season, fittingly Len bowling a superb last wood on the Clubhouse edge to beat Ian 21-20. After a long season of 26 League matches the final table was completed;


1  Rhos Park A                                            234 pts

2   St.Asaph                                                  185

3   Trefnant                                                   180

4   VARDRE(Deganwy)                           174

5   Denbigh                                                   160

6   Abergele                                                  150

7   Rhuddlan                                                 149

8   Eirias Park                                                148

9   Penrhyn New Hall                                144

10 Dyserth                                                    139

11 Meliden                                                   135

12 Kinmel Bay                                             133

13 Mochdre                                                 129

14 Copperfields                                          123

Congratulations to Rhos Park on yet another title win (no-one can get near them) -almost 50 pts clear of their nearest challengers, and well done to our own Shan Eccles who took over the captaincy following JC’s unfortunate unavailability all season. To finish 4th with a limited squad was exceptional. Roll on 2021


Continuing the virtual season for the Club’s A teams in 2020


Not the easiest of starts with a local trip to current leaders and reigning champions Rhos Park, with their array of Welsh and County players and a wealth of experience and ability throughout their squad. We suffered a heavy defeat here last season with just the one winner, and a personal nightmare for myself in managing just 3 against that wily Yorkshireman Bernard. As usual Glyn Pyd and his team had the green in tremendous condition, and the weather was set fair for an enjoyable afternoon of bowling. Despite a slight improvement on last year’s result, we came away with just the 2 winners in Alan and Katherine, but the rest of the team all managed double figures, and I was pleased in reaching 15 in a very enjoyable game with Merv. Our hosts have led the table since week 4 way back in April and are clear favourites to record yet another title win with still 2 months of the season remaining. Eirias Park were the visitors to the Vardre a week later, and weather conditions had cooled after a very hot weekend. Several of the Eirias Park team are quite familiar with our green and after overnight rain and a cloudy outlook all day, it was likely the green would lack some of its previous pace, a factor of some advantage to our visitors. Acting captain Shan once again had the bare 10 players available, with JC now certain to miss the entire season following a telephone review with his physiotherapist, Gary B cycling throughout those European countries free of the quarantine restrictions on his return, and Gary J enjoying a relaxing week in the sun on the Amalfi Coast. It was vital we had a good start in order to enhance our confidence and our 3 ladies did not disappoint. Quite by coincidence they were matched with 3 of the 5 ladies in the Eirias team, but Rhona, Katherine and Shan played consistently to beat Shirley, Carole and Jackie (in that order) to give us a 3-1 lead and +15 on the aggregate after the first 4 blocks. A slight recovery by our visitors in the middle order as both Sue’s matched the performance of Ifor Gwyn in reaching 21, and reducing the deficit to just +10 after 8 games. However their final pairing had no answer to the accuracy of Dave L and Alan and we ended the match 9-3 winners having improved our overall lead to +27. The local derbies in this league are coming thick and fast – following on from matches versus Rhos Park and Eirias Park we make the short trip over the A470 to Penrhyn New Hall. With Gary J returning and avoiding quarantine after his Italian trip there was some leeway in selection, but this was short-lived as Bill had to drop out at short notice as he had a viewing for his apartment. With the possible buyer travelling up from London, Bill had little opportunity to alter the timing. So, hoping no-one else suddenly became unavailable, Shan kept the same team and same order as the previous week with Gary J replacing Bill at no.7. How things change in this game as the first 4 completely reversed last week’s outcome. Tommy won well to 13 but the 3 ladies all went down, and we found ourselves trailing 3-1, but with all three losers scoring well in the teens, there was just -3 in the aggregate. The middle order fared better and with Gwyn, Gary J and Ian all winning, it was 4 winners apiece going in to the last 2 games and we now led by +5. A chance perhaps of a rare win on the New Hall green, but in Ted and Isaac the homesters had a strong back pair, and Dave L and Alan had a tough task on their hands to repeat last week’s finale. In 2 quite excellent games honours were shared, but Ted’s late surge to 21 from 14 across and Dave L’s last wood winner for 21-20, meant we lost by just one point and 5 winners each. Alan was quite upset but Ted was immaculate in the final 5 ends, and rarely off the block and Alan had no luck whatsoever with 2 or 3 “kisses” ending in Ted’s favour. Prospects looked bleak for the visit of Denbigh as rain and strong winds were forecast, but the morning was relatively calm and dry and we began our practice with waterproofs at the ready. The eye of storm Francis seemed to coincide with the arrival of the first car from Denbigh, as gale force winds and torrential rain came over the bay from the Irish Sea at approximately 1-30pm. With the wind and rain howling up Vardre Avenue and Tommy’s hanging baskets on the gate swinging like giant pendulums, the remainder of the Denbigh team came rushing in to the shelter of the Clubhouse. It was fairly obvious early on that both captains would have to look at an alternative date, and we were extremely apologetic to the Denbigh players for what turned out to be a wasted journey, but they were very sympathetic as they had encountered no rain until their arrival and there was certainly going to be no play that afternoon. With both Clubs settling for a re-scheduled Friday fixture, the shutters came down after an informal chat with our opponents over a cuppa and biscuits. Fortunately Friday’s conditions were not perfect but much better than the unseasonal storm of Tuesday afternoon and evening, when most League matches were affected in one way or another. A sluggish green after what seemed like a full week of rain was of little advantage to the home team. Bill replaced Katherine, who was unavailable for the re-scheduled fixture and as the draw had not been made on the Tuesday, Shan shuffled her order of play and we got off to the perfect start. We led 4-0 after less than an hour, but were pegged back in the middle order as Denbigh recovered with 3 winners of their own. The match ended 8-4 in our favour as the final 2 games were shared and we had an advantage of +22 on the aggregate. The Denbigh team were perhaps disappointed with the result, but they did enjoy the extra cake provided by Shan and Rhona as a token for their inconvenience at Tuesday’s cancellation. With the final month of the season looming and just 5 matches of a hectic programme (26 games in total) remaining, the A Division table has a familiar look at the top and a real battle in store at the bottom;

TOP   4                                      P.   Pts.

1 Rhos Park                             21   190

2 St.Asaph                               21   153

3 Trefnant                                21   147

4 VARDRE (Deganwy)            21   138

BOTTOM   4                             P.   Pts.

11 Meliden                              21   110

12 Dyserth                               21   109

13 Mochdre                             21   109

14 Copperfields                       21   104



Considering rain had been forecast for most of the day we were very lucky to get away with a couple of showers an hour or so prior to scheduled start time. As stated at the end of the July report, the next 2 matches were probably crucial as we played 2nd placed Dwygyfylchi, and 3rd placed St. Asaph on consecutive weeks at the start of the month. Depending on how these matches went would play a large part in the eventual final placings, and 2 good results may guarantee us top spot (provided there were no real problems in the last 3 matches of the season) It would be nice to clinch promotion before the final match – remember the tension in the final game when we last gained promotion to A Division, and that unforgettable evening versus Llandudno Oval. Dwygyfylchi arrived at our green in fine form (they were unbeaten in their last 5 matches and had taken 44 points at an average of 8.8 to climb above both Abergele and St.Asaph in recent weeks) Our captain emphasised the significance of this game without putting extra pressure on the team, and one could see the eagerness of our opponents as they all arrived early and scrutinised the green and the last 15 minutes of our practise time. The opening games did not quite go to Tommy’s plan – Gwyn and Dave’s almost annual encounter this time went in favour of the Pen lad – and wife Carol was another winner as the first 4 blocks ended all square in games and aggregate. JP is a formidable opponent on any green and he won narrowly in a tight game with Bill to ease the visitors ahead after 5 games, but from then on in it all went in favour of the home side as Ian, Dave L and the 3 Jones’ boys had good wins for an eventual 9-3 team success, which pleased our captain and increased our advantage to 18 points at the top. Dwygyfylchi remain 2nd after St.Asaph’s shock defeat at Eirias Park, but Abergele nudged closer in 4th spot after defeating Llysfaen 9-3. An early departure to St.Asaph as start times reverted to 6pm as the evenings drew in, and a tough match in prospect as our hosts sit 3rd in the table. It was also 2nd versus 4th as Dwygyfylchi hosted

Abergele the same evening. As it happened both games ended 8-4 in favour of the home side, so our lead at the top was cut to 14 points. We did not play badly at St.Asaph but the home side just finished the better. All games were close affairs and there was very little in the overall aggregate, but from 15/16 in most games the home bowlers seemed to have the edge. Good wins however from Shan, Alan, Alun and Dave meant a relatively tight finish in the end. With storm Francis moving across to the east coast and the North Sea, the sun came out for the latter part of the day for our visit to Llysfaen. Situated quite high on the hills above Llanddulas, the green is sheltered, yet as the sun drops, so does the temperature and it can be a cold place to watch on a late August evening.  The home team came flying out of the blocks and gained a 3-1 lead in games as they surprised us with their accuracy and length. The green was slightly bumpy and on the heavy side which did not suit most of our players as they struggled to reach or gauge the pace of the green. 3-1 down suddenly became 6-2 as the middle order matches followed a similar pattern to the start, and we were about to be embarrassed until the Jones brothers restored some faith in the team’s ability with 2 good wins at the death in fading light. So a slight   blip in the team’s fortunes, and our lead at the top was reduced to 11 points – not by Dwygyfylchi who went down 7-5 at Craig y Don, but St.Asaph who leap-frogged back into the promotion places with a 9-3 home win over Mochdre. The B Division table with just 2 matches to play is interesting;

TOP  4                                              P.   Pts.

1 VARDRE (Deganwy)                   16   120

2 St.Asaph                                      16   109

3 Dwygyfylchi                                16   107

4 Abergele                                      16   104

BOTTOM  4                                     P.   Pts.

7 Craig y Don B                              16   91

8 Mochdre                                      16   86

9 Rhos Park C                                 16   82

10 Eirias Park B                              16   75

With St.Asaph having to travel to Dwygyfylchi on Sept. 2nd, a good win by ourselves at home to basement Club Eirias Park B could clinch us the 2020 title, and we could relax for our final game of the season away at Craig y Don. The other promotion spot is up for grabs as 4th placed Abergele cannot be ruled out, and next week’s match at Dwygyfylchi is vital to both clubs. Eirias Park B look destined for a quick return back to C Division, as they have 2 difficult matches remaining, with either Rhos Park C or Mochdre as favourites to join them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


 COAST LEAGUE  – Saturdays       AUGUST

The first of FIVE League matches in August brought old rivals Holyhead across the island and over the bridge to our Vardre home. In matches in previous years prior to their promotion, we rarely performed well on their big green, but then they also failed to master our running green, so that we rarely gained any winners away but did manage to record consecutive 8-4 victories at home. This season we had been happy with 3 winners away in early May during a 2 month period of little rain, so some disappointment early on when one of the hottest days on record on Friday gave way to heavy drizzle on the morning of our return fixture. With the A55 getting busier each week since lifting lockdown restrictions with both holiday and ferry traffic, the occupants of a couple of the visitors’ cars were late for their scheduled practice, but as they had agreed on an early 2pm start we waited for them all to arrive before they took to the green for their customary 15 minutes. (we’re a sporting lot here at Vardre) At 12 minutes past 2 the first 4 took to the green and straight away we were cursing our hospitality as all 4 visiting players found line and length immediately and we were behind in all games. Fortunately Bill recovered to regain control and ran out 21-15, but by 3pm we trailed 3-1 as Holyhead won the remaining games and led by +16 on the aggregate. For some unknown reason the match was completely turned around after that as we recorded 6 straight wins to run out 7-3 in games and a healthy +27 in our favour, after 3 single figure results. We are normally on the receiving end of such margins away at their green, so it was nice to return the compliment so to speak, and our visitors took it well. On a hot Saturday afternoon more suited to lazing in the sun/shade with a cool drink (or 2), we travelled west to play League leaders Bangor City. In my youth an away fixture at Bangor City was a football match at Farrar Road, and so it was strange to be at a green close to the local swimming baths in the University city. I was not alone as not one of our team had played the green previously, and it looked lethal…(bare, brown and b—-y hell)… as the homesters trickled their woods out corner to corner! It was going to be a tough, hot, sweaty afternoon ahead. There are few weaknesses in the Bangor squad and add to that far superior green knowledge, and you have the foundations of a possible white-wash. Credit to the Vardre team though was the fact that they never gave up and battled for every point, on a green where a yard wood or a length wood was so important. A 10-2 defeat sounds like a drubbing but there were some brave and noteworthy performances all round, and special mention to Alan and Bill who mastered the green superbly to give us our 2 valuable points. There are no easy games in this Division and a week later on a bright and sunny Saturday we welcomed Prestatyn Highbury to the Vardre green. Prior to their promotion on a Saturday, and our move up in the Vets. League on a Tuesday, we were regular opponents and they were a side that played our green well. Although there have been some changes in personnel since then, with the green playing slightly easier after recent rain, they were going to be difficult to beat on an overcast afternoon at the Vardre. The entire afternoon was a tight affair: 2-2 after 4 blocks, 4-4 after 8 and our slight advantage on the aggregate remained till the end with Marc winning to 12 and Shan going down to 18, to leave it 5-5 in games but the homesters gaining the 2 extra points, courtesy of a final +14 after 10 blocks. With our previous away fixture at leaders Bangor City, there was no respite a fortnight later as we travelled to 2nd placed Rhos Park B, the one advantage being that this green was more familiar to us. Quite a blustery afternoon in Rhos and it was good to see a cricket match in progress on the adjoining ground. Another team full of experience and ability (yes, even their B team) but as a Club this was our 3rd visit this season , having played teams in the Tuesday and Wednesday leagues here earlier in the year. We had a fairly promising start with 2 winners in the first 4 blocks, and when Paul came off at no.5 having won to 13 we were 3-2 up in games and +4 on the aggregate. But then the home side showed their class for despite some good performances by the Vardre tail-end, we failed to get a further point and Rhos Park B ran out 9-3 winners to keep in touch with leaders Bangor. The final Saturday in August on a Bank Holiday weekend provided a crucial match at the bottom of the table as we entertained Dyserth, just 3 points below us but with ONLY 5 points separating the bottom 5 Clubs, all needed a good result to move clear of relegation, particularly with just 2 fixtures remaining in September. Storm Francis in midweek and further heavy rain on Thursday had certainly greened up the surface, but as we found out with our re-arranged match versus Denbigh on Friday afternoon, it was much slower than normal. An unscheduled cut on Saturday morning and a blowy ,dry outlook has helped and the green was in good condition by 3pm. It was obvious our visitors recognised the importance of these final fixtures, as they arrived early (partly to avoid holiday congestion on the A55) but also to make full use of their practice time, where you could visibly notice their determination and concentration. After the first 4 blocks we led 3-1, but less than an hour later it was 4-4 in games as they recovered well. Far too often this season the match has been decided in the last 2 games, and today was no exception. Uncharacteristically Marc’s mastery of the corners was well-matched by his opponent and he suffered a rare defeat, but Alan bowled a falling mark to perfection and his 21-11 success secured the aggregate also. We would have preferred a bigger margin of victory but full credit to Dyserth who bowled our green well and could have won the match themselves with a bit more luck early on. Although Abergele were 9-3 winners at home to Holyhead, both Bethesda and Beaumaris went down, so little change at the bottom as the following tables indicate;

TOP   4                                             P.   Pts.

1 Bangor City                                 20  155

2 Rhos Park B                                20   149

3 Llandudno                                  20   133

4 St.Asaph                                     20   131

BOTTOM   5                                     P.   Pts.

8  Abergele                                      20  107

9  Beaumaris B                               20   107

10 VARDRE (Deganwy)                 20   107

11 Bethesda                                   20   105

12 Dyserth                                      20   102

With just 2 matches remaining, the top 2 look destined for a return to A Division, but who will win the title as leaders Bangor have a tough finish Llandudno (H) and St.Asaph (a) compared to challengers Rhos Park who play Caernarfon (H) and Abergele (a) At the bottom on current placings Bethesda and ourselves have the easier run-in –  Bethesda have Dyserth (a) Vardre (H);  Vardre have Beaumaris (H) Bethesda (a); Dyserth have a difficult trip to Llandudno after hosting Bethesda, Beaumaris play Highbury at home after their visit to us, and Abergele have the hardest task on paper with Highbury (a) and Rhos Park (H) to end their campaign. TWO very interesting Saturdays ahead….KEEP POSTED.

 COAST LEAGUE   Saturday      End JUNE/JULY

The last Saturday in June saw the return games from the opening weekend, as we welcomed high-flying St.Asaph to a blustery, wind-swept green at the Vardre. A huge change from midweek when all players were seeking shelter from the 30 degrees heat and humidity. Overnight rain had slowed the green, and more rain was forecast around 4pm, which was a huge advantage to the visitors, who, like many, find our green difficult to play when it is running. The “Saints” have several experienced players in their Saturday A side and we knew we had a testing afternoon ahead, fully proven as our visitors raced into a 4-0 lead with the home team’s opening four (and the rest of the squad) looking dazed and completely down-hearted inside the first hour. A rallying call from our non-playing captain (rotation system of selection again) seemed to have the desired effect, as we recovered with 4 consecutive wins of our own to tie the match at 4-4. It was now all down to our final pair on the green, as we still trailed by 8 on the aggregate, but in Garth Evans and Phil Nash, our visitors had an impressive tail-end to overcome. As well as Marc and Paul played at the death, Phil’s mastery of a cross crown mark saw him recover to win to 15, whilst Marc bowled his customary corners to perfection to beat Garth 21-17. A 5-5 draw in games but the visitors took the aggregate by 10 to record a 7-5 away win. American Independence Day brought a local “derby” away at the Llandudno Oval – our corresponding fixture at Vardre early in the season had seen us win by the narrowest of margins, and so our hosts would be keen on avenging that defeat. The Oval green must be almost twice the size of our home turf, and it was in excellent condition on a rather blustery afternoon in the seaside resort. Good wins for Gwyn and Doreen in the opening 4 blocks was cancelled out by defeats for David P and Shan, but we lost our way slightly in the middle order as our hosts won 3 more games to take a 5-3 lead, and it would take a huge effort to overcome the aggregate in the final 2 jacks. Although both our captain and Marc led at one point, Ian struggled on a cross green mark over the crown against Richie, and eventually lost to 17 but Marc bowled his “former patch” to perfection throughout and won 21-12, giving us our 4th winner of the afternoon, which kept us marginally off the bottom above Dyserth, who lost 9-3 away at Beaumaris. Week 14 was a 2nd meeting in 4 days at home versus Abergele (we had beaten them 8-4 on Wednesday evening) although both sides had changes in personnel from their Mid-week League teams. Overnight rain had drifted east and the green was in good condition and running evenly. However we did not have the best of starts for the 2nd consecutive home Saturday game, and found ourselves trailing by 10 on the aggregate after 4 blocks. Admittedly it was 2-all in games, but we appeared to lack a touch of confidence having lost our previous home Saturday fixture, and our 2 opening winners only just scraped through. From here on in however the whole team played exceptionally well, and with just the one defeat in the final 6 games, we recovered for an unexpected 9-3 victory (going one better than our success in midweek) With Dyserth losing at home to St.Asaph, and Caernarfon suffering their 3rd consecutive defeat, we actually climbed one spot further from the bottom following this impressive win. Not many of our squad had played the Caernarfon green (half of them needed directions to find it) and in the mist rolling in off the Straits, it was even difficult to see it! The view of the famous Caernarfon Castle, normally visible through the trees from the Clubhouse, was also lost on a day of constant drizzle and low cloud. With the captain’s advice to make full use of the practice time etched on the team-sheet back on the Vardre notice-board, it was somewhat disappointing that 4 players were late arriving at the green – a combination of the poor visibility and the increase in traffic in North Wales on the first weekend after lockdown restrictions regarding travel and some accommodation were lifted. The home side raced in to a comfortable 4-0 lead, and matters looked even worse with a heavy loser at no.5 also, but a fighting display from our rearguard which also began to lift the gloomy conditions, saw us recover to gain 4 close winners in the 2nd half of the match. We had avoided what once looked like a white-wash to record an 8-4 defeat, a result that left both sides tied on 79 points, 9 clear of bottom side Dyserth, and very close to Bethesda and Abergele above us. With no League fixtures next week due to the BCGBA Championship, we have 5 crucial games in August that could determine our prospects of remaining in B Division for 2021. Current League standings at the end of July;

TOP  4                                                         P.    Pts.

1 Bangor City                                            15   117

2 Rhos Park B                                            15   113

3 St.Asaph                                                 15   101

4 Llandudno                                              15    97

BOTTOM  4                                                P.    Pts.

9  Bethesda                                               15    80

10 Caernarfon                                          15    79

11 VARDRE (Deganwy)                           15    79

12 Dyserth                                                15    70

The top 2 sides (Bangor & Rhos Park – both relegated from A Div. in 2019) are forging a slightly bigger gap in their bid to bounce back with promotion this season. It is a bit tighter at the basement, Dyserth are beginning to lag behind, but then just 8 points separate 6 clubs, with Holyhead, Beaumaris and Abergele all fractionally ahead of the bottom 4. FIVE matches for all in August may have some bearing on the final placings, with just 7 matches in total remaining until the last round of League games on Sept. 12th.


With the team sitting 9 points clear at the top of B Div, the 2nd half of the season commenced with a home match versus Rhos Park C. Temperatures during the day had reached the high 20s and there was little respite as the first games got under way promptly at 6-30pm.  Our captain reminded us of the need to stay focussed, and not be complacent for the remaining matches, as our advantage at the top could easily be pegged back by any one of 4 Clubs who were in the chasing pack. It was another excellent start for us as the ladies and Bill gave us a commanding 4-0 lead inside the hour, Rhona and Shan winning fairly comfortably but Katherine and Bill having a bit of a scare before winning to 19 and 17 respectively. Our visitors were having problems with the pace of the green but they did stage a minor revival with 2 winners of their own in the middle order. Leading 6-2 in games and with a healthy +30 on the aggregate, the match was well and truly won, only emphasised by the consistent Jones boys, who finished off the match to give us a 2nd consecutive 10-2 home win, to lift us 11 points clear at the top over 2nd placed St.Asaph. One would imagine that the green at Penrhyn New Hall was well-suited to our players, it is perhaps smaller in size but it runs away on the road side and we play there often enough during the course of a season. However we rarely gain any success there, as if in trouble there are few opportunities to alter your length, and we often struggle to pick out the pace. A couple of changes to Tommy’s starting line-up also, with Rhona away visiting family in Liverpool, and Ian recovering from having the twins over from Wrexham for a couple of days, courtesy of Mark Drakeford’s lifting of the 5 mile travel radius throughout Wales during lock-down. This match report therefore comes second-hand from our captain, who was rather disappointed with the performance of his team, especially as he himself had recorded an excellent 21-11 win over Dave Jones. “Too many of them never made their 2nd wood count, Ian. I keep telling them ‘you have two woods’ but they failed when there was plenty of room” He was reluctant to expand on individual performances, other than “he/she should have beaten…….” Anyhow to cut a short story even shorter, we had 5 winners apiece but lost the aggregate by 8, for a 5-7 defeat. Fortunately Tommy’s spirits were raised when he discovered later in the evening at The Links (a change from our cutomary watering-hole) that Llysfaen had beaten 2nd placed St.Asaph 8-4. He was quick to point out however that both Abergele and Dwygyfylchi were closing in on 2nd spot after excellent results, and Abergele were our next opponents, although we had home advantage. A constant drizzle, heavy at times, throughout the day, had saturated the surface of the Vardre green for the visit of Abergele. This was our 4th meeting of the season with them, and quite surprisingly we were scheduled to play against the same opponents 3 times within the next week (at home again on Saturday before a visit to play their Vets. A team next Tuesday) All previous 3 matches this season had gone to home advantage, and this evening’s encounter was destined to have the same outcome as we took an early 3-1 lead, with Rhona and Ian (both re-called to the starting line-up) and Alan, all playing the green well to record good wins. There was a moment of panic as Abergele recovered well in the next 4 blocks to gain another 3 winners to tie the match at 4-4, although with all being narrow wins we still had a good lead on the aggregate. Alun and David mastered the slowing green well in the closing stages to give us an eventual 8-4 victory. With St.Asaph surprisingly going down at Craig y Don, and our success versus Abergele, it was Dwygyfylchi who leap-frogged into 2nd spot after a 9-3 home win over Mochdre, but we still maintained a 12 point advantage at the top. However with 4 of our remaining 6 matches away from home, we couldn’t be complacent in the final run-in. After a week off on Cup duty, we returned to play Mochdre away on a cloudy but mild evening. This green for some unknown reason is not one of our most productive venues, but in the Jones brothers we had an added bonus as they are members of the Mochdre Club and bowl the green regularly. Tommy pulled a surprise order as, knowing David had an early finish from work, he put both brothers in the opening 4 blocks, alongside in-form Alan and Rhona, and was rewarded with all four winning cards and the best possible starts. This sparked the rest of the team with renewed confidence, and although the remaining 6 matches were shared, even our 3 losers had come very close in reaching 18 and 2 x 17s in an excellent team performance, and our best ever return from a visit to the Mochdre green. The post-match analysis in the Killer centred on our captain’s master plan to move Alun and David from their customary 9 and 10 roles, indicating that our opposition would never have expected them at 1 and 2, and that the 4-0 lead completely demoralised the home team. Well that’s one of our tricky away games completed, and far better than we may have anticipated. Big match next in a fortnight’s time when we host 2nd placed Dwygyfylchi, and a week later when we travel to 3rd placed St.Asaph. I would imagine after the next 2 fixtures we will have a far clearer indication of our promotion prospects for this season.

B Div. TABLE     (end of July)    

  TOP  4                                                     P.    Pts

1 VARDRE (Deganwy)                           13   103

2 Dwygyfylchi                                        13     91

3 St.Asaph                                              13     87

4 Abergele                                              13     82

   BOTTOM  4                                           P.     Pts.   

7 Craig y Don B                                      13    72

8 Mochdre                                              13    71

9 Rhos Park C                                         13    62

10 Eirias Park B                                      13    57

Quite a healthy position with 5 matches remaining, but as already stated, the next 2 results are vitally important.


It has been a rare occurrence this summer to have rain throughout the day, but such were the conditions for the visit of Mochdre, in the return fixture from the opening Tuesday of the 2020 season. The green was naturally wet after constant drizzle, but the bowls seemed to glide over the moist surface, and gauging the pace was going to be a problem for all. Honours were shared in the opening 4 blocks, with Mochdre just edging the aggregate following a good 21-9 win, but our middle order turned the match around, winning 3-1 on games, but with two 21-8 wins, we now led by 19 on the aggregate, further improved upon with Alan and Shan completing an excellent 9-3 success. The win took us within one point of 3rd placed Trefnant, who were on the wrong end of a similar 9-3 scoreline at leaders Rhos Park. Away at Abergele was our 3rd meeting with the same Club inside 6 days, having played them at the Vardre in both the Wed. and Sat. leagues during the week. All previous 5 matches this year had been won by the side playing at home, and with only Rhos Park having won on the Abergele green this season, we looked hard-pressed to alter that sequence of results. Nevertheless with the Abergele green in pristine condition, we made a very encouraging start and led on aggregate after the first 4 blocks. With 2 winners apiece Gary J’s clear win 21-9 had given us the edge, but that was undone an hour later as Abergele’s 2 good winners in the middle order altered the initiative in their favour at 4-4 in games. With the last 2 pairings on the green, we needed both to win quite substantially to win the game, or if they both just won, at least a 6-6 draw. It was just not to be, for although Katherine triumphed 21-16, Gary B. lost to 13 meaning we lost the aggregate by 19 in the end and an overall 7-5 loss. Trefnant widened the gap between us in 3rd/4th with a 9-3 home win, but our 5 points gained at Abergele made it 100 so far for the season after 15 League matches, an average of 6.6 points/game. A journey to the foothills of the Clwydian range today to play Dyserth, who currently lie mid-table. At the back end of the 2019 season we recorded an excellent 9-3 away win on this green, and vice-captain Shan was keen that we aim to repeat a similar scoreline. We certainly could not have got off to a better start as Alan, Tommy and Katherine all had good wins, but Dave H went down narrowly having led midway through his game. Dyserth however recovered well in the middle order to gain a 5-3 lead in games as all four gained impressive results. This set-back was short-lived however as Shan and Gwyn came up trumps at 9 and 10 to give us the aggregate and a narrow 7-5 away success, a result we would have settled for prior to the match. Week 17 next week at the end of July and we have a tough home encounter with 2nd placed St.Asaph, although we ourselves are sitting comfortably in 4th spot at present. It had rained virtually all day on the Monday prior to our match versus St.Asaph. In the corresponding fixture in 2019 on a hot August afternoon with the green very quick, we recorded an amazing 11-1 win (admittedly there were two 21-20s, one 19 and two 18s in our favour) but with conditions entirely the opposite, it was hardly likely we would gain 9 individual winners today. Furthermore most of their line-up had played our green twice already this season (Wed & Sat leagues) with the Saturday side winning here 7-5. Honours were even after the first 4 blocks and even the aggregate was tied after four very close games. The green was much heavier than usual and the “pegging” marks were absent, but Alan and Gary J mastered the conditions in the middle order and gave us a slight advantage by gaining 2 good wins, so that even with Rhona and Katherine going down, it was 4-4 in games and +11 as the final 2 pairings were on the green. A further two more close encounters saw games shared but we managed to retain the aggregate advantage to record a narrow 7-5 success in our favour. With 2 full months of fixtures remaining, and still another NINE League matches to be played the current A Div. table reads;

TOP  4                                                P.    Pts.

1 Rhos Park                                      17   153

2 St.Asaph                                        17   127

3 Trefnant                                         17   123

4 VARDRE (Deganwy)                     17   114

BOTTOM  4                                       P.    Pts.

11 Dyserth                                        17   88

12 Meliden                                       17   87

13 Mochdre                                      17   84

14 Copperfields                                17   81

Rhos Park well clear at the top but an interesting situation developing at the bottom; even Eirias Park in 7th spot on 93 points are just 12 points above bottom side Copperfields, so all to play for in the next 9 weeks.


SENIOR CITIZENS  –  Tuesday        JUNE

The start of a month of 5 matches that would take us up to the mid-point of a hectic Vets. League programme saw us entertain Meliden, rare visitors to the Vardre green, on an afternoon that was to be enjoyed, as the weather was due to become cooler and wetter almost immediately following the match. Meliden were promoted as B Div. champions, but they had spent just the one season outside the top flight, and were regulars in A Div. before that, which is why the 2 clubs have rarely met. Our previous encounter at the Vardre in 2016 had been a narrow 8-4 win as they had recorded 3 single figure victories that day, and despite having 6 winners to their 4 we won the aggregate by just 5 points. With our green bare in patches following another 5 days of blistering sun, it was difficult for all players to gauge the inconsistent pace, but we had the best possible start and led 4-0 within the first hour. Meliden recovered after that and gained 3 winning cards, but our 9-3 success temporarily (at least) lifted us into 4th spot. Week 10 and a trip to Kinmel Bay, and a traffic and pedestrian-free run down “the strip”, as lock-down restrictions prevented holiday-makers accessing the numerous caravan/leisure facilities in the area. Arriving therefore in good time, we received praise from our vice-captain for our efforts thus far, but Shan was quick to point out that today’s match was a stern test, as we often struggled on the Kinmel green, which looked quite parched despite the weekend rain. A reasonable start with 2 winners apiece and very little in the aggregate, was undone in the middle order as we had just the 1 winner and 3 quite heavy losses. The aggregate was way beyond us now but we could salvage something if both Gary J. and Shan managed a win at the death. Fortunately both bowled exceptionally well on a difficult surface and although the team suffered inevitable defeat, we did manage to take 5 points back home along the coast road. On a humid afternoon with storm clouds gathering up the Conwy Valley and beyond Tal y Fan mountain we entertained Rhuddlan at the Vardre green. With more consistent rain falling over the previous few days the green was recovering in appearance but naturally losing some of its pace. A pleasing start with 3 winners in the opening four jacks, Gary B and Rhona winning to single figures but Gwyn having a much closer win, 21-19 over ex-goalkeeper Les. Quite surprisingly in the middle order, Alan who currently leads the club’s averages in the Vets. league, lost to 17, but the remaining 3 cards won giving us a 6-2 lead and a healthy aggregate advantage. With honours even in the remaining 2 games we eventually took the match 9-3, thereby once more leap-frogging over Denbigh into 4th place, as they went down by the same score-line at St.Asaph. A tough trip to 3rd place Trefnant next week, before we conclude the first half of the season at the end of the month with a home fixture versus our friends from Copperfields.    With its sloping surface in certainly 2 directions, and with little opportunity to alter your length if required, the Trefnant green has always proved to be a difficult venue and in previous seasons we have rarely mastered it. Last season it resembled a mud patch as heavy rain during the match turned the bare, bone-hard surface into a greasy and slippery sludge, so we were much relieved to view a much improved green as we entered through the tall wooden gate from the roadside. We probably could not have got off to a better start as by just after 3pm we were quite surprisingly 3-1 up in games with wins for Alan, Bill and Dave L. Our acting captain almost made it a clean sweep but eventually lost to 18, so we had also gained a good aggregate advantage after 4 blocks. However after that, just like the green, it was all downhill, and we failed to register a single winner in the final 6 cards, resulting in an overall 9-3 defeat as our hosts also overturned the aggregate in the disappointing 2nd half of the match. With temperatures hitting 30 degrees less than a week ago, the weather turned autumnal over the weekend and heavy blustery showers had given way to a slightly calmer, though dull day for the visit of our friends from Copperfields (or Ffynnongroew or Point of Ayr, as they have in previous years been known) The green had slowed somewhat but we got off to the perfect start with 4 good wins. It seemed to be our day as the middle order came away with another 3 wins, especially as all four were trailing at one point – Tommy’s recovery perhaps the best of all as he was behind 5-15 at one point. It could have been a dismal afternoon for our visitors but Maureen Luke again showed her class, running out 21-16 at no.9 to give them their 2nd winner of the match. Our 10-2 success lifted us into 4th spot in the League at the exact mid-point of the season. Our 3 home matches in June had yielded an excellent 28 points, with consistent performances and by making good use of green advantage. The Senior Citizens League has a familiar look after 13 matches played;

TOP  4                                    Pts.

1 Rhos Park A                       118

2 St.Asaph                               98

3 Trefnant A                            93

4 VARDRE(Deganwy) A          86

BOTTOM  4                            Pts.

11 Meliden A                          66

12 Mochdre A                         66

13 Kinmel Bay A                      66

14 Copperfields A                   63

Rhos Park look to be heading towards retaining their title with a 20 point lead at the top at the half-way stage, but there’s a real scrap at the bottom with just 3 points separating the bottom four clubs, and Dyserth, Penrhyn NH and Eirias Park all within another 4 points above them.


Llysfaen were the visitors to the Vardre on the first Wednesday evening in June, and the weather had changed drastically. Much needed overnight and early morning rain from the north had made little impact on the green, but the temperature had dropped a good 10 degrees and the majority of the team donned their sweaters and coats for possibly the first time of the season. With 2nd placed Abergele losing 4-8 at Rhos Park on Monday evening, and 3rd placed St.Asaph facing a difficult test away at Mochdre, Tommy was confident that we might increase our lead at the top with a decent home win. Llysfaen have some good, experienced players and they have played the Vardre green on numerous occasions, so we had our work cut out to match our captain’s expectations. League Secretary Christine provided the visitors with an early success with a narrow win over Rhona, but we led 3-1 after the 1st four blocks with wins for Gwyn, Shan and Gary. Bill was unlucky in drawing their top player, Paul Morris, who rarely loses even on our green, and Katherine lost narrowly to 19 in a very tight game. Fortunately the rest of the team managed to win to give us a comfortable 9-3 victory, which after the change in conditions, we were happy to take. It also extended our lead at the top to 6 points, as Mochdre did us a favour and beat the Saints 7-5. Week 8 and a journey along the prom to play Eirias Park B, promoted from C Div. in 2019 but currently at the foot of the table finding it tough one league higher. The heavy rain that had been promised most of the day arrived shortly before our practice, accompanied by some thunder claps and lightning. It was a similar scenario to the previous year when we met their A side in the first away fixture of 2019 in the A Division, but this time the green was in slightly better condition, and absorbed the water far quicker. We forfeited our practice and both captains were in agreement to delay the start until the rain eased. Our first opportunity to wear our wet weather gear as we got under way shortly before 7pm with the green playable, but quite difficult for the opening four. It seemed that we were making up for lost time (or perhaps it was the thought of reaching The Killer 30 minutes late) but a flurry of “twos” from the visitors, having the advantage of the jack on a totally changed green from when the home team had practised, saw us take a commanding lead in all 4 games. Eirias rallied however but we gained 3 good winners, and 2 more in the 2nd four blocks with the green drying out. We had been forced to make a change at no.10, as Dave had been stranded at work somewhere up the Conwy Valley line due to the heavy rain. Fortunately Tommy had his woods in the car (although he had stepped down originally for this game) and despite bowling well he reached 16, as his opponent stretched him whenever the opportunity arose on a heavy green in fading light. Alun won to 12 so we recorded an 8-4 away success, which was sufficient to keep us at the top despite both Abergele and St.Asaph gaining 9 points at home versus Mochdre and Dwygyfylchi respectively. Six cold and wet bowlers certainly felt the “warmth” of The Killer’s hospitality shortly after 9-30pm, with the bar staff claiming “never thought you’d be playing in that weather, so we weren’t expecting you this evening. The usual is it?” It was another day of humid weather and anticipated storms, but like previous days the storms and rain appeared to hit all parts of North Wales bar the Conwy estuary. Craig y Don B were this evening’s visitors, and with St.Asaph having taken over top spot following their 7-5 win at Rhos Park on Monday evening, we were in need of a good win to overhaul our close rivals and put some space between ourselves and the chasing pack at the mid-season point. The rain kept off, but the mist rolled down the mountains in all directions around us , as we made an excellent start, with Bill winning to 12, immediately followed by our three ladies (Shan, Kathy and Rhona) all also reaching 21. With a great start (84-59 up on the agg) it looked as if we may get the good win our captain had wanted, but our visitors responded with a couple of excellent results and we were pegged back to a 6-2 lead, before the Jones brothers finished off the fight-back in their customary style with 2 more successes at the back. An impressive 10-2 home win to lift us back on top of the league by a margin of 9 points with half our 2020 fixtures completed. At the post match analysis at our customary hostelry, we were interrupted somewhat by a disturbance close by above our heads. What LIVE football, Man City v Arsenal? I can hear a crowd but I can’t see one!! So at the exact mid-point of the season the B Div. reads;

TOP FOUR                                      P.    Pts.

1 VARDRE(Deganwy)                   9     71

2 St.Asaph                                     9     62

3 Abergele                                     9     59

4 Penrhyn New Hall                     9     59

BOTTOM FOUR                             P.    Pts.

7 Llysfaen                                      9     50

8 Rhos Park C                                9     47

9 Craig y Don B                             9     45

10 Eirias Park B                             9     39

Of the 9 matches played to date, we have had 5 at home, and with difficult away fixtures at St.Asaph, Penrhyn NH and others yet to face, July through to September in the midweek Wednesday League is going to prove an ordeal. The chasing pack is sure to be waiting for us to slip up.

COAST LEAGUE  –  Saturday       JUNE

Well what a change to the weather as North Wales woke up to a blustery north-westerly wind and heavy rain. Conditions were due to improve about the time we were setting off into the Clwydian Hills and our away fixture at Dyserth. In footballing terms this was the classic “six-pointer” as we both occupied the 2 relegation places and a win would be of benefit to both Clubs. The early morning rain had obviously slowed most greens down, and Dyserth was no exception, which was probably to our advantage, plus the fact that they had not had a Saturday home match since May 9th. We had an excellent start and led 3-1 (and +11 on the aggregate) after the opening 4 blocks with wins for Dave P, Marc and Alan. Dyserth rallied well and recorded a white-wash in the middle order, taking all 4 games and a healthy advantage in the overall aggregate following two wins to 8. So from +11 to -24 in the space of barely 45 minutes, the game was lost. Some consolation however as both captain and vice-captain recorded narrow wins at 9 & 10 to close the gap to a 7-5 defeat, which kept us marginally ahead in the table. Old adversaries and fellow promoted Beaumaris B was our destination in a consecutive away fixture in early June. The corresponding fixture in 2019  occurred on the last Saturday in August, and we had to negotiate the crowds attending the town’s Food Festival, in stark contrast to the quiet streets devoid of holiday-makers, day trippers and even locals in lockdown Beaumaris today. Similar to last season we were fortunate in having a couple of days’ rain prior to the match to slow the pace of the green, always a stern test for even the experienced bowler. The home side’s squad had been boosted this season with a couple of additions from last year’s A team, and so they were likely to be an even tougher proposition on their own patch. Having exchanged pleasantries with Thommo, I proceeded to make the draw with the Pawky Professor. In previous seasons I have been able to work out more or less his running order but with a few changes in the line-up, I wondered if he might alter his customary sequence. Apart from the odd player, not much had changed but Messrs Begley, Ormond and Thomas gave them a good 3-1 start. In our middle order Alan and Marc reversed last season’s results here with narrow wins, but we went into the final 2 games trailing 5-3 with the aggregate way beyond us. The green was gathering pace in the sultry late afternoon sun, which normally suited our last pair, but honours were shared with one winner apiece in 2 closely-contested games. Another 8-4 defeat here at the Happy Valley (a similar result to last Aug.) but this season we are at the opposite end of the table (albeit B Div) when in 2019 our 4 points gained here virtually secured us the C Div. title with one game remaining. Last match in the first half of the current season next week when we welcome Bethesda to the Vardre green. It was another pleasant Saturday afternoon as the sun began to poke through the clouds around midday, and we were in good spirits for the visit of the “Quarrymen” – I’ve watched the recent series on S4C!! Another club who, because of our rise into B Div. of the Coast League and the fact that they operate midweek in Gwynedd competitions, we rarely have the opportunity to play. After Gwyn had exchanged greetings and recent news with a family relation in the visitors’ camp, and I had been able to practise my limited Welsh tongue in offering a “panad” as they arrived, it was down to business. Unfortunately both clubs are at the wrong end of the table, and so points were of the utmost concern to both camps. After the first 4 blocks honours were even, just less than an hour later nothing had changed as the match was evenly poised at 4 winners each, and our visitors narrowly ahead on the aggregate. However both Marc and Paul (our younger Club members) found line and length from the outset and turned the match in our favour with excellent wins at the death. So an 8-4 success on the day of the Summer solstice, that also heralded the exact mid-point of the Saturday Coast League season, and the B Division table reads;

TOP 4                                              P.    Pts.

1 Bangor City                                11    83

2 Rhos Park B                                11    82

3 St Asaph                                     11    75

4 Prestatyn Highbury                   11    71

BOTTOM 4                                     P.    Pts.

9 Caernarfon                                 11    58

10 Bethesda                                  11    58

11 VARDRE Deganwy                   11    57

12 Dyserth                                     11    51

A close battle at the top with both last season’s relegated teams, and not much separating the teams at the bottom either. Llandudno, Holyhead, Beaumaris B and Abergele are all squeezed in the middle, all on ponits in the 60s+ range. A very interesting 2nd half of the season is about to unfold!!!


Sadly our captain was still unable to bowl but he had been present at our home matches, encouraging and cajoling his team to 2 victories in April. However Rhos Park provided a very stern test on the opening Tuesday in May, as the sun returned but a cool easterly wind swept across the green. There are few weaknesses in the Rhos squad, they have dominated the Vets. league in recent years so we were well aware that we needed a good performance for any kind of result today. The visitors looked  determined, even in their practice but we matched them in the first 4 blocks, in fact we were marginally up on the aggregate after Katherine’s good win to 10. Again we had 2 winners in the middle order but two of the visitors’ Welsh players had excellent wins which shifted the advantage in their favour. We now needed Alan and Dave L. to record reasonable wins to take the match, but Glyn Pyd and Colin offered significant resistance, and despite Alan’s narrow win to 19, Colin bowled consistently throughout to beat Dave to 14. So a 5-7 defeat which matched our 2019 result, only today we were slightly closer on aggregate. Our first home defeat of the season, but then the opposition are in no mood to relinquish their title. Week 6 and we are making the short journey over to Eirias Park. The squad has been stretched somewhat in the absence of our captain, with sometimes just the bare 10 available for selection, but Shan was doing a sterling job in sustaining our momentum. The green at Eirias Park is very familiar to several of our players, particularly if turning out in the Thursday friendlies, and it was certainly in much better condition than 12 months previously. The draw was quite favourable to us and Gary J., Rhona and Dave L. got us off to a brilliant start with convincing wins in the opening four, our only loser reaching a very creditable 19, which saw us take an early 3-1 lead and a huge +20 on aggregate. Our middle order also looked strong but the homesters bowled the green exceptonally well and gained all four winners to turn the match on its head and take a 5-3 lead. The aggregate was now also just in their favour but our last 2 on the green, Tommy and Bill were holding their own at 11 across and 10-13 down respectively. With the rest of the team giving good vocal support, both our players dug in and began to find some excellent woods, Tommy beginning to pull away and Bill hitting a consistent line and length on a short 22-25 metre mark. To rousing cheers both won to 17 to give us the 5 winners and the agg. (just 3 points in it) and our first away success of the year in the Vets. League. Penrhyn New Hall came over the A470 as our next opponents, and the green was in desperate need of water as the fine sunny weather seemed to be endless. It was difficult to master the green as there were bare areas beginning to appear, but one also had lusher areas of grass that made the pace irregular. Players on both sides appeared to struggle, and without playing well it was difficult to understand how we managed a 9-3 win, as most individual games could have gone either way. PNH could easily have had 5 or 6 winning cards themselves, as no-one on the home side bowled with any consistency – still you get matches like this from time to time… After a glorious Bank Holiday Monday, the weather was rather cloudy on the morning of our trip to Denbigh, but as if by magic as we approached a 2-15pm start the sun burnt back the cloud and once more we were about to play in ideal conditions. We lost 11-1 here last season, admittedly the green was in a bit of a state, but it was no excuse for a poor team performance -even our hosts were surprised with the margin of their victory. Shan rallied her team beforehand but things looked bleak when Denbigh won the first 4 “chalks” (never used this term myself but have heard it- does it refer to chalking up the result on the board?!?!) Anyhow it was the worst possible start as we knew the opposition still had some strong players to come. A slight improvement in the middle order as we recovered with wins for both Gary’s and Shan to make it 3-5 on games, but the overall aggregate was possibly beyond us. Ian redeemed a loss here last year by winning to 15, but Alan drew the short straw in playing their top block “Elvis” and managed 17 in a closely-fought encounter. This 8-4 win lifted Denbigh above us in the League as we had just a 1 point advantage over them going in to the game. On paper we have a slightly “easier” fixture schedule next month – there are 5 matches in June to take us up to the mid-point of the season, we have 3 at home and four of the 5 matches are against opposition currently below us in the league, the trip to Trefnant being our toughest proposition. With no disrespect to the bottom 3 Clubs at present, we really need to make the most of home games versus Meliden, Rhuddlan and Copperfields, the other away fixture being at Kinmel Bay. The A Division currently reads;

TOP   4                                     P   Pts

1. Rhos Park                           8    69

2. St.Asaph                             8    61

3. Trefnant                             8    60

4. Denbigh                             8    53

BOTTOM  4                            P    Pts

11. Dyserth                            8    40

12. Rhuddlan                         8    40

13. Meliden                            8    40

14. Copperfields                    8    37

Little change to the top although Rhos Park have increased their lead slightly. We remain in 5th spot, 3 points behind Denbigh. The other end of the table is much closer as above the 3 clubs on 40 points are another 3 (Abergele, Eirias Park and Kinmel Bay) on 44 points, with Mochdre and Penrhyn NH both tied on 45 points. Nothing in it as EIGHT teams have just 5 points between them, and Copperfields, after a very difficult start, are just 3 points behind now,  and reducing the deficit week by week.


I’d had it on good authority but I believe Tommy had decided to rest one of the Jones brothers for the visit of Mochdre on the first Wednesday in May, but the late withdrawal of Alan, tied up with a virtual choir rehearsal, meant that both Alun and David were in his starting line-up. There was much discussion amongst his squad regarding Tommy’s choice of 1st four blocks, as in the opening 3 matches of the season we had failed to get off to the best of starts. We need not have worried – we started with 3 winners to single figures as Tommy reverted to a more familiar line-up, with only Paul failing to win as he was narrowly beaten to 19. The momentum continued in the middle order with another 3 wins, rounded off by the Jones brothers to give us a resounding 10-2 victory and +72 on the aggregate. This win lifted us two places in the table, and a much happier captain was in full voice in the Killer after the match. Week 5, another very pleasant evening following a nice sunny day, and for a change in midweek we were heading west to the picturesque setting of the Dwygyfylchi green, with views over the bay towards the Great Orme and Moel Lus and the Sychnant Pass as a contrasting background. The homesters had been relegated from A Division with us in Sept. 2019, but they had survived three seasons in the top tier, and although losing some excellent players to neighbours Penmaenmawr, they were still a strong force and among the favourites for promotion back up. There were some very close games where the lead changed hands many times, and after 8 blocks it was 4 winners apiece but we had a slight advantage on the aggregate, courtesy of Shan’s win (21-9) when all other games had been in the high teens. This left the 2 Daves on the green, Messrs Leech and Jones, and provided  both reached 18 (we had a lead of +7) we could not lose the aggregate. Both these games were also tight affairs, and both were behind, but Dave L. ran out from 14-17 down on a corner mark, and despite Dave J. also pulling back some points, sadly he lost to 19. This meant an impressive 7-5 away win, as we had won the aggregate by +9. For a change from our usual watering HOLE (The Killer), we visited the 19th HOLE (Pen Golf Club) and with a few of the home players, we celebrated not only a fine win but toasted Ian’s reaching of “three score years and ten” – He’d also just managed a win on his 70th birthday! With Abergele losing 4-8 away at Llysfaen, our 7 points at Dwygyfylchi would have lifted us to the top, had not St.Asaph scored 9 at home to Eirias Park… and next week 2nd placed Vardre (36 points) at home to leaders St.Asaph (37 points). May 20th was the hottest day of the year so far, and with the green cut early morning, you can imagine how it was running at 6-30pm after a full day’s hot sun. When the green is this fast it becomes a challenge for the home team as well, and certain marks are extremely difficult. Quite a dilemma for our captain also as, in a tough game versus the League leaders and following a good away win at Dwygyfylchi (and with everyone available bar JC) he had a side to select. Our visitors played it very tactically and fielded possibly their 4 best blocks at the start. It paid off as they took an early 3-1 lead and were up on the aggregate by 20 points – it could have been worse had not Gwyn fought back from 6-14 down to win 21-17 in a game that lasted well over an hour(about par for the course for Gwyn!) The middle order reversed the trend and after 8 games we were locked at 4 winners each but still trailed by 9 points on the agg. With the green losing some pace as the shadows lengthened, and the Jones brothers rarely bowling a loose wood, the match was finally won 8-4, as both Alun and David won to single figures. Dwygyfylchi’s 5 winners away at Abergele in a 5-7 defeat confirmed that we moved top after six matches played. It’s Cup matches next week but, because these monthly virtual reports are getting rather lengthy, I shall refrain from commenting on our progress in the B Div .Cup (well for now at least!!) It was a thirsty group of bowlers that descended on the Killer after-match, and a jovial atmosphere to celebrate Tommy’s team moving to the top of B Div. part-way through the season….

TOP 4                                                     P.    Pts.

1. VARDRE(Deganwy)                         6    44

2. Abergele                                          6    42

3. St.Asaph                                           6    41

4. Penrhyn New Hall                           6    38

BOTTOM 4                                            P.   Pts.

7. Craig y Don B                                   6    33

8. Mochdre                                          6    32

9. Rhos Park C                                      6    30

10. Eirias Park B                                   6    30

The B Division is extremely close one third of the way through the season. We were fortunate to gain 25 points from our 3 matches in May, but any Club likely to put a string of victories together through June and they could quickly rise up the table. We shall be looking to consolidate our lead, as again we have 2 of our next 3 matches leading up to the mid-point of the season at home at the Vardre. All Clubs have also to experience a match in adverse conditions, as the sun has shone brightly on all 30 League matches through April and May. Tommy is feeling confident because despite the defeat at Abergele, he feels we have the measure of most sides, although Llysfaen at home next time out are a side that are unpredictable, and they have the ability to cause an upset. Will Llysfaen’s performance alter the mood in the Killer next time, will Tommy make changes for the Cup game and will someone PLEASE have one of Dave Leech’s crisps?

COAST LEAGUE   Saturday    MAY

 We welcomed May in with a trip to Anglesey and having negotiated the road-block on the Britannia Bridge, insisting that the Holyhead green was far from our 2nd “holiday home” we practised with the sun reflecting off the rocks on Parys mountain. Captain Marvel had attempted to select his fittest and strongest (arm strength) team, in the hope that when we lost the block, we may be able to match our younger opponents on the longer marks – a common feature of previous encounters on this green. To this end Rhona, Doreen and Tommy were rested and JC was still a non-starter, emergency registration Dave Leech replaced the unavailable Bob, and our captain had even thought about promoting Canadian Tom from the B squad in an attempt to field a really formidable-looking team on the day. With the green extremely dry the corners were more reachable than normal, but we failed to negotiate many of the other marks on an interesting green and gained just the 3 winners in a 3-9 defeat. Compared to previous visits to Holyhead, we were reasonably happy with this result. Bangor retained top spot and St. Asaph leap-frogged over Llandudno into 2nd on an afternoon when all home teams won. Another warm sunny afternoon as we welcomed League leaders Bangor to the Vardre green. Fortunately our opponents were slightly under strength as Boris’ statement “to return to work if possible” had deprived them of a couple of good blocks. Several changes in our ranks also after the Holyhead game to sustain our rotation system of selection, and we provided the shock of the day (inflicting only the 2nd defeat of the season on our visitors) with a narrow 7-5 success. Our visitors were extremely humble in defeat, they were full of praise for the condition of the green and our hospitality, and a couple of their players even more appreciative as they return next Saturday to compete in the Gwyn Morris Senior Merits, our green having been selected as a neutral venue for the 3rd year in succession. After a week’s lay-off we returned to Saturday action with a tough away fixture at Prestatyn, not having visited the Highbury green since they slightly altered the crown 2 years ago, and after all this warm weather and drying wind it was likely to be pretty quick also. The forecast rain was barely a dribble and so the green was as expected. Good wins by Bill and Rhona in the first 4 gave us an early advantage, and this was increased when numbers 5 & 6 also won, but Highbury had a sting in their tail and they won the last 4 games and also overturned the aggregate. So an 8-4 defeat kept us 3rd off the bottom as both Bethesda and Dyserth suffered also, away at Rhos Park and Bangor respectively. The end of the month saw no let up in difficult fixtures as we entertained Rhos Park at home. Although only their B side that had been relegated from Div. A last season, they still had a squad of experienced and very competent players, several of whom had played the Vardre green at the start of May in the Vets. League, and inflicted our only home defeat of the season so far in a tight 7-5 game. We’d had 3 days of beautiful sunshine and Saturday was no exception, the green had been watered after the Wednesday cup match that we hosted, and we delayed cutting until the morning of the game, but the green was flying.. It obviously suited our visitors and again there were also some “almost unplayable” marks as you couldn’t keep your woods on the green in places. Our experienced visitors also realised that anywhere near the edge, a short wood was a good wood. They raced into a 4-0 lead and things looked ominous as the Vardre players stooped off the green, hot, sweaty and demoralised. In hindsight they had led with four of their top players, but we had a lot to do to salvage some respectability (images of their 11-1 win here in the Wed. Lge. last season sprang to mind) Our remaining players seemed to learn from earlier errors, and we did well to gain 4 winners at the death. Rhos Park were again worthy winners (think they like our green) and we slumped into the relegation zone, having gained just 18 points from our four May fixtures, resulting in a table that reads;

TOP    4                                                          P.    Pts.

1.Bangor City                                                8    60

2.Rhos Park B                                                8    56

3.StAsaph                                                      8    55

4.Llandudno                                                  8    53

Bottom    4                                                    P.    Pts.

9.Holyhead                                                   8    46

10.Bethesda                                                 8    42

11.VARDRE(Deganwy)                                8    40

12.Dyserth                                                    8    35

Unfortunately Dyserth had played 3 of their 4 fixtures in May away from home and had picked up just 13 points – in their only home game of the month they too had lost 4-8 at the hands of Rhos Park, who had won 2 of their away matches this month to leap-frog both Llandudno and St.Asaph into 2nd spot behind leaders Bangor. Three more matches in June before the mid-point of the season is upon us, and we have a lot to do to climb the table, especially as 2 of our next 3 games are away (trips to Dyserth and Beaumaris before a home game versus Bethesda, but at least we do avoid teams in the top half of the table)




Not sure whether you have seen them or not but Dave Matthias (Beaumaris) has been producing a weekly “virtual” match report of the Beaumaris A Saturday team games in his recent blogs. They can be seen on the FORUM page of the Bowls web-site occasionally and on the Beaumaris BC web-site, just a bit of fun but creating some interest in this lengthy period of inactivity. With many of my outdoor chores done in the April sunshine, I am in need of finding activities to break up the colder, wetter days that look to be forecast at the start of May, so have begun a series of “blogs” for the Vardre (Deganwy) BC web-site on a similar theme;

SO the month of April 2020 (the warmest and sunniest on record) and all matches played in unseasonal weather, and on greens suddenly gathering pace.


The move up to B Division was always going to be a true test of our progress as a team, but with Tommy and Bob now recovered, Bill committing to a regular spot, and newcomers Paul, and mum Doreen included, Captain Marvel had selection issues. With 14 players at his disposal, he had patented a unique rotation system of selection, but coming in to the match versus Caernarfon at the end of the month, he wondered why he had been left out for the first 4 fixtures!! We had not had the best of starts with a 10-2 drubbing at St. Asaph, although we had a 20 and two 19s amongst our losers. The Saints on this form however look a strong bet for contesting the title come September. A week later we managed the narrowest of home wins over neighbours Llandudno, 7-5 with just the one solitary point in the aggregate. Newcomer Paul playing at no.10 fighting back from 16-20 down to win 21-20, after the first 9 blocks had left the match tied. Sadly Doreen lost to 17 in her debut game, but had bowled well against a formidable opponent. On to Abergele on week 3 and an immaculate green, certainly quicker than our own, but quite suited to several of our players also. We made a pleasing start with 3 winners in the first four blocks but the home side rallied and eventually won 8-4. On the final Saturday of the month we entertained Caernarfon at the Vardre, our opponents being rare visitors, and with the green running well on yet another glorious sunny afternoon, they struggled with the pace and managed just the 3 winners in a convincing 9-3 home win for the Vardre. So 4 matches played – 2 home wins and 2 away defeats – with both Alan and Paul boasting 100% records in their 3 games played. At the end of April the Coast League B Div. table reads;

TOP 4                                                                                              

                                                                     P   W   Pts

Bangor City                                                4    3    32

Llandudno                                                  4    2    29

St.Asaph                                                     4    2    28

Rhos Park B                                                4    2    26


                                                                     P    W   Pts

Beaumaris B                                              4     2    22

VARDRE (Deganwy)                                  4    2    22

Caernarfon                                                 4    2    21

Bethesda                                                    4    1    19

Bangor are the early pace-setters, their solitary defeat being 5-7 away at Holyhead. Llandudno had lost narrowly away (5-7 at both Vardre and Caernarfon) but won convincingly at home. St.Asaph were similar with 2 comfortable home wins but they had suffered at the hands of Highbury and Rhos Park away, and 4th placed Rhos Park B lost 5-7 away at Beaumaris B on the opening Saturday, and again at Highbury a fortnight later. Caernarfon had been subject to a difficult start playing the top 2 sides at home in the opening month and Bethesda had been unfortunate in playing fellow Gwynedd League opponents in 3 of their opening 4 games, their solitary win coming against visitors Abergele on the slopes of the Carneddau on the last Saturday of an interesting month.  Only 5 points separating Highbury in 5th spot on 24 and Bethesda on 19 at the basement, as most Clubs benefit from home advantage as the greens are quicker than normal due to the exceptionally dry April.

So we enter May at the weekend and further selection problems for Captain Marvel as we travel to Holyhead, and it’s started raining!! We had a chance of reaching the corners (some of us anyhow) had it remained dry and sunny, but the odds are beginning to stack against us, so I’ve placed the squad on upper arm strengthening routines for the remainder of the week in their daily lock-down exercise slot.


With our leader JC still recovering from a fall at home, it was left to vice-captain Shan to guide us through the opening matches. Very little change to our 2019 squad other than Dave H being available on a more regular basis, so it was hoped we may continue where we finished off, when a strong run in September (36 points from the final 4 matches) lifted us into a very respectable 4th spot in the A Division. As in 2019 Mochdre away was our opening fixture, and although the green was in far better condition, it still proved to be one of our “bogey” venues as we lost on the aggregate by 9, having secured 5 winners apiece (so one better than last season at least) Most matches in the A section were relatively close on the opening day in the Vets. League, but good away wins for St.Asaph at Copperfields and Rhos Park at Trefnant. Week 2 and the sun kept shining as we hosted promoted Abergele at the Vardre. After 6 blocks this game could have gone either way as we had 3 winners apiece and our visitors were up on the aggregate by 7, but wins to single figures by both Shan and Gary B. edged the match in our favour as we ran out 8-4 in another close game. Impressive home wins for St.Asaph and Rhos Park as both won 10-2 against Kinmel Bay and Rhuddlan respectively, and the only away winners on the day were Trefnant at Eirias Park. Another dry and warm afternoon greeted the teams on Week 3 as we played a consecutive home fixture, with Dyserth the visitors. We had managed the “double” over Dyserth last season with a resounding 10-2 success at home last June. With the “tricks” in the green beginning to appear, and having gained a few extra yards in pace, the visitors again found it difficult to master but gained 3 narrow winners (1 better than last year) as we recorded a comfortable 9-3 win. Good wins for Gary J, Dave L, and Katherine certainly improved our aggregate score. Just for a complete change a rather damp and grey afternoon accompanied us on Week 4 for the 2nd visit of the season to the cathedral “city” of St.Asaph (we had lost our opening match of the Saturday League at the same venue) Our hosts were joint-leaders with Rhos Park after 3 matches  (both with 100% records) so we knew we were in for a tough game, and like most bowlers we would have preferred the sun on our backs. However we coped rather well and recorded 3 winners, but we had another 4 players in the high teens, and caused a few problems to the “homesters”, who also would have wanted a drier afternoon. Elsewhere Rhos Park edged ahead at the top, courtesy of an 11-1 home win over Copperfields. End of the month and A Div. reads;

TOP  4                                                                          P    Pts

Rhos Park                                                                   4     37

St.Asaph                                                                     4     35

Trefnant                                                                      4     28

Denbigh                                                                      4     27

(We are actually 5th    with 25 points)

BOTTOM  4                                                                P    Pts

Mochdre                                                                    4    21

Meliden                                                                      4    20

Rhuddlan                                                                    4    18

Copperfields                                                               4    14

Both Copperfields and Rhuddlan can count themselves unfortunate,  as in the first month of fixtures they have both come up against the top 2 Clubs. Meliden have also had 2 difficult games in the opening month, away at Denbigh and home to Trefnant (whose only defeat was at home to Rhos Park on the opening Tuesday) Mid-table is very congested at this early point of the season with just 4 points separating ourselves in 5th and Dyserth in 10th spot.

Into May next week and we entertain League leaders Rhos Park at the start of the month!! Local derbies versus Eirias Park (a) and Penrhyn New Hall (H) follow before the daunting trip to Denbigh on 26th. An interesting month ahead…

MIDWEEK LEAGUE  –  Wednesday

Captain Tommy’s pre-season rallying call suggested an attempt to regain Division A status, having been relegated after just one season among the elite. The outlook was favourable as we retained all of last season’s squad with the addition of young Paul, and Tommy himself had vowed to play a more active role in proceedings. So with 13 players at his disposal (JC unavailable) we had an early start to life in B Division with a Monday evening trip to promoted Rhos Park C. Needless to say Tommy wasn’t too pleased shortly before 7pm as the first 4 blocks had all gone down, as players on both sides showed a slight “rustiness” in their play so early in the year. He looked a tad happier a short while after as the 2nd four were all up in their respective games, but we gained just the 3 winners in this group as big Stan rallied on his short mark to the centre of the green, to give Rhos a 5-3 lead in games and a 12 point advantage on the aggregate. Tommy gave a wink as he had saved the Jones boys (sorry Gary – the other 2) till the end, despite both being present at the start of the match (few trains running so Dave was early too) Almost like clockwork they showed little sign of “rustiness” and turned the match in our favour (quite characteristically) with wins to 14 and 11, making it +8 to us and a winning 7-5 scoreline. At the after-match analysis in the “Killer”, Tommy threatened big changes to his opening 4 for next week’s home game versus Penrhyn New Hall. On the Wednesday evening Abergele were the biggest winners with a 9-3 success at home to Craig y Don B, and Dwygyfylchi went down narrowly at Llysfaen. Mochdre and Penrhyn New Hall both won with home advantage. Week 2 and Tommy had “dropped” (he told us “rested”) three of his first 4 from the previous week!! Our visitors PNH often play our green well and this evening was no exception as they shot into a 3-1 lead, Rhona the sole survivor from last week’s opening 4, winning to 16. (don’t know what Tommy will do next week as the 3 players he brought in ALL lost) However, as in the previous week, the team recovered well and ran out 8-4 winners to sustain a 100% start. In the Killer post-match, Jenny confirmed that Abergele had won again (away at Eirias Park B) so next week’s game at their green pitted the 2 unbeaten sides to date together!! For the trip to Abergele on Week 3, Tommy re-instated Ian, Gwyn and Shan (who along with Rhona had been the losing opening 4 at Rhos Park) – Rhona, Bill and Tommy himself stood down and with JC still unable to bowl, it meant another opportunity for Paul, despite his narrow defeat at home the previous week. Tommy also changed his running order moving his almost 100% middle order (Dave L had lost narrowly to Stan in week 1) to the front. For the 3rd successive week our opening four failed to produce but this time Alan, Katherine, Gary J and Dave L all lost in the start that we were not expecting. Fortunately numbers 5-8 (Gwyn, Shan, Paul and Ian) all recorded their first wins of the Wednesday League season to stun the home side and put us right back in the game. So 4 winners each and with Alun and Dave to come, it was stitched up for an away win BUT… the Jones boys had a rare off-day and their opponents bowled really well so that Abergele triumphed 8-4 at the death. No match next Wednesday, it’s Cup week and we have a bye, so the league table for April in B Division is complete after just 3 matches;

TOP  4                                                         P    Pts

Abergele                                                    3     24

St.Asaph                                                    3     23

Dwygyfylchi                                              3     20

Vardre(Deganwy)                                    3     19

BOTTOM  4                                               P    Pts

Penrhyn New Hall                                   3     17

Rhos Park C                                              3     15

Craig y Don B                                           3     13

Eirias Park B                                             3     12

Both Abergele and St.Asaph have played 2 of their 3 matches at home. Eirias Park B’s only home game was a defeat to leaders Abergele, and Craig y Don have had to play both Abergele and St.Asaph away in the opening month. Back to 6-30pm starts in May and we have 2 of our 3 scheduled games at home, Mochdre and St.Asaph,  with an interesting trip to Dwygyfylchi in between. Follow next month’s VIRTUAL report…. Who will Tommy select, does he “rest” the Jones boys, and who will make up his opening 4 blocks???


24th March 2020

Having just returned from our green after discussing the revised maintenance programme with Bobby, in the light of there being no bowls for the foreseeable future during 2020, I decided (with approval and assistance from our web-master) to produce another blog, if only to ease the current depression (but it also occupies some of my “social distancing” time) Believe it or not, Bobby is going to spray an “almost immaculate” green with soil conditioner in the morning, and now 3 days after our intended opening, and having had some glorious weather that would have brought the members flocking to the green for much-needed practice (and the social inter-action) we are left to woe THE OPENING THAT FAILED

It may come as a surprise to some but I actually had my basic NOKIA phone with me when I visited just after 2pm on Saturday 21st, barely a week after a good number of our members had completed the final preparations and clean-up at the green, and possibly at the exact time our President Bob was due to send out the first wood. In six seasons at the Club, I have not seen the Vardre green in such excellent condition for the start of a season.  PHOTOS 1-3

There is a lush covering of grass over the entire surface, the usual “barer” corners (near right and far left from the Clubhouse) being no exception. Bobby’s treatments have all but eliminated the moss in the last few weeks, and there is barely a single weed over the whole green. Every time we cut the green, both Dave and I comment on how “inviting” it is in appearance. Furthermore, thanks largely to that man Tommy (and his “hired work-force”) the surrounds had been painted, (toilet area too) and other minor alterations and improvements made to the already impressive facilities. He had re-positioned most of his 80 or so plant pots, filled them with compost, and was preparing to transfer his 1,000 or so plants. Snowdonia Nurseries were beginning to fear the competition from the Roberts Garden Centre on Ronald Avenue in the Junction!! But seriously we are all disappointed by the fact that the green is not opening, in view of the time and effort Tommy has put in over the cold, wet winter months he more than anyone must be devastated. The benches were out around the perimeter (including some extra seating against the western fence) and the advertising banners in place. We now have a total of 14 sponsors providing an extra source of income to the Club, all thanks to the persuasive approach of David Rogers-Jones. He is to be thanked for all his hard work in securing the support of the various businesses, but also for his consideration and effort in gaining the approval of all our neighbours.  PHOTOS 5

BUT SADLY with all this preparation, the anticipation of a new season and the prospect of many hours in the summer sunshine, we had to leave the GREEN CLOSED sign in a prominent position, and the nearest our woods would get to the green at present was in one of Tommy’s recent innovations.  PHOTOS 7&8

On a serious note I hope all members have seen the reminder concerning assistance in these unprecedented times. Call someone, get in touch and STAY SAFE. I am extremely grateful to Gwyn for having the patience to endure my lack of technical knowledge and editing these pieces, his web-site is a perfect platform for us to keep in touch with one another. And huge thanks to Lynn and Katherine for keeping us all informed of the recent developments, and instigating considerate policies.


18th March 2020

The sad (but possibly expected) news that there was to be no bowling for the foreseeable future in 2020 will have certainly been a very painful blow to all our members. There is no doubt that the Club has made the correct decision in line with current Government policies on the virus, and we should adopt a united front to safeguard the health of the community. We are certainly not alone in closing our facilities as a brief look at other Clubs’ web-sites yesterday evening confirmed, so initially denied any competitive bowls matches in the various Leagues, within days we now have to curtail any social bowling also. On an even more depressing note, I had just purchased 2 new polo shirts and a  pair of sparkling white trainers to start the season – thought the shorts may last a couple more months !!!

In discussion with Dave and Bobby, we still have to keep maintaining the green but we shall not be lowering the cut now, sustaining its current height to 8mm in order to keep the growth to protect the green more through the hot, dry periods (should we have any)  and possibly only cutting once a week. Verticutting, aerating, fertilising and watering will also continue as required, so that should we get the all-clear to re-commence the season, a lowering of the blades is all that may be required.

I have begun to organise myself in preparation for reaching 70 next month and being restricted further, but the social-distancing is already in place. We now exercise Alfie on Penmaenmawr beach more regularly (almost 2 miles of sand- when the tide’s out- and rarely anyone in sight), I now watch Cath gardening from the safety of the bedroom window, and we have decided to have a bath separately !!!

One of the best  things I have seen on the demise of virtually all sporting activities; A man with no football/results etc. to watch on the television was joined on the sofa by his wife. His comment ” she seems quite nice but I didn’t know she’d been made redundant from Woolworths”

On Breakfast TV the other morning they were giving advice on how you could plan your day if having to self-isolate. Reading, exercising, taking up a new hobby, doing more cooking (if you’ve got the ingredients after the panic buying) etc.. I’ve discovered another one for us bowlers if you have access to a computer. After moving here in February 2014, in just less than 6 seasons with Vardre BC (I missed 2 months in 2017 with my illness) I have played exactly (if my Maths is correct) 345 League games for the club. That’s 3 leagues (Tues, Wed & Sat) Thought it was quite interesting and it only took me less than an hour (fantastic web-site the North Wales Bowls site -nearly as good as Gwyn’s – will have to send them another donation. Three hundred and forty-five….. that’s a lot, and then I imagined match fees !!! At £1 and then £1-50 a time -that’s enough for a holiday away, but it won’t be this year- sadly no flights !!  My next task is….. averaging 28 ends per game, and averaging 30 metres per end (some short marks and some corner to corner) how far have I walked? Then there’s Cup games…or how many wins/ how many points? There’s plenty of scope to keep you going for days, let alone hours !!!

JUST trying to lighten the mood in these depressing times. To all of you KEEP SAFE and hopefully HEALTHY.  Cath and I are available at present to help out anyone who may need assistance, and let’s hope it’s not too long till we are back on the green.



Sept 2019

Being an avid follower of “The famous Mathias blog” since returning to North Wales and playing bowls again, I decided that my Vardre match report be in the style of our President elect (obviously with his approval and sanction) Sadly I shall never match the quality of his blogs as I do not possess his valued knowledge, his marvellous wit and his eye for detail that are so prominent in his writing.

“I had an inkling of the state of the Happy Valley Nou Camp green. Walking our dog early on the morning of the game on the Llandudno West Shore, I chatted to Wyn the Coastguard (not sure if his name is Wyn but quite appropriately for his vocation his car no. plate reads WYN 999) With his binoculars set west in the direction of “Sir Fon”, ensuring visitors were not trapped by the incoming tide, I requested him to train his gaze in the direction of Beaumaris castle and true to form (through the marquees on the front) he confirmed that the green was cut short and looked pretty quick, but rain was in the air. 

Having been thankfully fore-warned regarding the parking restrictions in the town during the Food Festival event, we set off in good time in Gwyn BT’s GT with Tiny Tom eventually strapped in the back around his sling and pot. Travelling west on the A55 through the notorious headland tunnels that border my birthplace (and my home village up to the age of 18), a glance up to the old quarry workings indicated that we were on schedule for our pre-match practice. As youngsters a watch was never on our birthday or Christmas present lists, as the quarry clock served all our needs – it was the half-time and full time “whistle” for all our football matches on the beach (no added time in those days); a time check for all bus/train departures and a guarantee that we were never late for dinner/tea or being home at night at the precise time our parents demanded.

And on to the match itself, where perhaps the draw might have an added influence on the final result. Certainly no repeat of the 11-1 game at the Vardre which Thommo described as “a bad day at the office” earlier in the season, as the Islanders were sure to seek revenge. With Bob the chef and Tiny Tom unavailable through illness and injury and Bill (no not the 60’s actor) Holden away in London treating a lady friend (it had to be really) to a West End show, we recruited emergency players, our Silver Fox Chancellor and Chairperson Kath. Both went into the opening 4 blocks where we expected the Pawky Professor to list his most experienced players namely Beggars, Twinkle Toes Thommo, The Great Orm and Robin (nearly 91 and still playing bowls) – and true to form our hunch paid off. Sadly for the homesters it was not the start they had wished for as despite Twinkle Toes Thommo waltzing his way to a 21-5 win on short marks over the crown against Gwyn BT -(Ken turned to me after a few ends and said “I think this one likes long marks”)- and giving his team an aggregate lead, they still trailed 3-1 after the first 4 blocks. Our Chairperson Kath (having an excellent season in the Vets. and Wed. Lge.) frustrated Beggars to win to 19, The Bingo Queen (Rhona) did exceptionally well to defeat the Great Orm, particularly as she could see very little when he led, and our Silver Fox Chancellor (Dave is Treasurer of our Club and Penmaenmawr GC Seniors) made the come-back of the day against Robin (who is now approaching 92 and still playing bowls -I believe) In fact Robin rarely had to use his “picki uppie stick” as Dave ( true gentleman that he is) often picked up Robin’s woods or the jack for him as they gossiped away in Welsh throughout.

Despite trailing 68-74 we were quite happy as we had 3 points in the bag (in previous seasons we have been white-washed at the Happy Valley Nou Camp) and we were expecting a reasonable return from our middle order. However Mrs. Barclays (Ann Banks -husband Mr. Barclays wasn’t playing) gained the upper hand on our 5k Fun Runner (Shan), Danny Boy recovered his composure to beat Dapper Dave (Pritchard), the Pawky Professor reverted to long marks to out-bowl Claret Cartwright, and the recovery of the day for the home side saw Geraint (never seen your nickname for him Mr. President) score 8 consecutive points at the death to defeat our Potteries Plasterer – much to the displeasure of Alan’s wife and mentor,and marker and our No.1 supporter, Ann.

So now we were behind (3-5 on winners) and an irretrievable aggregate. and Beaumaris had left their “cheerleaders” to the end. Bisto and Bobby had been quite vocal throughout (but never offensive) as they supped their coffees at the side of the green and encouraged every home wood. Our tail-enders Morris Minor (young Marc) and (myself) Captain Marvel -well WHAT ELSE eh! (far better than Pugwash or America!!) knew we had a tough game ahead, and that 4th winner was perhaps not vital, but definitely preferential (especially after our initial 3-1 lead) Needless to say Bisto and Bobby were still boisterous (but fun) during their games and I cannot comment much on the other match, but I managed a late surge to narrowly win to 19 that gave us the result that on reflection we would have been happy with prior to the match. The green was slightly to our advantage after the morning rain the coastguard had predicted, and we just managed to stay 2 points clear of our hosts at the top. However with the close game at Eirias Park between 3rd and 4th placed clubs, it now looks odds on that ourselves and Beaumaris will do battle again next season in B Division.

Finally it was a pleasure to travel with Gwyn BT at the wheel as not only did he know all the “back” roads via Llansadwrn into the town from his days with BT – he also pointed out a short cut to Ysbyty Gwynedd (hope I never need that one) – but as an historian he also gave me a potted history lesson of all landmarks, and to cap it all on the way home he became a Michelin guide, pointing out all the good food inns (and the ones to avoid) as we returned on the bottom road via Menai Bridge.”

WELL THAT’S IT Mr. President, you have the first and only copy of my blog to date. Hope you are not offended and only with your sanction will I transfer it to our web-site. Rather lengthy so I shall not do another. Hope you had a good time at the Isle of Man festival and look forward to bumping into you very soon.   



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