Covid Risk Assessment


At this mornings committee meeting, a long and sometimes intense discussion took place about the current and future restrictions that either need to continue or be introduced in order to try to keep members safe. All members are responsible for their, and other’s, safety and although this message has been put out regularly it was felt that we again needed to reinforce this statement. Social distancing still needed to be observed and additional signage would be put up to stress its importance.

It was agreed that, once again, for the next few weeks the kitchen facilities in the clubhouse would remain closed. The committee also agreed that refreshments would not now be made available at the merits competition to be held at the club on 20th June due to the increase in the Delta Variant in Conwy. Members who volunteered to help should be aware that they would now only be required for measuring duties and should not turn up unless they were happy to measure or wanted to watch (John Bailey, the British Champion will be playing).

The committee heard that some clubs are providing refreshments at league games but our captains were asked to advise the opposing team captain that his team members should provide their own drinks etc. When our team was playing away, we should advise their captain that our team members would bring their own drinks etc and therefore their clubs facilities were not necessarily required.

These restrictions and conditions are putting additional responsibilities and work onto the Captains and the committee ask that you give as much help to them as possible. The sanitising of your own jacks and mats at the end of the game is an example but there are others. These conditions will be reviewed by the committee on Friday 2nd July.

On a different note, on Saturday 19th June between 1pm and 3pm the green will be unavailable for use. The ‘A’ team Saturday League players are utilising this time in preparation for the commencement of their league games. We hope this short closure does not cause you any inconvenience.

Regards Dave

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