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Lynn Brieley

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the loss of our secretary Lynn who passed away at 03.00 on Saturday 12th September. She was diagnosed with cancer in early July and fought the disease with fortitude and courage but sadly to no avail. She was an enormous asset to or club, as secretary, team member, supporter, helper and very dear friend to me and many others in the club and will be sorely missed.

Katherine Parnell


4th Aug 2020

note from Tommy Roberts as regards to 2021 Winter League fixtures

“Hi Dave just to let you know that the winter league this year has been cancelled till 2021 when we will be invited back in if you can tell everyone I have told the team thanks a lot Tommy”



Betws yn Rhos Bowling Club has decided to run the Winter League this year and have asked if we want to put a team forward. If you are interested, the games will commence on week commencing the 21 September. It will be a team of 6 and usually there is one game per week up to December and it starts again around early February until the end of March. Each game is not necessarily on the same day am/pm but is played at Betws yn Rhos. Tommy Roberts is you contact if you are interested but he will not be playing or going so we will need a captain.

Please contact Tommy as soon as possible if you would like to play. His phone number is 01492 581718, mobile 07788 744866 and email,


Regards Dave

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15th July 2020


The Committee met this morning to discuss the latest guidelines from the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association (WCGBA) in relation to Covid 19. After discussion and agreement the following changes will be made and will come into force immediately.

Booking a game will no longer be necessary. You can turn up and the green and it will be open from 10am until 8pm every day but we ask that as maintenance needs to be carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays between 10am and 12 noon and after 5pm on Saturday and Sunday you should not attend during these times please.

No more than four games can be played on the green at any one time.

When you enter the green to either play or as a spectator you MUST sign in showing the date and time. You MUST sign out showing the time you leave. (This is for ‘Track and Trace’ systems should it be necessary).

There must never be more that 30 people at any one time within the confines of the club and if you arrive and there is, you must leave and return again at some other time. (Currently, we do not anticipate that this number will be exceeded.)

You can now play with members of other households but with no more than four people per game. If you play as a four, but in doubles, two jacks must still be used as long as the same member of the team always bowls the team jack. If you play as individuals then each player will use their own jack.

The clubhouse and toilets will remain CLOSED.

Vigilant hand and equipment cleaning remain as important as before and social distancing still remains at 2 meters and should be observed at all times.

Katherine, our Chairman, will be the Central Contact and she should be contacted as quickly as possible if you think you have developed any symptoms of Covid 19.

We must adhere to these conditions so that bowling can still be as enjoyable as before, but in a safe environment. We all look forward to getting back to how it was but for the time being, and maybe the foreseeable future, this will be the ‘new normal’.

The committee wish you well and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, soon.

Regards Dave

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2nd July 2020

Hi everybody,

Well we have now been open for  nearly 7 days and some people have been enjoying the chance to get out on the green.

We have now decided that we can admit spectators (who also must be club members), under certain conditions of course.

We have updated the risk assessment to reflect this and I attach a copy, please read it carefully so that you are familiar with it. 

It is imperative that spectators abide by the same safety guidelines as the players with regard to sanitising, social distancing etc. and please note that although we have not specified the number of spectators that can be present, in order to preserve social distancing please do not overcrowd the club premises.

As players have to book in we have a record of their attendance should we need the details for track and trace (I show below an email from Trevor Clarke the CEO of WCGBA which emphasises the importance of this) So that we can have an accurate record of everyone that visits the club premises spectators must sign in with the date and time of their visit and sign out as they leave. A book will be provided for this.

This new arrangement will come into force next Monday July 6th, until then please continue to abide by the current guidelines and risk assessment requirements.

Best wishes to everybody



Good Morning

‘Clubs have now been able to open their Greens for more than a week and hopefully those Clubs that have decided to open have been able to do so successfully and safely. Please do not hesitate to return to us with any help you may need.

Here at the WCGBA, we acknowledge that the Guidelines will sometimes need to be slightly modified to take into account Club’s different circumstances. However there are some elements of the Guidelines that it is vital to comply with and one of these is the booking and recording system. This is because in the event that there is an incident of Coronavirus then ’track and trace’ and isolation may need to be pursued and if there is no record then this may not be possible. We therefore request that Clubs that have opened review their policy in the light of this.’

Trevor Clarke


Regards Dave 

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28th June 2020

Hi all


The booking system is new to everyone and the response so far has been limited, resulting in many vacant slots next week. Therefore we intend to allow members the opportunity to book a slot DURING the week also, and up to the day before the booking is required. The current system to book a slot (preferably by e-mail or text) a week in advance will continue, but members will also have the opportunity to book a vacant slot up to 6pm on the day before they intend to play – hopefully confirmation of this booking will be given later that evening. We are also happy for the restriction of just 2 x one hour slots per member/week to be extended to 3 slots. Whilst we have some members who cannot wait to get back on the green, others are reluctant for whatever reason and we must respect every individual’s needs. However the facility is open (apart from the Clubhouse) and it is a shame to see it unoccupied for large periods of each day (although the weather often dictates) BUT for now the booking system MUST continue as we are obliged to keep a record of who attends the green and when.

Regards Dave 


e-mail Thursday 25th June 2020

many of you will remember Jean who lived opposite the green entrance and often popped in a cuppa and a chat. Unfortunately Jean she passed away in a Care Home on Saturday 20th June. The funeral will be at the crematorium in Mochdre at 2.45pm on Thursday, 2nd July. Please bear in mind if you decide to attend that there will, of course, be a restriction on numbers.


Dave Holland 


Morning Gwyn,

Hope you and Val and the family are well. Another favour I’m afraid… Dave Holland, who is acting Secretary as Lynn is unwell, will be sending out an e-mail to all members this morning informing them of the details of our “restricted” opening for 2020 (as it stands currently – things are changing by the Government almost daily now, but perhaps not the Welsh Govn.) Anyhow it is an informative e-mail about booking and opening hours, and the restrictions imposed on Bowling Clubs at the moment. I wondered if you could also display the information on our web-site when you receive it. Unfortunately it may change, but at least there is the opportunity for those that wish to play, to have some sort of roll-up and the chance to have a different type of exercise, as well as meet/socialise (at 2m distance) with someone they may have not seen for some time.

Thanks Gwyn

Regards Ian

above details from Dave ,see Green/ Club Mtce tab 

we wish Lynn our Secretary a speedy recovery , 

17th March 2020

Hi Everyone,

Following the revised Government guidelines issued yesterday, and the suspension of all bowling by the British Crown Green Bowling Association for the foreseeable future, it is with regret that we will not be opening the Vardre Bowling Green for play until further notice.

This decision is not taken lightly as we appreciate that this will be disappointing for our members.

Whilst we cannot enforce this ruling on the use of the green and the clubhouse we trust that you will all follow the government guidelines, abide by this decision and not use the green, clubhouse or the jacks until further notice.

I will keep you all informed of any changing circumstances and in the meantime hope you all keep safe and well.

Lynn Brierley
on behalf of Vardre BC Committee

16th March 2020

Hi all,

The Committee for the Clwydian Senior Citizens’ Bowling League have decided to cancel all fixtures for the first half of the 2020 season. Only one match will be played against each team in divisions starting on Tuesday 7th July.

Provided the Coronavirus situation improves the division cup competition will go ahead on Tuesdays in May and June.

A copy of the letter from the Chair is on display in the Clubhouse.


A big THANK YOU to the volunteers who turned up to assist with the Club’s preparations for the 2020 season yesterday. Just over 20 members were involved in a thorough clean of the Clubhouse and kitchen, weeding and cleaning all the patio and paved areas around the spectator areas, the gardening tasks in the wild garden area, putting out the seating and putting up the advertising banners around the perimeter, and other cleaning and painting tasks. It was pleasing to see such a good turn-out (including some new members) and the Maintenance team are extremely grateful for your contribution. We were unable to do any work on the green as it had been fertilised just 24 hours earlier. The only hope now is that we get to use the facilities after the official opening next Saturday, but already there are restrictions in place that suggest season 2020 is going to be quite extra-ordinary and unprecedented.

Ian Wilson

3rd March 2020

Dear Members,

We are approaching the start of the Season and this is the time of year we request help with the preparations for the big day. The green opens on Saturday 21st March, so the maintenance team are looking for volunteers to help prepare the site, on Saturday 14th March. between 9.30 and 12 noon. Work includes cleaning the clubhouse, rehanging the banners and a general tidy up of the paths and grounds. Just an hour of your time would be most appreciated.

I am aware that not all members have access to a computer, so if you know of anyone who doesn’t receive emails, could you be an email buddy and pass on any information sent out electronically.

A reminder that membership fees should have been paid by the beginning of March, so if any are still outstanding the 14th would be a good day to bring your 2020 membership form and fees.

Wishing you all a happy and successful 2020 season.


1st March 2020

GREEN MAINTENANCE 2020 Despite the February monsoon and gale force winds that prevented any work on the green for over 3 weeks, we are still on schedule to open on March 21st. Bobby eventually managed to fertilise and spray the green last week and the team have managed to lower the cut to 8mm and aerate a couple of days later. The moss and weeds are slowly disappearing and there is an excellent covering of grass over the entire green. The green may well show some stress as we lower the cut, but Bobby will spray extra chemicals to try and ensure the grass retains its colour and condition.

OPENING FIXTURES 2020 The various Leagues have issued the fixture schedules for 2020 and we have an early start in April for all our teams;
NWales Coast League (Saturday) SAT. APR. 4th A v St. Asaph A away B v Pen y Groes HOME
Clwyd Sen. Citizens Lge. (Tuesday) TUES.APR. 7th A v Mochdre A away B v Rhos on Sea B HOME C v Grove Park B HOME
Col.Bay & Llandudno Dist. (Wednesday) MON.APR. 6th A v Rhos Park C away WED.APR. 8th B v Betws yn Rhos HOME

Our Ladies Friendly Team start on MON.APR. 6th at HOME to Old Colwyn and the Doubles Friendly Team on THURS.APR. 2nd at HOME to Eirias Park.

PRE-SEASON MATCHES 2020 The Saturday A team are playing their “annual” pre-season “warm-up” game away at Llandudno Oval on SAT.MAR. 28th. This is the 4th year this game has now been played and it is a good method of getting the team back together prior to the season – some captains also arrange “get-together” sessions for their particular squads. This year pre-season games have also been arranged for both our Wednesday League teams and on WED.APR. 1st our A team play Dwygyfylchi A away whilst our B team play their B team at Vardre Deganwy on the same evening. We have also sent an invitation to LLANRWST BC to host their members at an afternoon friendly on our green. Whilst WE shall probably make good use of our green being available from March 21st, it is very unlikely that, due to the flooding, the Llanrwst bowlers will get access to their Clubhouse let alone their green before April. The Llanrwst secretary has thanked us for our kind gesture and a decision will be made at their Club’s next meeting.

CLUB POLO SHIRTS These can now be ordered at Cartwright’s Clothes for Work shop in Trinity Square in Llandudno. They are an improved quality material and I ordered 2 XL Men’s Polo shirts which came within 48 hours and cost just £23-88 (incl.VAT) for the two. There are some ex-sample polos, sweatshirt and sweater available at knock-down prices at the Club (but limited sizes and only 6 items in total)

AND FINALLY, A WORKING MORNING The recent weather has had more affect on our work around the green rather than on it (and Tommy has been going up the wall being confined at home) In previous years we have asked for volunteers to assist with the final preparations around the green and in the Clubhouse, and although Tommy and his team will no doubt get “stuck-in” in the next couple of weeks, we are still asking for assistance from members on the morning of SATURDAY MARCH 14th between 9-00am and midday. Typical tasks; Cleaning Clubhouse, cupboards and pots, weeding paved areas and gardens, putting out seating and sponsors’ banners, perhaps some painting etc. If you can attend for perhaps an hour rather than the whole morning it would be appreciated.


Ian Wilson 


post AGM Report to follow ,

Annual Subscriptions must be received by the 1st March 2020 …… 

please note all members will need to update their club application details on an annual basis ,

form is available from our Secretary Lynn Brierley

location Vardre Ave Deganwy LL31 9UT

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